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Please note, this article may contain revelations about future content. If you want to keep all the surprise on this content, stop at these lines. This content being extracted from datamining, it may be subject to change between now and the official release of the extension.

With KotET announcements, we now share everything related to the extension. As already announced previously, there will be 9 chapters and nearly 12 "uprisings" (Hotspots). There will be no new Alliance Alerts, and obviously no new Operation. The system "GALACTIC COMMAND"is still in development and we don't have a lot of details on it right now.

The base classes are now removed, and you will have the choice between each advanced class at the creation of the character at level 1, or at level 60 with a KotFE token, or even at level 65 for KotET.



Uprisings are 4 player Flashpoints that extend the story of the 9 Chapters.


After you kill Valkorion and take possession of the throne, uprisings will take place across the galaxy, and you will have to fight against Empire and Republic.

They will be available in 3 difficulty modes and will have up to three bosses, and sometimes some hidden achievements. Until today the difficulties were named Solo, Tactical and Hard, they will be renamed in Story mode, Veteran and Master.

Each uprising is unique, so they won't be as repetitive as the Star Fortresses once were. Most of the areas are copied from already existing areas and modified for the story of KotET, allowing the developers to anticipate as many uprisings. For example, the Ord Mantell uprising, which appears to be the most advanced to date, is inspired by the area of ​​the volcanic separatist base. Most uprisings currently lack data that will be released later. Here is a list of uprisings (English name still subject to possible changes):

  • Corucant (Divided we Fall)
  • Trench Runner
  • Hoth (Firefrost)
  • Makeb (Destroyer of Worlds)
  • Word Mantle (Prototype)
  • Port Nowhere (Nowhere Special)
  • Rakata Prime (Landing Party)
  • Tatooine (Done and Dusted)
  • Imperial ship (Fractured/Splinter Faction)
  • Space - Crimson
  • Space - Hammer Station
  • Space - Trial and Error


Galactic Command

This is a new system where you will need to collect points of darkness or light for a period of time, completing quests or war zones (when you enter a war zone you will be able to select whether you are in fighting for one side or the other). This is completely different from the Dark Vs. Light event, although the name is similar.

Similar to the character alignment, there will be five ranks (Dark IV, Light IV, and Neutral). We do not yet know the rewards for reaching a certain rank or even the exact terms of these acquisitions.


New locations

There is a lot of speculation about the new accessible "places". Here are a few :

  • Iokath (New Planet - Chapter 4-5)
  • Nathema (Chap. 7)
  • Voss (Chap. 1)
  • Dromund Cheese (Chap. 2)
  • Assault on Odessen (Chap. 9)
  • The spiers of Zakuul (Chap. 9)
  • Vaylin's Penthouse on Zakuul (Chapter 6).

In addition here are some images of the uprisings of Denova, Hoth and Port Nullepart.


Chapters (Spoilers)

If you want to know what happens in the chapters, here are some conversations (in English, click on the name of the character to see his dialogues below).

  • Chapter I: Wrath and Ruin
  • Chapter II: Run for the Shadows
  • Chapter III: Dark Reunions
  • Chapter IV: Where Dreams Die
  • Chapter V: Ascension
  • Chapter VI: The Dragon's Maw
  • Chapter VII: Into the Void (incomplet)
  • Chapter VIII: End Times
  • Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne



Here are some links to the Jedipedia database for other miscellaneous additions:

  • quests
  • Success
  • Objects
  • NPC
  • Powers
  • Partners and Contacts
  • Clickable objects


Lots of information given, but still a lot of mysteries surrounding this future expansion!

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