SWTOR - Datamining: Partners in 4.0

Everything that follows is subject to some big reveal about the history and features of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Go your way if you don't want to be spoiled.

If you follow us regularly, you will have noticed that there is a lot of data mining at the moment on SWTOR. Datamining consists in analyzing the files of the game client, making it possible to obtain information on objects or functionalities that are not yet available in the game and which could one day be.

Even if very often this information is verified, it should be borne in mind that it is not always reliable, this is in no way an official announcement. The following data is taken from a PTS datamining, which is not yet open and which serves as a test environment for developers only. The following is therefore highly subject to change. Please keep this in mind when commenting.

Special thanks Fool for the translation of the article.

Update 17/08 :

The following is just to appease the speculations made by some people that the partners, with whom romances were possible, were completely non-canon or somehow removed from the game. These are partners who will appear in the chapters of the game. story after launch. So chapters 10-16.

  • Aric jorgan
  • Gault Rennow
  • Kaliyo djannis
  • Torian Hip
  • Vette

This is just a preliminary list and so please treat it as such.


Supporters and contacts

Traditional partners are now called "Followers"

There seem to be several types of Supporters and / or Contacts

  • Able to craft (crew skill) and able to fight: Partisan
  • Able to fight only: Contact ?
  • No combat ability, no crafting: Contact


Crafting bonus

All new Followers have a 5-10 bonus to Mission Effectiveness and +1 Crafting Crit (see the spoiler section below for more information). Existing partners keep their bonus.


New types of Followers


Chien Akk connection


War droid Droïde probe



  • L'Influence replaces affection
  • Each contact has its own limit of influence.
  • Influence can be gained through military reserves, only for certain contacts. There are a limited number.



  • New gift types: Delicacies and Maintenance: for creatures and droids.
  • New grade 6 and higher for partner gifts.
  • There doesn't appear to be any such object currently implemented, but fan preferences are.



Partners no longer gain bonus stats from equipment! Their stats are based on your influence with them.


Role in combat

All partners seem to have their role selectable from a drop-down menu. This means that each companion appears to be able to Heal / Tank or deal damage.


Return of the Jedi?

Some partners will be unblockable via the "Partner return terminal". The latter will allow you to recover certain partners that you had before but which ARE NOT directly involved in the story (there are some exceptions). These are mainly the partners with whom we have been able to have a romance. Their return will be considered "non-canon". This may need to change as you approach the exit.

Partners that are not unlocked through the Partner Return Terminal appear to be picked up when they appear in the story.

The Cartel / Legacy Market Partners seem to stick around and don't need to be unlocked.

Some class-specific partners can now be obtained by other class, even from another faction. Most of these unlocks occur after Chapter 9 in the story and will not be available upon release. These encounters with each partner will give you the option of recruiting, killing or making them permanently unavailable depending on the choices you make (see also the spoiler part "Involved in the story" for a full list).

Return of Partners by class

  • Jedi knight
    1. Kira Carsen
    2. Doc
    3. Lord Scourge
  • Jedi Consular
    1. Tharan cedrax
    2. Felix Iresso
    3. Nadia Grell
  • Soldier
    1. Aric jorgan
    2. Tanno vik
    3. Elara Dorne
  • Smuggler
    1. Riggs course
    2. Risha
    3. Akaavi Spar
    4. Bowdaar
  • Sith warrior
    1. Vette
    2. Jaesa Willsaam
    3. Malavai Quinn
  • Sith Inquisitor
    1. Andronikos Revel
    2. Ashara Zavros
  • Bounty hunter
    1. Mako
    2. Gault Rennow
    3. Torian Hip
  • Imperial Agent
    1. Kaliyo d'jannis
    2. Vector Hyllus
    3. Ensign Raina Temple


Alliance specialists

I assembled a team of specialists to help tackle big questions and find potential recruits

It is not yet clear what these contacts can do for you. These are not able to craft and cannot be summoned as a "follower".

