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As in many video games, programs, films, series… the developers, screenwriters and voice actors of SWTOR have more or less hidden easter eggs that only an informed player can detect. I thus propose through this first article and others which will follow, to make you discover some of these "easter eggs".


But what are easter eggs?

The easter egg or Easter egg in spanish is in its first sense a function hidden within a program, a video game or a website, visible via a keyword (in the search box of google for example) or a combination of keys (in excel or word there are in some versions hidden games).

This term has been generalized to movies or tv series. We thus speak of easter egg to designate hidden references or quotations found referring to another universe or for example in the cinema to another film by the same director.

Thus, in episode I of the second Star Wars trilogy, the Phantom Menace, we can for example find references to ET, Indiana Jones, and of course to the first trilogy.

It is also of course found in video games and more particularly in MMORPGs which, because of their large and often open universe, make it easier to hide references (there are many in World of warcraft for example than the judgehype site lists regularly here for example).


and in SWTOR?

Unlike World of Warcraft which is teeming with references whether in quests, scenarios, NPC names, objects ..., Bioware has chosen a certain form of seriousness and respect for the Star Wars universe. .

So you will find very few easter eggs in SWTOR but that doesn't mean there aren't any. However they can be more difficult to find, and especially refer to the extended universe of Star Wars, that is to say mainly to the 2 trilogies set 3500 years in the future as well as to the 2 games of Bioware: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2.


Easters eggs on Hutta

For this first article, I'm going to tell you 3 easter eggs that you, imperial friends, can find by going for a walk on Hutta in the cantina of Nem'ro the Hutt and at his main rival. 

  • Game of dejarik at Nem'ro's cantina on Hutta (a kind of holo chess game) between a wookie and a protocol droid.

This scene has a double reference taken from episodes IV and V:

First of all of course the game of dejarik between Chewbacca and R2D2 and particularly the famous sentence from Han Solo indicating that it is better to let the wookie win. Apparently the protocol droid had not enforced this unwritten dejarik rule. here is the full text taken from the excellent anakinworld site:

C-3PO: This shot is regular! And it is not by bellowing that you will get out of it!
Han: Cancel the blow, never upset a Wookiee ...
C-3PO: And annoying a droid, sir, doesn't that count?
Han: It must be said that a droid does not dare to crush the arms of his opponent when he loses the game, while the Wookiees themselves, they do not deprive themselves of it ...
C-3PO: I take note of that sir. R2, I suggest you a new strategy: let the Wookiee win ...

We can also see a reference to C3PO and its members cut during episode V on Bespin which is worn by Chewbacca.

  • Hun Duo and Greepo at Nem'ro's cantina on Hutta
Barely hidden reference to Han Solo and Greedo who meet in Episode IV in a Tatooine cantina much to Greedo's misfortune ...


  •  Prisoners of carbonite

In another Hutt Palace in Hutta, you will find (and you can even rescue someone during a quest) a room filled with carbonite sarcophagus, of course referring to Han Solo prisoner of Jabba at the beginning of Episode VI. We could also for some sarcophagi see a strong resemblance to Han Solo ...


  • And even more…

There are of course other references on Hutta that I let you discover for yourself, because they are sometimes less obvious than these and are also sometimes only accessible during class quests.

In addition, if you discover easter eggs in SWTOR I invite you to send us your "Screen printing" so that they are the subject of a new article on SWTOR-Guide.

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