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Aina Martin


Let me introduce myself, Psi from the Black Saber Guild on the Mantle of the Force server. I will offer you here a guide dedicated to the artillery specialization in PvE. The artillery commando has the advantage of offering a good single-target and multi-target dps, which makes it a very versatile dps.

Statistics to prioritize

The statistics that you should prioritize are as follows:

- aim is our main statistic. It gives you almost everything you need to do badly i.e. Ranged Damage / Tech Damage as well as Ranged Crit / Tech Crit.

- accuracy, this statistic is there to increase the chances that you hit enemies. You have 90% basic ranged accuracy, you will need to raise it to 110% to maximize your chances of hitting bosses with your so-called ranged attacks. As for your tech attacks, you have 100% base and you need 110%, so if you have the 100% mark needed for your ranged attacks, you will automatically have the 110% for you tech attacks.

- the critical chances (to be increased to 30%) and the critical multiplier depending on the influx (to be increased to 75%). These two statistics are to be developed in parallel since the influx increases the damage inflicted by your critical attacks.

- the power. At first, you will not increase this statistic as a priority. On the other hand, once the 30% critical cap is reached, it will be very important because it increases your base damage and therefore takes precedence over the critical.

- alacrity. This statistic increases the speed of channeling and triggering of your spells, it is not to be mounted for a special artillery commando via your skill tree.

Aim> = Accuracy (110%)> Critical Index (30%) = Influx Index (75%)
> Power / Techno power> Alacrity


Skill tree

Here is the skill tree for raids: 5/31/5



DPS and CD cycle

A dps cycle is a system for organizing your abilities to maximize damage. Mastering a rotation will help you quickly prioritize when encountering a boss.



An opening cycle is a special spin that gets all of your buffs in the most efficient way possible. You only use this spin when you attack a target for the first time or when you return to a target and your buffs and debuffs have dropped.

  • Car shooting
  • 3 * gravitational burst
  • High impact shooting
  • Demolition Salute
  • Car shooting

This opening will allow you to have 5 gravity vortex charges which will reduce the target's armor index by 5 * 4% and increase the damage of the demolition salvo by 25% (this debuff must be maintained on the target). ).


  1. Maximize ammo regeneration by staying above 8.
  2. Use Auto Fire as soon as the Fire Curtain Buff is available
  3. Maintain the Gravitational Vortex debuff at 5.
  4. Use pestle fire if you drop below 5 cells and your cell recharge is not available.



  • Volley of mortar
  • Plasma Grenade with Cell Saving
  • Adhesive grenade
  • Shooting avalanche


  • "Diversion", to use after your opening cycle (45s recharge)
  • "Reactive shield", damage reduction (2 min recharge)
  • "Adrenaline Rush", restores 15% health (3 min recharge)
  • "Technological manipulation", practical for launching a plasma grenade instantly (recharge 2 min)
  • "Tenacity", negates incapacitating effects (1m 30s cooldown)


Dogs Copathe.

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