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Update 4.1 brought a new Cartel Pack, a new Alliance Pack. And as this 4.1 is placed under the sign of chapter 10 of KOTFE, Anarchy in Heaven, it is only natural that this new set of objects has been baptized the Anarchist Pack. A shock for Juliaan! He who is a good soldier, passionate about order and rigor. He who spends his free time chasing chaos and impertinent on the forum. He refused to don these new armor and test these new speeders. So it was Aldorn who volunteered to serve as my model guinea pig. It was he who put on this armor ofunderworld anarchist.

As well as that of mercenary hacker.

Not all of them have such infamous names. Among the respectable, we can find the resistance fighter.

Force users will be able to rely on the Knight in exile.

Or steal coins from the enemy knight-captain of Zakuul.

And fly away with all ofAce of the squadron.

Finally, each pack contains lore armor. This time it is that of Dark Scotland (character from the Inquisitor's class story).

On the weapons side, we can first find the blasters and rifles insurgent.

As well as classic vibroblades, with a design inspired by KOTOR.

Lightsabers are those ofunstable referee, here embellished with a Desert Green Advanced Indestructible Crystal.

For vehicles, we can find a new element of a famous brand: the Marquis korrealis.

Chic is always in the spotlight with this Side-car de luxe business.

And pure bikers will be entitled to a Revolution Koensayr.

And if you prefer organic frames, here is theWilderness Supply Uxibeast.

And the Prairie kybuck.

Also be careful not to get run over by the Grudge des marais. Aldorn ? Aldorn !

Ah, there you are. And you bring this back Manwvorr cyberlampe.

All that's left are the decorations and ... Aldorn? Where have you been yet?

Ok I see. Fortunately here is Juliaan, always ready to slay anarchy, who brings with him the set of decorations.


So, is there something that interests you in this new Alliance Anarchist Pack?

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