Skyforge - Guide de l'Assassin

Note: this guide is a preliminary version and comes from my playing time with the assassin in the closed beta. Being a more PvE oriented player, this guide will focus more on this aspect although I will talk a little about PvP. Finally, this guide will evolve as and when my experience of this class and your feedback, so do not hesitate to give your impressions.

  • skills
  • Assassin's talents
  • Assassin's Builds
  • Rotation
  • Gameplay Solo
  • Statistics

The Assassin is one of Skyforge's mid-range melee damage classes. If we had to compare it to the archetypes of MMOs, it would be the Rogue class (Rogue) because it has stealth (although it is handled in a different way). This class on the other hand is very fragile, attacking a group of enemies will require you to plan if you don't want to blow yourself up. She does, however, have a very good single target damage and medium AoE damage capacity. The energy of the Assassin is called dexterity, you have 150 points that certain skills consume and which recharge over time.


In order to facilitate understanding, you will find here a summary of the terms that I will use later (especially for the uninitiated). Reading this article may be helpful if you are new to the game.

DPS: Damage Per Second, represents the amount of damage done by your abilities. Also said of a class whose role is to cause damage.

Mono: Single target, qualifies skills that only hit one target.

AoE (or AE): Area Of Effect, qualifies skills affecting an area or a group of enemies.

Mob: Mobile Object, a small name given to enemies

Burst: Ability to do a lot of damage in a short time but not always usable, opposed to sustained damage. Also refers to skills temporarily increasing your damage.

CD: CoolDown, a skill's “countdown” cooldown. Also qualifies for skills that temporarily increase damage dealt or reduce damage received. And a CD, it "slams".

Channeled: Refers to a skill whose effect will last until you release the key or a maximum time. In general, you have to channel your skill to the end to get the most out of it.

SG, SD: Left Mouse and Right Mouse, the clicks corresponding to the main attacks

CtoC: Body to Body

Competence I, competence II…: Defines the level of load for the competences concerned.

DoT: Damage over Time, skill dealing damage over time.

Buff: Temporary improvement on your character, increasing his abilities (bonus damage, statistics, speed ...). Conversely, we have the Debuff.


  • Basic
  • In stealth mode
  • advanced

Base Combo : SG + SG + SG
Deals mono CtoC damage. The third hit triggers Impulse damage and increases the damage of your next Salto by 40%.

Jump : SG + SG + SD
Deals mono CtoC damage.

Blade vortex : SG + SD
AE damage around the Assassin. Trigger Impulse Damage.

Shuriken I : SD
Mono ranged attack

Shuriken II (Steel Star) : SD
Ranged attack AE hitting all mobs aligned with your target.

Blow in the back
Teleports you behind the target while dealing damage. Stuns the target for 1s and interrupts all casting. Consumes 75 dexterity.

Places mines all around your character, which explode, dealing damage if a mob passes over them.

Vigne I
Draws you towards the target enemy

Vigne II
Brings the target enemy to your character's feet

Punch volley
Ultimate skill, inflicts heavy mono damage, 6min of CD.

Execution of the Assassin, usable on non-boss enemies low alive. Activate stealth mode for a few seconds while launching a special attack. 20s of CD.

Twilight plague
Spawns a small area around the target. If it does not come out within a second, inflicts large mono damage.

The Assassin teleports to all enemies around him, dealing damage. Unlocks in the Atlas.

Exit stealth mode
Exit stealth mode

Location 1

Concealment shadow
The Assassin becomes invisible, immune to damage, is unchecked, and moves faster for 9s. A new skill bar becomes available (see above). 50s of CD

Total concealment
You enter Concealment Shadow mode for 6,5s. If the Assassin's health drops to 0, you automatically enter Shadow Mode for 6s. This effect can only occur once every 60s. 50s of CD.


The Shadow of Concealment seems to me much more useful by its longer duration and its synergy with a talent reducing its CD. Total concealment could be of use in PvP, giving you 6s of “god mode” (although that term doesn't make much sense in this game ^^) just before dying to finish off your opponent.

The Shadow of Concealment, in addition to offering a large burst of damage, gives you invulnerability and a speed boost, which is very useful for running away if you've been too greedy on the group of mobs you attack, or to resist a burst of damage from your opponent.


Location 2

Chain swing
Channeled attack dealing AE damage in a cone in front of the assassin. Makes the target 50% more sensitive to Backstabber, stacking 3 times. Consumes 75 Dexterity.

Blood harvest
Applies a DoT, dealing damage over 10s. If the target has less than 50% of their health at the end of 10s, the effect is reapplied. This reapplication can only take place twice, and will not occur if the target has healed in the meantime. Consumes 2 Dexterity.


