SWTOR - Components and Crafting Blueprints in 1.2

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In addition to the article previously written by Deeplight, I wanted to come back to the different ways to access high level crafting once 1.2 is deployed.


Classic method

In the classic way, you can get components of up to Tier 6 through Collecting or Mission Crew skills.

For higher tier blueprints and components (epic and blue quality), you'll need to do Hard Mode Flashpoints or Operations. Note that from 1.2, all these components are no longer linked and can be found in the galactic market.

Rang 7:

  • Biometric Crystal Alloy: Obtained from the last boss of a Hard Flashpoint and after each boss in Normal Operation
  • Self-regenerated energy cell: obtained on the last boss in Normal Operation and at the end of certain Difficult Litigation Areas (eg: A False Emperor).
  • Alien Data Cubes: Obtained after each boss in Operation Hard
  • Rakata energy module: obtained from the last boss in Operation Hard

Rang 8:

  • Molecular Stabilizer: Obtained from trash and chests in Operation Explosive Conflict in story mode
  • Synthetic Energy Matrix: Obtained from Operation Explosive Conflict chests in story mode


Space missions

I invite you to go to the specific subject. As you will notice, the amount of fleet awards earned has been increased and you can earn up to 100 awards per day (+2 awards daily). With, you can buy:

  • box of rank 6 crafting material : 50 awards from the fleet
  • box of rank 7 crafting material : 125 awards from the fleet
  • box of rank 8 crafting material : 200 awards from the fleet



The vendor next to the PvP Mission Terminal (Combat Training Quarter, Fleet Station) will exchange Tier 6 Crafting PvP Boxes for 1 Combat Master Award, 30 Champion Awards, 1000 War Zone Awards, or 45 centurion distinctions.

Artificers will be particularly interested because they will be able to find Baradium Flux (1 Combat Master Award or 1000 Warzone Distinctions), a grade 7 component that allows you to create new epic quality crystals with expertise.

But also patterns for 450 war zone distinctions (the same patterns that can be purchased with daily distinctions):

  • Blueprint: Advanced Sniper Crystal Blue : Power +41
  • Blueprint: Red Advanced Sniper Crystal : Power +41
  • Blueprint: Advanced Crystal of Fearlessness Blue : Endurance +41
  • Blueprint: Advanced Red Crystal of Fearlessness : Endurance +41
  • Blueprint: Advanced Blue Fatal Crystal : Crit Rating +41
  • Blueprint: Advanced Red Fatal Crystal : Crit Rating +41

Finally, from the War Heroes vendor, you can find boxes costing 50 credits containing the 000 blueprints to create orange items that look like the PvP sets. As you notice below, the items are Bind when equipped (therefore salable) and require the appropriate profession: Synthweaving (for Jedi and Sith) and Armor Crafting (for everyone else).

For my class (Sith Marauder), I have two relevant boxes: Box of War Hero Weapons Master Blueprints and Box of War Hero Weapons Master Blueprints (index). The first will require 70 in rank of bravery to equip the pieces, the second a war zone index (1400: hands, 1600: feet, 1800: legs, 2100: head, 2400: torso).

There you are, you know everything. You will be able to fully enjoy your crafts now.

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