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Many questions arise following the announcements on the changes that will be put in place in the way to obtain the equipment in the game. The introduction of a new system, the Galactic Command, contributes to these changes that we already have. mentioned in a previous article following the livestream of October 17th. Eric Musco has since answered a few questions on the official forum and tells us more about what lies ahead.

Note that you can already find a lot of answers to some questions in our summary of the official livestream as well as in an article dedicated to changes to the equipment.

We therefore learn today that:

  • We will be able to obtain equipment with a set bonus in the command boxes from the first received.
  • The boost will still be there in story mode operations. If someone below level 70 goes into operation, they will benefit from it and can collect equipment from bosses as it used to exist. On the other hand, when he passes level 70 he will then gain Command XP instead of Command Crates (which will be obtained via the new system with the new equipment grades).
  • There will be several sources of command experience (cxp) in operation:
    • Kill an Elite or higher enemy.
    • Eliminating a boss will give each player in the operation a "BoP" consumable which will guarantee an increase in cxp.
    • If you go with the group search you will get an experience bonus at the end for completing it.
  • There will be one experience cap per week on the cxp. However it is not made to reduce the speed of progression but to prevent certain potential abuses of exploitation of mechanics or bugs. Consequently, this heading should be relatively high.


Finally, Eric answers a more difficult question concerning the mechanics of attribution of the equipment, question posed by ZambedosNB.

Question: Given the current system, the odds of recovering equipment from an operation are overall five out of eight. Will these chances be similar with the new system and will we be almost certain to have at least one coin on two successive operations?

Answer: first, how many cases will you earn during an operation? The answer depends on several factors. How many players are there in the operation, what is your command rank, what is the difficulty level? ... It will be faster to climb the first levels of commands than the last. The team is still working on the reports of CPs gained and will later specify precisely how much experience you can expect to get in operation and how many Command Crates.

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