SWTOR - Equipment at level 55

We've got a new gear guide for you at level 55, actually a translation of Dulfy's guide by Belfoz, from the LaCieTrouille guild on Mantle of the Force. This guide replaces the already existing but obsolete one proposed to us Furyo, also a member of LaCieTrouille.

You will find all the basics there to allow you to pack your equipment in peace.


Glossary of abbreviations

CDE : Chamber of Eternity
PDK : Karagga Palace
CE : Explosive Conflict
HOW ARE YOU : Nightmare From Elsewhere
RiM : Lair of infamous Malandrins
FdE : Fortress of Dread
PdE : Palace of Dread
HV : Auction house
RdG : Group search
ZL : Litigation Area
NM : Normal Mode = Story Mode
HM : Hard Mode = Hard Mode
WB : World Boss
TN : Black hole
MN : Black market



  • Equipment level 50
  • Equipment level 55: general
  • Equipment Artifact (level 53)
  • Black Market / Arkanian Equipment
  • Verpine / Underworld Equipment
  • Equipment Dragon Kell / Shadow
  • Oriconian Equipment / Dread Forge
  • Daily / Weekly Rewards



Equipment level 50

Storage limit for classic awards: 1000


What to do with Planetary and Classic distinctions?

Now, the new 50 will no longer receive free gear, such as the Tionist before. Instead, they must equip themselves with a combination of Planetary and Classic accolades.

You can use your Planetary Distinctions to purchase 58 (or 25) armor, mods, and sophistication from the Makeb vendor (distinctions) on the fleet and on Makeb. These are Rakata level modifications. Armor / Grips / Cannons cost 10 Planetary Honors while Mods / Sophists cost 4. You have a storage limit of 100 Planetary Honors, but no weekly limit.

If you need more gear, you can do a few days at Ilum, Belsavis, Black Hole or Sector X for Classic accolades. Those who prefer group play can use GoL for ZL HM or Level 50 Operations which will allow them to obtain Black Hole and Hazmat gear (61/26 and 63/27 respectively).

  • ZL HM lvl50 drop one random piece of TN gear per boss.
  • CDE and PDK NM give 2 random TN coins per boss.
  • CDE and PDK HM and CE NM give 2 random Hazmat coins per boss.
  • CE HM and Nightmare give Dread Guard tokens in addition to Hazmat.


Classic Honors are used to purchase Campaign equipment from Classic Equipment vendors on the Fleet. These Campaign gear still have their set bonus, but it is not cumulative with the level 55 gear.


How to obtain classic distinctions?

  • The solo day laborers of Belsavis (17), Ilum (8), Black Hole (10) and Sector X (11) give distinctions, one per day.
  • Heroic Dailies in these areas grant 3 distinctions per Daily.
  • The daily newspaper of the Black Hole provides 15 Classic distinctions and 10 Basic distinctions.
  • The Sector X daily newspaper provides 10 Classic and 15 Basic awards.
  • Level 50 ZL HM bosses give 2 Classic awards per boss and you get 10 Classic awards for the daily ZL HM.
  • NM lvl50 Operations bosses give 3 Classic honors and you get 20 Classic honors for finishing the CDE / PDK weekly and 40 Classic honors for finishing the weekly CE.
  • Level 50 players can also complete the daily GoG for ZL HM level 50 which rewards 10 Classic distinctions per day, or the weekly GoG for CDE / PDK / CE which rewards 25 Classic distinctions per operation. These rewards are only for level 50 players and change to Basic accolades as soon as you reach level 51.
  • The weekly Priority Targets (kill 3 WBs) also gives 12 Classic honors.



Equipment level 55: general

This section answers the question in a basic way. For more information on the different bearings, see the following sections.


Artifact Equipment (66)

Ideally, if you've leveled up through Makeb's quests, you should have or near “Hero” reputation rank. This earns you the Artifact Quality Main Hand for 80 Basic Honors from the Makeb Reputation Vendor. For Artifact-level armor, you can do the Oricon questline in story mode, which should provide you with a full 5-piece set. For the remaining parts (Off Hand, Implants, Earpiece, Waist, Wrists), you can either purchase them at the HV from Crafters, or save Basic Honors to purchase Black Market gear.


Black Market / Arkanian Equipment (69)

You can do Lvl 55 Flashpoints, Dailies, etc. to get Basic distinctions and get Black Market gear from Basic Gear vendors. If you need the set bonus, plan to do operations in story mode to get the Arkanian gear.

