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NB: this guide can be transposed without too much difficulty to the Commando Soldier

The Bounty Hunter, it's all in the name. We are not here to wave our hands and convince guys that they will not sell death sticks or to repeat over and over that "Peace is a lie and pattati et pattata" while electrocuting everything that is not Okay.

No, the Bounty Hunter is rational, is there anything to gain? Yes so count on me. No, then go and show yourself!
Sure you fly across the galaxy in a half-rotten mower that you stole from Dromund Kaas, sure you don't master the force, but if there is one that points it out, you will have a whole bunch of explosive things hyper becoming to make him swallow his sarcasm!
And if after that, there's one more who falters, you can always remind him that you at least had the chance to pack Mako (it only works for Male Bounty Hunters ... ha less than Mako hid something from me but now I digress).

After, I'm going to talk about the Mercenary here, and there, the name adds a layer, for those who would not have understood that this class places money above everything!


The Bounty Hunter casts spells producing Heat. Each spell cast has a heat cost. Thus chaining spells increases your heat, when it is at the max (100), you can no longer cast a spell before it goes down. Your Heat also decreases gradually and at a slower and slower rate as you accumulate it. Basically, the lower you stay in heat, the easier it is to manage its production and therefore to send your spells one after the other. You also have access to various spells that reduce the heat cost of attacks or directly reduce your heat.

I am going to talk here about the Pyromania Specialist Mercenary which is a specialization that I advise you to reserve for PvP at level 50. Indeed, in PvE HL and in particular in Op, the specialization is far too greedy in heat to be able to be really useful in group. For PvE it will be necessary to favor the Arsenal spec which is a very good DPS PvE spec which I will explain in a future guide!

In PvP, the special pyro, makes you gain mobility and removes the casting times of most of your spells (significantly increasing your DPS) while placing DoT (damage over time: damage over time). On the other hand, this will require you to learn to work well on your mobility in combat and therefore to master your DPS cycle, your CDs, your controls and your movements.

Your role in BG (BattleGround = War Zone = PvP arena) is to do damage quickly. In fact, what will count is your Burst DPS, your ability to place a maximum of Damage in a minimum time even if it means raising your heat a little too much. You have to drop your targets and quickly! It is with this in mind that this guide will be presented.

The + of the special (compared to the Arsenal special):

  • Big mobility
  • Sorts instant
  • Burst DPS
  • DOT
  • DPS on a larger whole BG

The - of the spec (compared to the Arsenal spec):

  • Individually less powerful shots
  • No cyble armor debuff
  • Higher heat cost


Important features

NB: we are only talking about a Mercenary turned towards PvP!

The important characteristics to mount for a Dps Mercenary are as follows:

Expertise: it will increase your damage, your heal, and your defense. This is essential for entering BG or for doing PvP. This is a stat that can be found on all (or almost) the PvP equipment sold in the fleet with war zone distinctions or with credits (for the starting material). Aimed: Increases the damage inflicted by your attacks ranged and tech, critical strike chance. This is the primary stat of the Mercenary, you have to try to have a maximum.
Endurance: increases your amount of health and regeneration when out of combat.
Accuracy: Increases your chance to hit with your attacks. Once the 100% accuracy cap is reached, the additional points will reduce the chances of defense (dodge parry, etc.) for ranged attacks and the chances of resistance for techno attacks.
Potency: increases the damage and healing of your spells, stabilizing your DPS over time.
Critical Rating: Increases your chance to critically hit with damage and healing attacks, increasing your DPS.
Surge Index: Increases critical damage from attacks and healing when you land a critical hit.



Expertise> Aim> = Endurance> Accuracy (<110%) / Crit / Power> Surge> Accuracy (> 110%)> Alacrity

You have to try to have fairly equivalent stats in Critical, Precision and Power.
The criticism is very important, I advise you to navigate between 40 and 50% to optimize your DPS. The power constitutes in itself a stabilization of your DPS by increasing it less strongly than your critical hits but by smoothing it over time. Finally, precision will prevent you in PvP that your opponents absorb too much of your attacks with their defense. I advise you to approach 110% on your techno powers.

