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Tonight was a livestream following the launch of the KotET expansion. Eric was away today but Charles and Ben were there to chat with the community and answer questions. Sorry in advance, having had a lot of connection problems with the stream (regular cut) as well as my friend Jagent, this summary will surely be less detailed than usual. Anyway ... there wasn't much of interest!


No real sections this time around, here's what to remember:

  • They want to increase for all group content except PvP the gain in command points gained. PvP seems to like its current gain so they prefer not to decrease it and instead increase the rest. The solo may also be increased if this proves to be adequate. However, the idea remains despite everything to have group content more interesting in terms of rewards than the solo content.
    • These changes will take place next Tuesday.
    • The gain increase for uprisings is in the range of 50% in story mode and 80% in veteran mode.
    • Regarding champions and elites who only grant 1 point of command, they will increase this to attention ... drum roll ... 2 points ...
  • They will think about a specific galactic command goal system. There are loads of possibilities like guaranteeing purple quality gear every X command levels if none fell, or ticking a box to specifically seek out equipment, ...
  • They reflect on the proposed idea of ​​making dual experience command points events.
  • There is currently an issue with Command XP boosts. We can add these and their effect, however, we lose the additions at each change of card so it is a waste of money. They don't see this as an exploit bug but warn about losing money. This will be resolved next Tuesday.
  • Achievements of Darkness vs Light: they have been withdrawn, they will give back some, those linked to the reward ranks.
  • Master Ranos' recruitment mission will also be debugged next Tuesday.
  • A new mount from Star Wars Rebels will be available on Friday at the Cartel Market, it is the Fyrnock Royal.
  • There are a lot of upcoming holiday events in play:
    • Day of life from December 13 to January 10, the same as other years and with things exclusive to the Cartel Market (see photos).
    • Fifth anniversary from December 13 to January 17. Several items available in game and in the cartel (see previous livestream).
    • Rakghoules on Corellia from December 13 to 20.
    • Bounty hunting contracts from December 20 to January 3.
    • The relics of the gree from January 3 to 10.
  • Coming early 2017
    • New uprisings in January.
    • Chapter master mode in January.
    • Master mode of uprisings in February / March, as fast as possible.
    • Mid-January to the end of January for more info.


They answered at the very end a question that we had the opportunity to ask (failing to answer the questions really centered on the game). What is their take on the petition for a Netflix series in the SWTOR and KOTOR universe: They are flattered about it but Disney and Lucasfilm have the decision-making power and they have nothing to say about it no matter what.

For once, thank you to Jagent for his help on this livestream!

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