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The lightsaber is a formidable weapon, capable of slicing almost anything. In these conditions, how to stand up to those who wield them? So the Jedi and the Sith would be invincible? Courageous fighters have proven not to. Others also managed to bring them down, less gifted but better equipped. Because yes, there are protections capable of deflecting the danger represented by this energy bar. Thanks to them, ordinary soldiers can compete with enemy guardians and warriors. And even some criminals recover these metals and alloys to make themselves more resistant. Here is a small list of what equipment is needed in a time as troubled as that of The Old Republic.

Cortosis (pure metal) or cortose (alloy) : The most famous of the lightsaber resistant metals. In its pure state, it is able to emit interference in the operation of the weapon and temporarily put it out of service. But in this form, it can only be modeled as swords and heavy armor, without any form of sophistication. In the form of an alloy, it is much more malleable, accommodating the mechanisms of a vibroblade or slipping as an underlayer of a fabric weave. Even as the outer shell of a blaster, for the most original. For more than three and a half centuries, the Republic has automatically equipped its troops with cortosis equipment, and even reinforced its ships with it. It thus benefits from major mines in its territories, such as in Duro. By extension, the Jedi also benefit from it for their training or combat equipment. However, it is still quite crumbly and will break under strong blows. Ultrachrome : Sold by the Brothers of Barbeen (a planet of the Core), this hyperconductive metal is less famous than cortosis because it appears less reliable. The heat from a lightsaber can be enough to melt its surface. But we do not know of an example where an ultrachrome shield or armor was completely pierced.

Neuranium : Arguably the worst on the list, it only stops lightsaber attacks for a few moments before breaking. But you have to hit the same place several times for that to happen. Anyway, that it manages to hold a certain time is enough for it to be considered as an exceptional metal. It therefore remains an excellent investment for fairly modest scholarships. Phrikite (pure metal) or phrik (alloy): Three centuries ago, the Arkanian scientist Scion Gorman Vandrayk, also known by the nickname Camper at the end of his life, was one of the first to conduct research on this metal. It is therefore a relatively recent discovery, and its full potential has yet to be revealed. There would be a mine on Tatooine, but the Czerka is not very hot, after some failures she has encountered on the planet, to resume excavation there. It is a viable alternative to cortosis for light armor, but it is mainly electrobats that are known with this material. Beskar or Mandalorian steel: The blacksmiths and metallurgists of Mandalore had no plans to face lightsabers when they began working on the product of their capital planet's mines. They were content to want one of the toughest metals in the galaxy. And they got it! Their armor is nicknamed steel skins, or beskar'gam. When facing them, it is advisable to aim for the joints. This is to say if those who wear them are feared. They are all the more rare as the metal alone is not sufficient to obtain this effect. You have to treat it first. And there, the Mandalorians have a monopoly on the method. And it is obvious that they are not selling to just anyone. Even for their allies, it is not easy to recover what they consider to be one of their most precious possessions. As for stealing armor to get it, be careful not all have proven to wear it. And revenge in return ...

Various bones and shells: It is obviously not a metal, but some animals have a natural resistance to lightsaber hits. Collecting their remains can seem very rudimentary and primitive. But it remains effective. Many Dxun Moon animals of Onderon have this kind of ability. And they were moved in large numbers in the great Republican restoration project that followed the Jedi Civil War. It can therefore be found on many planets today. And they are still just as difficult to bring down to steal their skins and claws.

Sith Witchcraft: When the exiled Dark Jedi discovered Korriban and his people, they did not have the means to organize a large excavation in search of metals that would allow them to protect themselves from attacks from each other. Or even to treat them correctly in an industrial way. They therefore had to develop other methods. The Force is able to strengthen or weaken even things that we consider non-living. At the height of their Empire, the highest nobility did not use lightsabers but swords that they had processed themselves to make them much more powerful. Not to mention the catalysts they constituted. Their armor was much more widespread, and more easily imitated. However, that is only one aspect of what they were able to achieve through this route. Some have allowed their bodies to be devoured by orbalisk insects to provide impassable protection. And still other methods which are unknown to us or which only ask to be found.

Lightsabers are a rare and dangerous weapon. With, the Jedi and the Sith place themselves above the fray. But the countermeasures exist, and can be recovered by anyone. And you, who do you plan to call on?


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