SWTOR - Emotes & commands

Often, I am asked what are the commands for certain functions or certain emotes in the game. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the commands available in spanish version (so yes, it will also work if you type the equivalent in English or German).


/ abandonment
/ cheer
/to welcome
/to accuse
/ announce
/good game
/ kiss
/ joke
/to drink
/ boom
/ brandish
/crossed arms
/good boy
/ calin
/ charm
/ choose chief
/ clindoeil
/stuck up
/ congratulate
/to spit
/ danseclub / danser
/ offset
/ decor
/ bewildered
/to sleep
/to exchange
/ listen
/ envoibisou
/to dodge
/to study
/ fairesigne
/to stare
/ crazy
/ shudder
/ shiver
/to frown
/to run away
/ gav
/ gdefinegrade
/ gmission
/ gesture
/ gexpulser
/ chuckle
/to scratch
/ growl / growl
/ part
/ hého
/ higher
/ impatient
/ implore
/ jcj
/ raise
/ hands face
/ freight
/ whisper
/ muscles
/ oops
/ ouste
/ paranoid
/ parici
/ pasdroides
/ puzzled
/ fist
/ pear tree
/ prostrate / who
/to leave
/ treatment
/to reject
/ resend
/ downgrade
/ sneer
/to laugh
/ red
/to blush
/ sallonger
/ jump
/ sec
/ seduce
/ semoquer
/ seplaindre
/ sinter dryer
/ amazed
/follow me
/to follow
/ delete friend
/To tease
/to shiver
/ stamp
/ brag
/ damage
/ yay

So yes, we can play rock / paper / scissors in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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