SWTOR - CZ-198 Empire Quests

After Ilum, Belsavis, Black Hole, Sector X and others, here is the last area of ​​daily quests: the CZ-198! This zone is currently on the test server. If you want to keep the surprise, avoid reading further?

Once there, in addition to the 4 daily quests, you will have at your disposal 1 weekly quest and a main quest.


Daily quests

Staff reduction

It is a great timeless classic, repeated relentlessness on enemies:

At the risk of exposing themselves to the fury of the Empire, the armed henchmen of the CZ-198 site decided to support their employer, Rasmus Blys. The Empire asks you to make an example of this.
Destroy Czerka forces on CZ 198

Your mission: Defeat the Czerka forces: 0/35

Here are the enemies you may encounter in the combat zone:

As quest rewards you get 8730 Credits, 2 Basic Honors, and a Premium Reputation Trophies (270)

Droid demolition

Here is a small variation of the quest from above. Disable consoles on droid containers to disable them. Unfortunately, this will not work every time. Rip finger on the console and oops .... you've activated the droid!

Czerka has developed high-level battle droids, the ZX-10 line, but these cannot be reprogrammed for use by the Imperials. It would suffice to enter a special code on the droid storage module to destroy its contents; however, it is likely that some droids will prematurely break free from their mod and launch the attack.
Destroy the ZX-10 droids by sabotaging their containers.

Your mission: Destroy droid containers: 0/5

As quest rewards you get 8730 Credits, 2 Basic Honors, and a Premium Reputation Trophy (270).

What's yours is mine

This quest takes place in the central part of CZ-198, accessible to both factions.

Czerka developed a potent biotoxin that would be of great benefit to the Empire's war efforts. The corporation has also developed an artificial substitute for the kolto, which must absolutely not fall into the hands of the Republic.
Destroy the kolto stores and collect the biotoxin samples you find in the supply area of ​​CZ-198.

Your mission: recover the biotoxin containers: 0/8 and destroy the kolto containers: 0/8

As quest rewards you get 8730 Credits, 2 Basic Honors, and a Premium Reputation Trophy (270).

Acquisition of antitoxin

Here is the one and only quest that really stands out from the crowd.

Pressed to stop the Empire from getting their hands on their most valuable commodities, dedicated Czerka employees tried to get rid of an antitoxin designed to protect against their deadly havrap marrow biotoxin. The Empire needs to recover this antitoxin.
Make your way to the waste treatment center and try to collect the antitoxin.

This is a step-by-step quest. Your first objective is to search the waste treatment center. The zone is instantiated to allow better availability of the end boss! As you can see, the waste treatment center is quite dark and looks more like a sewer. Fortunately, an illumination probe box awaits you at the entrance to the area.

Arrive in it, you notice that the right and left access are blocked. To move forward, no other choice but to use your strength by destroying the top pipe, then repairing the energy junction box and finally activating the flow controls. You will then have the entire area available and can recover the antitoxin.

Little surprise since a mini-boss named project DS-5 awaits you. A priori, nothing very complex: area damage, cone damage and tentacle type enemies that will have to be killed to continue the fight. In short, you shouldn't waste too much time on this boss.

We do not know if this one adjusts to the size of the group but it remains largely killable on its own. From then on, pick up the Czerka antitoxin.

Quest rewards are 10476 Credits, 2 Basic Honors, and a Premium Reputation Trophy (270)


The weekly quest

The weekly quest "Dissolving Czerka" requires you to complete the 4 daily quests as well as the two Flashpoints Czerka's Laboratory and Czerka Core Fusion. This earns you for each contentious area:

  • In normal mode: 8288 credits and 3 basic distinctions
  • In hard mode: 13095 credits and 2 elite distinctions
As a reward from the weekly quest, you get 15 Credits, 714 Basic Honors, 20 Elite Honors, 12 Artifact Container, and 1 Artifact Quality Reputation Trophy (1).


The Main Quest

You probably guessed it, the initials CZ refer to the Czerka corporation and they need you to regain control of the CZ-198 lunar complex. It was seized by the Republic thanks to a corporate restructuring and your mission is to recover it by force. Take a company shuttle to get there and show the Republic what a Sith is capable of!

Once there, you must finish both Flashpoints!

..... Unable to find a group on the test server ...

As a reward, you get 17 Credits, 025 Artifact Container, 1 Artifact Quality Reputation Trophy (1), and a 1440 Index Weapon (148).


If you have the opportunity to visit the test server, please send us your screenshots! We meet for the Republic version.

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