SWTOR - Droïdes de reco: Tatooine

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Thanks to the incredible motivation of several members of the forum, I received Tatooïne in triplicate! So thank you to Daguet, Tarlakk, Alknor and Leny for this information. As Tarlakk found the first 6, I put his images. You will then find the seventh droid by Leny, and finally the other images at the end of the article because everyone's contribution deserves to be published!



1. This zone is not accessible to members of the Republic.








Mos Ila

6. This area is only accessible to Empire members.


Sea of ​​Dunes

7. There is no need to go through the heights of the Heroic Zone to get the droid unless you want the datacron too (Aim +3). However, it is not possible to see the datacron droid, you have to go down the cliff and look to the left. If we're coming from the outpost as shown in the screenshot, we can probably have the droid from further away so don't bother getting too close to the droid. As soon as you think you can have it, use your macroscope and presto, it's in the box.





Thank you again to you four? If with all of this you can't find the droids on the planet, there's nothing we can do for you!

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