The influx will increase your damage during Critical Hits and therefore remains an interesting stat but not overwhelming in my opinion. Finally, your spells are almost all without casting time, Alacrity will be of little use to you.



This talent tree is the most optimized in my opinion for group PvP in BG: 2/6/33.


Branch Pyromanie

Advanced targeting
Ignoring 30% of your opponent's armor on two of your biggest hits is very interesting.

Integrated Cardio Pack
Here, I put only 2 points to go to the level above. 2% endurance is always useful (more than 4% alacrity for our spec that gives the other talent) but that does not fundamentally change the situation. I therefore take the minimum.

Gyro alignment jets
A talent only useful in PvP which allows you to take away a little something in terms of heat management from the many stuns etc ... that you will suffer.

In PvP preventing your target from reaching a point or moving quickly is very useful especially if you are trying to escape him ^^

Superheated gas
30% increase in damage of your cylinder and 6% more chance to put the DoT that cannot be refused!

Incendiary missile
A damage spell that places a DoT

Overheated alignment
A good boost for your Line Shot which will spend a little more armor which will be able to reset the effect of your cylinder and which will dissipate heat!

To kitting you must be able to move, canceling the incapacitating effects moving can often be a game-changer in BG

Particle accelerator prototype
Resetting your Aligned Fire CD is the basis of your DPS cycle, an essential skill!

Rapid ventilation
To allow you to ventilate heat more often and therefore to better manage your resources

Critical damage increase

Rain of fire
9% more damage on your shots (chain, powerful, aligned), unloading, and blaster sweep

Energy boost
Reducing your shield's CD allows you to use it more regularly.

Hyper burn
An increase in your critical hits and especially an increase in DPS on opponents at the end of their life

Thermal Detonator
Your second DPS spell from the Pyromania spec


Branch arsenal

Metal sight
9% of aim that cannot be refused!

Mandalorian metal warheads
Increases the damage of your incendiary missile and line fire

Improved arsenal
Increase the efficiency of your cylinder


Close protection branch

Improved ventilation
To ventilate 16% more heat when using heat dissipation


Other useful talents not chosen

Muscle for hire
An interesting talent but which seems to me less useful if you are already around 40% critical (full buff), in fact I do not take it but it can quite be taken

Personalized enviro suit
2% end and 2% more heal is not useless but not necessarily better than other talents and I prefer heat dissipation or stun controls

Systems calibration
4% Alacrity is not very interesting when all or almost all of your spells are in instant

Automatic defense
To reduce the blow of two spells not essential and which will not save you that does not deserve to lose 2 points in your tree.


Useful skills

You use the Combustible Gas cylinder for the Pyro spec. It allows you to set targets on fire (with a DoT) and therefore more easily use your Aligned Fire.


Single Target Damage Spells

Incendiary Missile - Heat 25, Incant 0s, CD 0s, range 30m
The missile allows you to place a fire DoT (which will allow you to activate your Line Fire). Without CD, without Incant, it allows you to start the fight by placing the DoT which will then allow you to chain your spells. This is a spell to be used only when the target has run out of the Fire DoT (every 18 seconds or so) as it consumes a lot of heat for sub-optimum performance and it does not Burst DPS.

Thermal Detonator - Heat 16, Incant 0s, CD 15s, range 30m
The detonator sticks to the target and explodes after a few seconds. This spell allows in particular to make a big Burst DPS since when it explodes you are already in the process of sending your next blow. It is very useful for finishing a target or for killing a target that is being healed. Without incant and with a weak CD, it is a move to use as soon as it is up. Be careful not to throw it at a target that will die before the explosion, otherwise you will waste your heat!

Unloading - Heat 16, Channel 3s, CD 15s, range 30m
This spell has a triple utility and will be at the center of your cycle (see below). It has a 70% chance to remove the CD from Aligned Fire and remove its heat cost, which is essential for the Pyro spec. Ignoring 30% armor from talents, he does a pretty good DPS. Finally, it regulates your heat because the 3 seconds of channeling allow your heat to decrease. To be used as soon as up and preferably just after an inline shot to allow a second to be made.

