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At the center of the galaxy, the shimmering towers of Coruscant are the symbol of the mighty and prosperous civilization of the Republic, the fruit of millennia of progress and democracy. Coruscant has been the capital of the Republic since its founding over twenty thousand years ago. Land of the Supreme Chancellor and the Galactic Senate, Coruscant is politically the most important planet in the galaxy.

Protected by the legendary Jedi Order, Coruscant has always been a safe haven for law-abiding citizens. All who come in peace are welcome. Hundreds of species and star systems coexist on Coruscant. These many influences make Coruscant the metropolis par excellence: a planet where everyone finds their place.

Located at the zero point of hyperspace coordinates, Coruscant acts as a platform for all of the galaxy's trade routes. The city-planet does not have natural resources. It depends on member systems and allies which provide the raw materials necessary for the development and prosperity of the population. Although the planet has experienced many difficulties in its long history, its development has always followed a positive curve.

Despite the Republic's losses at the start of the Great War, the Jedi managed to repel the Sith Empire's attacks on the Core Worlds. The citizens thought they were safe on Coruscant and many hoped that the Republic would win the war. These hopes flew to shreds when the Empire deceived the leaders of the Republic, ransacked Coruscant and destroyed the Jedi Temple.

Since the Treaty of Coruscant, the Senate has faced difficult choices in allocating the Republic's resources. Priority has been given to defending the Rim Worlds and rebuilding those parts of Coruscant vital to government and commerce. Much of the city-planet remains in ruins, and many areas have fallen into the hands of gangs.

Finally, Coruscant is in the image of the Republic: impressive but imperfect. However, like the Republic, its strength lies not in its structure or systems, but in the people who make it up.

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Core worlds


Capital of the Republic

Urban planet

Sacked by the Sith Empire several years ago, Coruscant is still being rebuilt. Many areas of the lower levels are controlled by gangs

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