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Would you like a little reading during today's maintenance? If you've read the patch notes for the released update 4.0.2, you may have seen that Partners are going to suffer a nerf to their abilities. To explain this nerve, Eric gave us a nice little pavement on the official forum. Here is the summary.


Planned nerve

  • Reduced base partner statistics
  • Reduced damage and healing cast by partners


Developer Goals for KotFE

  • Story accessible (understandable) to all players (well, those who have access to the expansion, of course)
  • Efficiency of partners important in this perspective of accessibility
  • Partners should provide support and not completely overshadow the player
  • Some situations made it impossible to kill with a Care partner


Why this nerve?

  • Community divided on this
  • Nerve decision taken based on their own starting goals and the data collected
  • Long story short: partners are way too good. Damage and healing cast (with influence at max) could be higher than that of an experienced player


The nerve

  • There is no specific percentage on reduction in care. The reduction in effectiveness will vary widely depending on level, Influence, level sync, etc. However, the partners will always remain competitive
  • Healing potency increase per Influence level has been increased
  • Increased threat generation from Tank partners
  • Fixed an issue where the Partner's Mace Grapple would also pull enemies out of combat


It remains to be seen now later to see if these changes will be beneficial or not. But we must admit that the partners with KotFE had become extremely powerful!

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