SWTOR - Cartel Market: Insider and Pilgrim Shadow Packs

With the new Shadow of Revan expansion, here comes a new shipment, the Shadow packs, with two packs available for now. Let's take a look at the contents of the Insider's Shadow and Pilgrim's Pack. The content of the two packs is visibly the same, the difference is in the number of objects contained in each pack.



Ranger armor set

Eidolon armor set

Theron Shan Armor Set

Airy Scalene Armor Set

Revan's Rebirth Armor Set

Lana Beniko Armor Set

Silent Fanatic Armor Set

Evil Bandit Armor Set



RH-32 Star Forge Assault Cannon

RK-4 Star Forge Blaster

YV-23 Star Forge Blaster Rifle

DS-8 Star Forge Sniper Rifle

Desolator Star Forge Lightsaber

Desolator Star Forge Double Saber

Black-Pink Crystal



Oro bird adorned with precious stones

Shadow Plated Eater

Amzab ZB-12

Commuter Czerka

Either TZ-8

Celestial Breeze Star

Learn LS-4



Coastal thranta

Swamp Skarkla

Comet Breaker SGS 41-B



Mental Pie (object of rain)




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