Powerful Shot - Heat 25, Incant 1,5s, CD 0s, range 30m
This spell will be the "rescue" spell. It doesn't do a great DPS but it doesn't have a CD and it has a 45% chance of removing CD time from Aligned Fire and making it free. In addition, its 3 second cast allows you to regulate your heat.

Aligned Fire - Heat 16 or 0, Incant 0s, CD 15s or 0, range 30m
This is the central fate of your DPS. Without casting he can critically hit between 4 and 5000 damage. You can do this by moving and its CD can be canceled by other spells (see above). However, it does require a debuff or stun proc on your target. To be used as soon as up!

Chain of Shots- Heat 0, Incant 0s, CD 0s, range 30m
The small blaster shot that allows you, thanks to the fuel gas cylinder, to sometimes set your target on fire (DOT), to be used when you are moving or when your heat is too high.


Defensive Skills

Determination - Heat 0, Incant 0s, CD 2m
Releases you from all incapacitating effects. Use with thought since its CD is quite high.

Fast scanner - Heat 25, Incant 2,5s, CD 0s, range 30m
You are not in the Heal Special but in BG, hiding for a few seconds during a fight to regain some life can save you (not to mention the fact that heal at 2,5k gives you a medal). To be used when the situation allows it, survival is still the best way to do your DPS effectively.

Kolto Overload - Heat 0, Incant 0s, CD 3m,
A light aid without casting time which will not save you but which can be useful in combat by restoring you over the duration of 15% of your life.

Energy Shield - Heat 0, Incant 0s, CD 2m or less
A 25% damage reduction for 20 seconds is essential! With the talent tree I suggested, you can reduce its CD by taking Damage (which will inevitably happen) and it will remove all movement incapacitating effects. This will be especially useful to you in BG for kitting in front of the CaC specs. A skill to be used as soon as up in combat or just before engaging in combat.

Mental Cure - Heat 8, Enchant 0s, CD 5s
Cleans 2 mental effects and can cleanse effects applied to you in PvP


Area Damage Skill (AOE)

Death from the sky - Heat 25, channel 3s, CD 1m, range 5 to 30m
Your most powerful shot potentially as it will hit multiple targets with high damage. In 1vs1, it may not be the fate to favor (minimum 5m distance so not very useful against the CaC) but on a group of healers, you wreak havoc!

Blaster Sweep - Heat 33, channel 3s, CD 0s, range 30m
An AoE without CD, with correct Damage if there are at least 3 opponents in it. It will serve you more to defend a point (like on the Void Star when you placed the bomb) where the absence of CD will be interesting (beware of the heat!)

Flamethrower - Heat 25, Incant 3s, CD 15s, range 10m
A spell to be used sparingly but very useful when a group of CaCs are facing you.


Heat control and management skill

Heat Dissipation - Heat 0, Incant 0s, CD 2m or 1m30 in special pyro,
Managing your heat is the sinews of war. Here you will be able to lower your bar quickly after a Burst DPS. Be careful, however, the CD is important, it must be placed at the right time.

Thermal Manipulation - Heat 0, Incant 0s, CD 2m
Making one of your spells "free" in terms of heat is very useful when your heat is getting too hot. This allows you to return to a normal level. I recommend that you favor this spell over a spell with an incant or a channeling time typically Unloading or Powerful Shot in order to let your heat go down even more for the duration of the spell.

Electrofléchette- Heat 8, Incant 0s, CD 1m, range 30m
Your instant stun which will prove essential in PvP, especially in 1vs1 to gain a few precious seconds.

Heat Stealth Scanner 0, Incant 0s, CD 20s, range 30m
A spell that will prevent you from being surprised by the Fufus (invisible). It is particularly useful when you are defending a point in BG.

Jet Pack- Heat 16, Incant 0s, CD 30s, range?
A spell that does a little area damage but that I classify in the controls because it will mainly serve you to "push" your opponents into the traps of the scenery, to keep them away from you (break their spells while casting as well) if this is not the primary function) or to prevent them from heading points. In short, it's not so much the damage side that is interesting as the control it allows.