You can also save 350 Elite Distinctions for the Main Hand sold by the Reputation Vendor of CZ-198, or purchase a 31 Barrel / Grip from a Crafter. These are the best guns / grips you can get without doing operations.


Underworld Equipment / Verpine (72)

Obtaining this level of equipment can only be done in Pick-Up, but you will need luck since this level of equipment is obtained through Level 1 operations (CVA / RiM / Golden Fury) in Hard Mode or via the last two Level 2 (FdE / PdE) operations bosses in Story Mode. From here you should really enter a guild to get better loots.



Always upgrade your equipment if possible. You don't have to use the purple upgrades (28) right away, you can start with the blue ones very well, the stat difference being minimal. You can buy them at the HV or make them yourself. Each upgrade requires a Type 9 upgrade kit.



Equipment Artifact (level 53)

Index: 156, Changes: 66


Head - Torso - Gloves - Legs - Feet

New in patch 2.4, players who complete the Oricon questline in Story mode (level 55) get these 5 pieces of Artifact-grade gear, with a rating of 156 and mods of 66. These pieces are linked by wearing, they can therefore be sent to rerolls, donated or purchased at the Galactic Market.


Wrists / Sizes / Implants / Atria / Secondary Hands

With Basic Honors, Crafters can purchase Blueprints for Belts, Wrists, Secondary Hands, Earpads, and Implants from the Blueprints Vendor in the Crew Skills section of the Fleet. The blueprints for the belts / cuffs cost 15 Basic accolades, while the rest costs 60. In addition to the cost in accolades, Hero rank in Makeb's reputation is required, however this does not apply to item one. once crafted.


Main hand

They can be purchased from Makeb's Reputable Seller for 80 Basic Awards each. Hero rank in Makeb's reputation is also required.



Black Market / Arkanian Equipment

Index: 162, Changes: 69

The difference between the two is like the one you could find between TN and Campaign before 2.0. MN gear has no set bonus and can be obtained in ZL HM at level 55 or can be purchased with Elite accolades, while Arkanian gear has a set bonus and is obtained only through level 55 operations (atria and implants can also be obtained from the last boss of the ZL "Czerka Core Fusion"). In addition to the set bonuses, the distribution of statistics is slightly different.



Maybe dropped in ZL HM level 55 ...

These ZLs are easily done by players equipped with Dreadguard / Hazmat. Players with TN / Campaign gear or less will be better off acquiring a few pieces of Artifact gear before they can go quiet.

The 4 ZL HM lvl55 each have 2 bosses that give items from the MN. The bonus boss (which usually requires killing 80-85 mobs in the ZL to unlock) gives a random MN item, while the final boss gives a fixed set of items.

  • Athiss - Prophet of Vodal: torso or belt MN
  • Cademinu - General Orthol: MN head or implant
  • Martel Station - Warlord Kreshan: legs or MN atrium
  • Mandalorian Raiders - Mavrix Varad: MN feet or gloves

Since these MN pieces do not contain a set bonus, it is advisable to extract the modules and sophistication in order to learn them through reverse-tailoring.


... or bought ...

Basic distinctions can be used to purchase MN equipment from the Basic Equipment Vendor on Makeb's Fleet, Orbital Station or Surface, or the various level 55 Daily Quest areas (CZ-198, Oricon) from level 55. This equipment does not include any set bonus.


or crafté

Arkanian / Black Market gear mods can be crafted by retro-crafting blueprints.




Keep in mind that Arkanian gear set bonuses do not stack with your old level 50 gear.


Tier 1 operations (CVA, RiM, Golden Fury)

These NM operations are easily done by players equipped with Dreadguard / Hazmat. Players with TN / Campaign gear or less will be better off acquiring a few pieces of Artifact / MN gear.

All bosses have a chance to drop one or two MN coins. These loots are not predefined and are purely random. The first 2 bosses of CVA NM and the first 3 bosses of RiM NM only give MN coins. The next bosses start giving Arkanian tokens.

Note that Golden Fury is more of a wild card when it comes to loots, with a chance to drop any Arkanian coin in Story Mode.


Level 2 operations (FdE / PdE)

You should have at least full Artifact gear to attempt these operations in NM. Getting a few pieces of MN gear will increase your chances of success.

The first bosses of each operation give one of two possible token, so you won't always get the one you want the first time.

The last two bosses in these NM operations grant a random Underworld Token and a random Verpine Coin instead of the usual MN coin.