These 2 skills are pretty cool and deal roughly the same amount of damage. The choice between one or the other will depend on the combat you plan to play and your playstyle. Blood Harvest is only of real interest if your target has less than 50% of their health, and on the other hand becomes superior if during this period, you cannot be in constant contact with your target (the last boss in the Lanber Catacombs is a good example). This skill could also be particularly effective in 2 boss fights. Chain swing will be suitable for a fight where you are still at C to C, and will be very effective in conjunction with Dagger in the Back.


Location 3

Spawns a shadow next to the target that will deal damage to it. The Assassin can change places with the shadow. Consumes 75 Dexterity. 80s CD.

Flight of the shadows
The Assassin hovers while whirling around, dealing damage to enemies in its path. This ability's damage increases by 20% for 10s after it is used.


These skills don't seem to be of great interest to me in PvE. Shadow damage is nice, but I think there are better things to do with Dexterity 75 than it costs. The possibility of changing position with the shadow seems very situational to me. For Shadow Flight, the damage remains very low compared to other AE attacks.


Location 4

Spawns a shadow near the target that will pull all enemies towards it, dealing damage to them. Intercepts 65% damage done to the Assassin (probably in PvP). 150 of Dexterity. 90s CD

Twilight chains
Only usable in Shadow of Concealment. Reduces the speed of the target and 7 enemies around. If they move more than 10m, they will take a fair amount of damage.

Bulwark of the night
Skill in loading time. Makes you invincible, removes all negative effects, and your dodge no longer consumes charge. 150 of Dexterity. CD 56s.


Again, everything is very situational and does not seem too suited to PvE. The prohibitive cost of Bait makes it difficult to use, although it does quite a bit of AE damage. The Twilight Chains would only be useful if the targets are moving, and the Bulwark seems to me only suitable for PvP.


Location 5

Smoke grenade
Creates an area around the target in which the Assassin's Dexterity regeneration is increased and enemies wishing to attack him must come close. 30s of CD.

Shadow Territory
The target is banished and cannot do anything or be the target of anything (except the Assassin) for 6s. The enemy hit can no longer be affected for 46s. 75 of Dexterity. 46s of CD


Smoke Grenade comes in handy thanks to Dexterity regeneration. Shadow Territory can be useful in PvP (one target is banished while the other is killed).


Location 6

Stealth attack
The damage of the next Dagger in the Back is increased as soon as the fight ends or each time stealth mode is used.

Elimination technique: Attack from behind
Each Dagger in the back will make the next Chain Swing or Blood Harvest free in Dexterity and increase its damage, as well as the next Salto.


Elimination technique is really useful in PvE. Although the description is not very clear, the fact that the next Swing / Harvest is free and the damage increased gives a good idea of ​​what the spin will be. Sneak Attack feels more suited to PvP, greatly increasing the Assassin's burst abilities.


Assassin's talents

Fervor of the slaughterer
Increases the bonus given to Salto by the main combo from 40 to 300%

No need to think about this one, to take it without asking any questions.


Cold blooded killer
Each use of Backstabber reduces the Shadow of Concealment CD by 1s.

We don't hesitate on that one either, we take it.


Master of Dismemberment
Each enemy killed by Blade Vortex and Kill increases Critical Chance by 2%, stacking 6 times.

Useful if you have to do a lot of AE and small mobs to kill.


Deadly precision
Each Shuriken increases Steel Star's critical chance by 25% and critical damage by 40%. Stackable 4 times.

Very practical, this attack will be your main source of damage as soon as you have to move away from CtoC.


Thirst for revenge
If the Assassin is attacked by enemies more than 7m away, it gives him a chance that Vigne can be activated for free. It accumulates 2 times.

Again very practical if you need to move away from CtoC or to pass quickly over a distant target.


Bloody marks
Restores 2 Dexterity for each enemy hit by Soaring Shadow.

The only use I can see in this ability, overcoming its low damage. To be used on a large group, to be inserted with the leads.


Chain reaction
After receiving damage from one mine, the enemy will receive 52% more damage from subsequent ones.

Very handy if you are doing EA.


Surprise effect
Increases your damage by 80% for 6s as soon as you enter stealth mode.

A bonus for stealth damage? I like !


Fierce hatred
Damage dealt to enemies reduces Volley Hit CD.

A must for doing mono damage.


Choking smoke
Smoke Grenade Disorients enemies in target area for 3s.

Very situational, more PvP.


Blessing of the Shadows
Reduces the activation time of Shadow Bulwark.

To be taken if you are using the skill.


Pain point expert
Each attack of Shuriken and Blade Vortex increases their damage by 5% and 10% respectively. Cumulative 3 times. Steel Star Stuns the target for 3 seconds.

Useful in AE or if you often use Shuriken.


Thorny shadow
Enemies that attack Bait on Contact take 60% of the damage dealt to it.

If you are using Bait, useful in AE.


Chain deaths
If an enemy dies as a result of Blood Harvest, you regain 60% of your Dexterity over 5s.

To be taken if you are using Harvest and there are small mobs to kill during the fight.


Enemy characters affected by Chain Swing have a 21% increased chance to receive critical damage.