Dps cycle

I am going to offer you a fairly "simple" basic cycle that you can complete at your convenience and depending on the situation. However, this simple cycle is already relatively effective on its own. Of course, there are other possibilities of cycles and this is only a base to work on.


Basic cycle

Incendiary missile
Thermal Detonator
Aligned Shot
Aligned shot if up
Death from the sky (if the target is close to other opponents or / and is at a distance)

Then it's a little bit by feeling in my opinion, if you have understood the principle of the sequence of spells but I propose a continuation for this cycle of DPS that I consider quite effective:

Energy shield
(kolto overload)
Electrofléchette (si up)
Thermal Detonator
Incendiary missile
Aligned Shot
Thermal manipulation (if up)
Aligned Shot (if up)
Shooting chain
Powerful shot
Aligned Shot (if up)
Sequence of shots
This cycle will allow you a good Burst DPS in 1vs1 or in a balanced fight. Then, it will be necessary to start on the same base by removing all the spells with large CD (Energy shield, Electrodart, Kolto overload, thermal manipulation, Death from the sky ...)

This is just a basic cycle. The essence of PvP is to adapt to the situation and to be on the move. Some spells do not allow you to move at the same time (unloading, powerful shot, ...), you will sometimes have to have more or less recourse to the sequence of shots to manage your heat and do kitting.



For PvP, two jobs are to be favored:

The first will allow you to make very useful reusable stims, Warzone Doping (one use, reduces damage by 15%) purchasable if not for 10 Warzone Distinction from merchants. The medi-packs that you can make are ultimately not very interesting in PvP, prefer those sold by PvP merchants for 10 distinctions which regain 35% of life.

Which will allow you to make grenades that stun or knock down opponents for a few seconds.

The rest of the professions do not add anything to PvP but can be useful in PvE.


Le Stuff PvP

At level 50, you can buy rookie stuff for around 200k from a merchant in the Imperial Fleet Combat Training Area. This stuff will allow you to start in PvP with a minimum of expertise and avoid getting killed in a loop without doing damage.

At each BG, and with the daily and weekly quests, you will receive distinctions that will allow you to buy stuff Combat master (war zone accolades) which is the next stuff. The optimized stuff for the DPS Mercenary is the Combat Eliminator stuff.
Then, with the classified distinctions earned with the journa, the weekly, in classified BG (do not go without a very very good stuff) or by exchanging your war zone distinctions for war zone distinctions classified at the merchant (at the rate of 30 zdg for 10 zdgc requires Bravoure 40) you will be able to acquire the stuff War heroes which is the best current stuff for PvP.

You will also be able to improve your equipment thanks to improvement kits (some professions can craft them or by buying them at the HDV) and by putting in the space thus created improvements (epic level 40) I recommend the improvements of reflex (aim +18, stamina +12) or XXXX (Power +18, stamina +12) which are on sale at the HV or crafted by certain trades.

NB: If possible, never enter BG with PvE stuff. Expertise is essential! Better to gain 40 or 50 in expertise and lose other stats than to take a PvE coin to do BG! The difference in terms of increased damage done and reduced damage taken is huge!

Finally, I also advise you to take some doping drugs and war zone medipacs because they will be very useful to you during the fights!


The final word

After that, I still hear telling myself that the Mercenary is not the most suitable class for PvP. It may be true, may not be, but I still advise you not to cross my path because you will end up running around screaming frantically because I set you on fire in the Jedi pajamas with an incendiary missile!

Finally, this guide is surely perfectible and can surely be improved. It is also probable that some will find that such and such a thing is done like that, that such and such a cycle is better than another and that I have explained such and such a thing very poorly. Probably they will be right ... but being right has never prevented dying when I do not see you in BG! ?

Small personal message: The Typhoon Guild (PvE / PvP) is recruiting, so come and apply on our Forum. You will find this guide there and others under construction and to come (


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