SWTOR - Cartel Market: Alliance Strength Pack

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Judit Llordes
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Hello Juliaan? Why has the article on the new Cartel pack not been released yet? That is to say ... No excuse, Draganthyr is in a hurry? And you send me the recovered images? Very good, very good, very good ...

*hangs up the phone*

Write a new article on the new pack, okay. But I've been struggling with this new game guide for three days. Anyway. Where should you go? This way ? Oh no, sorry, that's the showers. No need to send the soaps to my head. And here ? The kitchen ... do I take a break there? No, the article first. First the pack. Ah, there you go. I think I found it. So let's see what we got in there? The Pack the Force de l'Alliance. And that is justified at the outset with this armor of determined keeper.


Ah but we can actually do like that to classify the images? Is that it could be useful. Oh sorry, off topic. What else is there in this that justifies the name Force Pack? The insidious adviser, certainly.


We can also count the so-called foreign outfits. I know, it's only from a certain point of view. Not all Outsiders in KOTFE wield the Force. But next to it, there are enough of them so that we can count a Stranger explorer, a Independent foreigner, a Foreign patroller, a Foreign collector, a foreign tango dancer, a foreign card player, a foreigner tamer of gizkas, a ... Excuse me, I received a message from Eric Antoine.


And then, in the Force armor, we can also count that of watchman, no ?


Don't repeat it to Juliaan, but I thought I read "old woman sentry" as a name on one of her pictures. Anyway. What is left as Force armor? Watch agent ? More contentious as a link.


And the last armor is that of black vulkar go-getter. No officially recognized Force follower in this notorious slum gang in the last few years before Taris was ravaged and known her current appearance.


The armor is done. What is left behind? The frames. There at least, no affiliation problem. The followers of the Force are placed in the same boat as the others. All will need to move a Non-conformist Lhosan, An Phalène Minas, An Hedge Rark, An Emissaire Longspur, An Tirsa Prime or finally aOnyx Vondell.


And for animal lovers, those who prefer to feed their mounts and clean up behind them, let's not forget the Gnarls manka cat and Equatorial ruin.


Now let's continue with a Halloween theme. You will now be able to scare your friends by regenerating yourself, thanks to this turret simulator.

And like the last pack, we now have partners available in it. This one is a probe droid.


Finally, let's find all the different Zakellian decorations added with this session.

And the commemorative statue of Darth Marr, that Soupir sent us:


Hello, Juliaan? It's good, the article is done. What, what are you saying? I don't understand, here is Juliaan takes herself for Eric Antoine

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