Only works in PvP.


Tight shackles
Enemies bound by Shackles of Twilight lose 5% of their maximum Health every second. The effect lasts for 10 seconds and can stack up to 7 times. Doesn't work against bosses.

Very situational, we could see a use there if you have large waves of mobs that arrive during a fight against a boss.


Veiled transition
After switching places with the Shadow, the Assassin takes 45% less damage for 3s.

I see more utility in PvP.


Fresh scars
Enemy characters affected by Carnage take 15% more damage for the next 10 seconds.

Only in PvP.


Shadow Territory knocks the enemy back 25 yards and slows their movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds.

If you are using Shadow Territory, probably very useful in PvP.


Biting whips
The third successful attack with Twilight's Bane inflicts critical damage.

A must also in mono dps.


Assassin's Builds

For now, I see 2 types of builds for PvE:

  • Purely single target build, maximizing Twilight Scourge damage in Stealth mode, reducing Ultimate Skill and Stealth Mode CD, and increasing other single target damage sources. Of the 8 talents chosen, only 5 (Slaughterer's Fervor, Cold-blooded Killer, Surprise Effect, Fierce Hate and Biting Whips) are in my opinion essential. The other 3 can be distributed to optimize your gameplay and depending on the situation: if during the fight you have to move away from the boss (and therefore no longer be able to use your CtoC skills), take Deadly Precision and Points Expert painful to boost Shuriken and Star of Steel, if you use Blood Harvest and you have and have mobs with less health that will happen during the fight, take Chain Deaths for Dexterity regeneration.
  • Build AoE, focusing on Blade Vortex and Mines, in order to take out the most AE dps as well as using Shadow Soar, for Dexterity regeneration. Stealth mode is always improved when using Carnage.



For pure mono, we will have to do with a priority system rather than a rotation itself:

  • Volley Punch: Your most damaging ability, use when available. Be careful that this attack will block your character for a few seconds, so don't use it if your target is going to use a strong AE attack.
  • Shadow of Concealment and Twilight Bane: Deals high damage, take into account that Bane requires your target not to move, so do not go into stealth mode if your target is moving.
  • Out of these 2 skills, your goal is to reduce their CD. For Slash Vol, you just hit the target, and for Shadow of Concealment, you'll need to use Dagger on the Back.
  • Dagger in the back as soon as you have enough Dexterity. You will then chain on a Chain Swing or Blood Harvest (if it is not on the target, otherwise use a Salto), skills made free and more powerful thanks to Elimination Technique.
  • Smoke Grenade as soon as possible for Dexterity regeneration. Make sure you don't have to go out of the area of ​​effect, otherwise just wait a bit.
  • Then you alternate between the main combo and Salto. Only use Salto if you have the damage increasing buff.


For the AE, you have 4 possibilities, in order of power:

  • Carnage: Requires stealth mode. Does a significant amount of damage.
  • Mines: Consumes dexterity. Does significant damage but requires good positioning of enemies to be effective.
  • Blade Vortex: The initial damage isn't that great, but the buffs you get with Dedicated Talents don't make it bad. On the other hand, it activates impulse damage, which is a hell of a damage boost.


Gameplay Solo

In solo, the Assassin must use his ability to do a lot of damage in a short time to compensate for his significant fragility.

In the case of a small group of strong enemies, it is better to focus on the weaker / dangerous target (eye-> sword-> shield). So start with a Dagger in the back on this target, followed by the Free Swing / Harvest and then a second dagger. Then switch to stealth mode to chain the Plagues. Your 1st target should be dead or near Elimination use. Then follow the order of priority above.

In the case of a larger group with minions, you will have to prepare your attack. The Assassin being so weak, you will not be able to spend much time in contact with your enemies. The ideal would be to have a corridor just before you fill with mines and into which you will attract your enemies. If you can't, your goal will be to inflict maximum damage on your enemies in the first few seconds of the fight and then retreat, leaving Mines behind. So, quickly approach your enemies with Vine or Dagger, use Vortex 1 time (to take advantage of the impulse damage) then place Mines. If your enemies are nearly dead, you can Vortex them down, if not, back out, place mines, and throw your shurikens (or a Steel Star when you have 4 Mortal Precision charges) until the party is finished. . Otherwise, you can also directly switch to stealth mode and chain the Carnages.



In terms of the choice of statistics, i.e. the types of rings to prioritize and the chapels to activate, the Assassin does not have a very good synergy with the Impulse, having only 2 skills using them which are not the most used (and not usable in stealth mode). With the Biting Whip talent providing a critical hit every 3 plagues, just like Deadly Precision for Steel Star, I find it much more useful to promote Luck with the rings. And since you will have a high Chance score, you might as well favor the critical chance bonuses with the chapels.


This is what I can say for the Assassin and how I see his rotation. I will keep this guide up to date as I find out about it and your feedback. I'm also particularly keen on your PvP advice on this class.

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