SWTOR – Corso Riggs

Always in the focus of the partners, we now continue with Corso Riggs, partner of the smuggler, who will follow him in his adventures.


General information

  • Départ
  • Breed
  • customizations

Ord Mantell


Corso has 8 customizations, including a special Rakghoul



  • The player
  • The other companions
  • Motivational
  • Amour

A common enemy always brings two people together. This is how Corso and the smuggler get to know each other. A union that will turn into friendship, Corso appreciating the position of right-hand man, and sharing certain values ​​with his captain, such as a chivalrous sense and a deep desire to discover the universe.

  • Corso is a loyal and faithful man, which is why there is a certain enmity between him and Risha, who is an untrustworthy woman according to him.
  • At first skeptical of welcoming a Wookie, he eventually befriended him and they both got along like thieves at the fair.
  • He knows little of Akaavi.
  • Guss can get on his nerves, especially when he dares to touch his business.

Corso is an adventurer, who enjoys challenges as much as weapons. On Ord Mantell, after experiencing the atrocity at the death of his family, he decides to enlist in the army of the Republic, to satisfy his revenge against the separatists. He quickly realizes that the army is not using him at its fair value, assigning him to low jobs, and joins a gang and a mercenary life. But despite his tumultuous past, Corso is an honest man who can't stand people's misfortune.

Corso is a seducer, but a gentlemanly seducer, who doesn't hesitate to play on his romantic side to capsize hearts. For example, Corso sets aside 20% of each credit earned to take his dear and tender for a ride once a week. He would never admit it himself, but Corso is also an exceptional dancer, who has won a number of competitions.


You can find more details about Corso on its dedicated Holonet page. You can also go to the forum to discuss this partner more fully.

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