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A new batch of images and information coming from version 4.4 expected on the servers on April 5th.

Reminder: Everything that follows comes from the datamining of a version that has not yet been released. Everything below is therefore subject to change before the official release!


So we have a look at the HK-55 weapons that will be given to subscribers as well as what could be future rewards.

Likewise with HK-55 customizations for 2V-R8 and C2-N2.


A New Partner: QO-77 Companion Droid


Lightsabers that seem to be inspired by those of Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan:

Equipment and mounts will also be part of the game.


Some new decorations will come to decorate our fortresses:


Some changes not shown:

  • It is possible to define "Favorites" mounts by right-clicking on them in the list of mounts
  • The skill "random mount" will choose a mount among those you have defined as your favorite.
  • HK-55's Helmet is now Bind on Pickup rather than Legacy Bind
  • Guild ship decorations number increased from 700 to 800 for a fully unlocked ship and from 200 to 300 for a ship with no unlocked parts
  • A number of older armor that was available through Class Quests have been made Legacy related and added to a Fleet Merchant


We are also presented with two new loading screens:


What places do you think these loading screens represent?

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