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Originally from the planet Iridonia, the Zabraks are humanoids ranging in size from 1,60 meters to 2,10 meters, and whose heads are covered with small horns and their bodies with tattoos, which give this species a sometimes frightening appearance. Very early in galactic history the Zabraks reached a high level of technology and were able to colonize several outer worlds around their home planet. It is estimated that this species thus established eight colonies in the Outer Rim, and that the various colonial groups may have prospered sufficiently that the Zabraks identify themselves according to the colonies from which they come, rather than by compared to Iridonia only.


  • I. History of the Zabraks
  • II. Morphology and traits

The Zabraks also formed communities on other already inhabited planets, such as Corellia and Talus, which have a large community of these people. The Zabrak as a whole possess a strong character and iron will, coupled with a survival instinct superior to most other species. They are courageous explorers and warriors whom nothing to fear. The difficult living conditions encountered in their native world forged their pioneering spirit, and allowed the conquest of many nearby planets. The Zabrak have great confidence in their ability to adapt to any environment, and nothing seems to be able to resist them in what they do. What might have turned into a feeling of superiority is actually well-placed pride: Zabraks are not condescending and over-confident people. They are proud of themselves and their colony but are always aware of their abilities and their limitations, if they find any. For a Zabrak indeed, nothing is impossible, and it is very rare to find a representative of this species who is pessimistic. When faced with a problem, reflection takes the lead and a solution is quickly found.

Morphologically, the Zabraks are very close to humans, except that they have small horns on the top of the skull, a vestige of a distant past that has now passed. These horns now have only one connotation: their alignment indicates belonging to different races within the species. The other amazing aspect of this species is the presence of numerous tattoos on the head and all over the body. tattoos are the result of the personal taste of the wearer, and reflect the personality. At first very simple and few in number, tattoos keep growing in number and complexity with age as the Zabrak personality evolves. Zabrak skin can be different from one individual to another, and can range from a light beige to a very dark black, which accentuates the differences between individuals and makes it easy to distinguish each person, unlike some species whose individuals are almost identical to the untrained eye. The official Zabrak language is Zabraki, but most are fluent in Basic, and often other less common local dialects.

The Zabraks have a strong sense of independence, which caused them many worries under the imperial regime. Iridonia, as well as the important Zabrak colonies, resisted the new dictatorial power from the start, which earned them a merciless reaction from the authorities: the Zabrak companies were nationalized by the new regime, and several stormtrooper garrisons were established on the main worlds. From then on the Zabraks could only bow to the imperial military superiority. A very small number decided to join the occupation forces voluntarily, but most continued the resistance in secret.

  • ​​Spoken Languages: Zabraki (or Old Iridonian), Basic (universal language)
  • Size: 1m60 – 2m10
  • Technological level: High, mastery of space travel.
  • Character traits : The Zabrak have very high self-esteem. They are naturally adventurous and belligerent, no doubt because of the difficult living conditions on their home planet. They are generally optimistic and solve most problems using their strong thinking skills. The Zabrak also show a very strong sense of independence, rejecting any form of domination.
  • Social power: Inspired Loyalty - Inspires loyalty to nearby allies.
  • Associated classes:
    • Republic: Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler, Soldier.
    • Sith Empire: Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent


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