You receive Basic accolades on Makeb Story Missions (Unique), Macroscope / Seeker Droid Missions (Unique), and Repeatable Missions. In the latter are included the day laborers of Makeb, GSI, Sector X, CZ-198 and Oricon; the daily GoG for ZL HM lvl50 and for operations NM lvl50; the daily heroic space missions; weekly quests and weekly stages.

Remember that there is a weekly limit of 500 and a total storage limit of 1000 Basic distinctions.


Unique missions

  • Makeb Story: 49 Basic Honors
  • Macroscope / Seeker Droid missions: 78 basic distinctions. Completing the entire Seeker Droid Missions suite offers 35 while the entire Macroscope Missions suite offers 43, for a total of 78.
  • Oricon story: 35 Basic distinctions
  • Basic equipment: 20 Basic distinctions. Requires having done the Black Hole and Sector X weeklies once, as well as the Makeb stopover weekly (supposedly all in the same week).


Daily / Weekly



Verpine / Underworld Equipment

Index: 168, Changes: 72

Similar to the difference between MN and Arkanian, Verpine gear has no set bonus and can be purchased with Elite accolades or as a random loot of operations, while Underworld gear is only obtained during HM level 55 operations. Keep in mind that the set bonus of your Underworld gear is not cumulative with that of your old level 50 gear, but rather with that of Arkanian gear.



Purchasable with Elite accolades

These items can be purchased from the Elite Equipment Vendor in the Fleet Reserves section. The main hand can be found with the reputable seller of CZ-198.

* The main hand you buy here is only index 162 (Arkanian) and requires “Champion” reputation with CZ-198.



Level 1 level 55 operations in HM

These level 55 HM operations (CVA, RiM, Golden Fury) can be attempted by players in full Dread Guard gear, but you may need to upgrade your gear a bit with MN / Arkanian to get more. of success against the enrage timer. CVA HM is much easier than RiM and players are encouraged to do CVA HM first to gear up a bit before attempting RiM. Golden Fury on Makeb, on the other hand, is slightly more difficult than most op bosses, due to tight enrage time and low tolerance for errors. Similar to Arkanian loots, Golden Fury on HM has a chance to drop any part of the Underworld.

Only the last two bosses in level 2 operations in NM drop random Underworld tokens. In HM mode, they drop Dread Forge tokens.



Verpine / Underworld gear mods can be crafted by retro-crafting blueprints.



You will receive Elite Distinctions with level 55 HM ZLs, daily group research and bonus bosses from these ZLs, operations bosses and their associated Weekly. Note that 16 Ops give 2 more Elite Distinctions per boss compared to 8 Ops at any difficulty level. Additionally, operations at 16 in NM give Ultimate honors, which are covered in the next section.

You can store up to 400 Elite accolades, with a weekly limit of 200.

* All bosses other than the bonus one give 2 distinctions each. You also get 1 distinction for completing the ZL.
** except Sunday when you receive 4.


Equipment Dragon Kell / Shadow

Index : 174, Mods : 75

Patch 2.2 introduces Nightmare Mode for CVA and RiM. In addition to the Elite and Ultimate accolades, these operations reward you with Dragon Kell Equipment Tokens, as well as Shadow Equipment (same as Dragon Kell equipment with no set bonus). These items of equipment cannot be purchased with distinctions or crafted.



Oriconian Equipment / Dread Forge

Index : 180, Mods : 78

Oriconian gear has no set bonus and can be obtained randomly in FdE and PdE operations in HM or purchased with Ultimate accolades. Dread Forge gear has a set bonus and can only be obtained in FdE and PdE HM operations.



Purchasable with Ultimate Honors



Level 2 operations in HM

These operations require at least Verpinen / Underworld equipment. A few pieces of Dragon Kell / Shadow gear will make things a little easier. Note that the first bosses of each operation and Grob'thok give a random token among two possible.



Ultimate Awards are only obtained by looting HM op bosses, 16 player story ops, or weekly quests. Completing CVA or RiM for the first time will also give you 5 distinctions each, and completing FdE or PdE for the first time will give you 12 distinctions each. Note that 16 player ops give 2 more Ultimate honors per boss compared to 8 player HM mode, and 16 player NM ops give 4 per boss.



Daily / Weekly Rewards

With so many daily and weekly newspapers, all offering half a dozen different distinctions, it becomes difficult to navigate.



Again a big thank you to Belfoz for this work.

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