Juvard Illip Oggurobb (A scientific Hutt met by Republican players on Makeb) 

Hylo Visz (A smuggler mentioned and who appears in SWTOR's TimeLine videos)

Sana Rae (a Voss)

Beywan Aygo (Admiral of the Republic in charge of defending Kuat and deploying fighters in Galactic Starfighter scenarios) 


Who can be killed?

As of today, only two Partisans can be killed: Skadge and Rusk and one more can be made permanently unavailable (Qyzen).



  • New
  • Involved in history
  • Promos
HK-55 Lana Beniko

Darth marr Senya Tirall

Nico Okarr Theron shan

Theron Shan: conflicting data (It may be categorized in the wrong place and / or not yet available)

Darth Marr: Probably a temporary supporter at best (if at all). We'll know more as the release date approaches.

Many (all?) Of these partners can be recruited as a supporter after meeting them in the story. Some may require increasing your influence or making the right choices in a conversation to recruit them.

Broonmark Cast Tuno

M1-4X Lieutenant Pierce

Scorpio Skadge

Xalek Yuun

Zenith Talos

T7-01 Sergeant Rusk

Qyzen Doctor Lokin

Khem val Bowdaar


Conflicting data (they may be categorized in the wrong place and / or not available to everyone): Talos Drellik, Lokin, Scorpio, T7-01, Zenith, Broonmark, Qyzen Fess, Guss Tuno

These local contacts are involved in an unannounced part of the game.

Hut Hemdil

Kkrohl Search

Rocus Veeroa


Statistics of new partners

  • Nico Okarr
  • Marr
  • HK-55
  • Korth
  • Lana
  • Senya
  • Theron
  • Effectiveness in Illegal Trade +10
  • Investigation Crit +2
  • Gifts:
    • Seduction: Aime
    • Cultural Artifact: Aime
    • Souvenir of the Empire: Aime
    • Luxury: Favorites
    • Souvenir of the Republic: Aime
    • Technology: Favorites
    • Trophy: Aime
    • Well of the underworld: Adore
  • Mission Effectiveness +6
  • Crafting Crit +1
  • Gifts:
    • Military Equipment: Aime
    • Technology:  Adore
    • Trophy: Favorites
    • Arms:  Aime
  • Mission Effectiveness +7
  • Crafting Crit +1
  • Gifts:
    • Military Equipment: Aime
    • Technology:  Adore
    • Trophy: Favorites
    • Arms:  Aime
  • Mission Effectiveness +8
  • Crafting Crit +1
  • Gifts:
    • Military Equipment: Aime
    • Technology:  Adore
    • Trophy: Favorites
    • Weapons:  Aime
  • Mission Effectiveness +9
  • Crafting Crit +1
  • Gifts:
    • Military Equipment: Aime
    • Technology:  Adore
    • Trophy: Favorites
    • Weapons:  Aime
  • Mission Effectiveness +10
  • Crafting Crit +1
  • Gifts:
    • Military Equipment: Aime
    • Technology:  Adore
    • Trophy: Favorites
    • Well of the underworld: Adore
    • Weapons:  Aime
  • Cybernetics Efficiency +5
  • +15 Hack Efficiency
  • Gifts:
    • Seduction: Adore
    • Cultural Artifact: Aime
    • Luxury: Aime
    • Technology: Adore
    • Trophy: Aime
    • Well of the underworld: Favorites
    • Weapons: Aime


Creatures and droids probably can't craft!

Chien Akk (MTX Companion(?))

  • Gifts:
    • Delicacies (mets?) : Adore

connection (MTX Companion(?))

  • Gifts:
    • Delicacies (mets?) : Adore

Droïde probe (MTX Companion(?))

  • Gifts:
    • Maintenance: Adore

War droid (MTX Companion(?))

  • Gifts:
    • Maintenance: Adore

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