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The other day, following a very simple little Operation (Asation 8 Normal) with a player who was still new to the game and the operations, I realized that a lot of new players (and maybe veterans who knows) did not understand very well the equipment system in SWTOR, namely which statistics are more or less important and to be privileged in relation to their classes and roles, what are the tokens (also called unassembled pieces of armor) used for, where to exchange them ...

Then I remembered that myself, I kinda ... pedaled in semolina (to be polite) with all that when I started playing. At the end of the operation, this apprentice was treated to a little lesson and I decided once again to share everything I know with you.


Summary :

  • Introduction
    • Infobulles
    • Character sheet
    • Tokens
    • Set and Off-set bonus
    • Optimization
  • Deepen things
    • Where to equip at level 55
    • Choose your set bonus
    • In-depth optimization
    • Shields
  • Additional notions
    • Butins
    • Crew skills
    • Relics
    • Linked to inheritance
    • Indexes from level 53
  • Conclusion




First of all, once in game with your character, press Esc then Preferences, in the menu on the left, go to User interface then look for the Tooltips frame. In this context, 4 boxes can be checked. If they are not all 4, do so.

This activation will be used later to help us in the equipment to choose and understand it.


Character sheet

Like any role-playing game, on SWTOR, you have a character sheet, it is a summary of everything that directly concerns your character (titles, equipment, statistics, etc.). We're just going to review what we find there.

To view your character sheet, just press the C key by default.

On this character sheet, several indications are present.

Let's start at the top left on this sheet, do you see the little medal? Click on it, a drop-down menu appears. In it you will be able to choose a title that you have earned by completing certain quests, instances, achievements, or unlocked by the Cartel Market. Below, we find the legacy titles, these are common to all your characters and are mainly from class quests or the achievement of certain achievements.

You also have the option to display or not your inheritance name (or last name of the character). The title is displayed before or after the name of your character on the same line, while the legacy title will appear below and smaller (and still below you will see the name of the guild if you are in a guild).

Then, if we go down a little to the left, you have your level then below the weird words and numbers. Just below 2 small scalable bars:

Stamina, Aim, Cunning and Willpower are the main statistics of the 4 different base classes namely:

  • Vigor = Sith warrior.
  • Will = Sith Inquisitor.
  • Aiming = Bounty hunter.
  • Trick = Imperial agent.

La Presence is a stat that increases your partner's effectiveness in combat andExpertise is intended for PvP.

The two small bars below:

  • than Sociability increases each time you do quests and operations with other players, its maximum level is 10 (X). This sociability is of no use to you in particular, but depending on the rank, you can buy particular objects (plus equipment appearances and "toy" type objects) from the sociability merchants present on each planet and all different.
  • The second bar, Bravery, is a PvP rank. It increases as you make war zones (classified or not) and allows you to unlock various items depending on your rank.

Then, to finish, the vertical bar: red at the bottom and white at the top, indicates your level ofAlignment to know if you are a real Imperial, very, very naughty or a Republic care bear, or if you think you are a Swiss and remain as neutral as possible. Subsequently, if you display corruption because you have chosen darkness as your alignment, your character's appearance may change and become quite ugly or scary (only if you choose to display it). Depending on your alignment during leveling, you will have access to certain equipment and the like.

Then let's go to the bottom. There you have two kinds of tables, still with bizarre words and numbers, but this time, some are not whole numbers.

The title of the table on the left (like the one on the right) is a drop-down menu, so you can display different tables. Note that only one table corresponds better than the others to your class and role. Namely if you are a Scholar / Sorcerer, you should especially look at the Strength tab. If you are a Commando / Mercenary, the Techno one. But be sure to look at the other tables too, they can help with some things.

I advise you to hover your mouse over each word in order to understand what it is about.

  • I think that Bonus damage et Treatment bonus, you will understand, the more you have, the more powerful your attacks and your heals will be.
  • La Precision (which is not useful for healers) at 100% allows you to always hit your target. Beyond 100%, you have a decrease in the target's defense. For operation bosses, you have to take into account the 10% defense they have. Thus, you will have to go up to 110% to be sure to hit them every time.
  • Critical chance is the chance you have to perform a critical attack or heal. We combine this luck with the index ofInflux (Here Critical multiplier), which will multiply your base attack / heal and make it even stronger. But be careful, learn your class and role well because depending on all this and the mainly chosen talent tree (access via the K key in-game by default), you will have to favor certain statistics.
  • Strength regain ratio is a ratio indicating how much energy you recover per second.
  • THEAlacrity allows you to reduce the casting time of your spells.

And don't forget, below you have 3 tabs. The first character is yours, the other two are made to improve the equipment of your partner, or your ship for space missions.

You have on the right center part a small logo resembling a t-shirt, click on it and a drop-down menu appears.

In this menu, you will have the possibility according to your game mode (subscriber, privilege or free-to-play) to hide or not your cranial equipment, to display or not the corruption of the dark side and to unify the colors of your armor set according to the color (s) of your torso.

Okay, now let's tackle the photo of the character and its surroundings:

Starting with the number 1 and going up to 14, we find: head (1) / torso / gloves / belt / legs / boots / secondary hand (7) / main hand (8) / relic / relic / armband / implant / implant / atrium (14). And in the center, the photo of our character's current appearance.

Thanks to the 4 boxes checked in the tooltip menu, if you hover your mouse (without clicking anything) on ​​an object (for example the head), you will have more details in the tooltip that will be displayed:

As you can see in the photo above, in the tooltip, what will interest us are the total statistics (at the top of the list and in yellow), then below the item modifications. Because to be equipped correctly, it is necessary to have modifiable equipment (orange or purple), that is to say that for example in my eye patch (the head part), I have an armor, a modification, sophistication and improvement. We have details of each component and the statistics it provides. Below, you have in yellow the title of the set bonus with the number of set bonuses acquired over the total number existing in green, the body parts that give this bonus are below. But we'll talk about that later.


During group operations, also called "raids", you will have the opportunity to win over the bosses (looters) of the unassembled armor piece sets. It is in fact a part of the body (and especially do not be fooled by the drawing of the object, but especially not!) In the form of token, which we will exchange at a merchant for a real piece of equipment. There are tokens for each part of the body in your equipment, namely 14 different types of tokens.

Very important, a token called a secondary hand is not necessarily a weapon even if the design is a blaster. A secondary hand token will be exchanged at the merchant for a secondary hand which can be, depending on your class and your desire, a lightsaber, a blaster, a catalyst, a shield. Each token received corresponds to a precise index.

These tokens will allow you to obtain optimized equipment (which we will discuss later) and obtain your set bonus.

Set and Off-set bonus

Set bonuses give you a bonus on some of your spells based on the number of bonus sets you have equipped, only for the head, chest, gloves, legs and boots parts. Other parts of the body do not contain bonuses. These are therefore out-of-set tokens.

The set bonus relates to the armor of the equipment, not the equipment itself. Therefore, if you place the armor in another piece of armor (to change your style for example), you will keep this set bonus. The shields are however tied to a certain part of the body. Thus, an armor of a chest piece cannot be placed in a leg piece.


Optimization means that the item modifications and armor sets you have on your character have stats that are perfect for your role. The optimization is, in my opinion, at three degrees:

  • The first being the fact of having statistics corresponding to your character, that is to say having Willpower if you are an Inquisitor and not Aiming for example. But it's also having sets of main and secondary body and hand armor with item modifications (therefore modifiable).
  • The second degree will be that of owning improvements on all your pieces of equipment.
  • And the third one where each detailed statistic of your equipment fits perfectly to your role. For example, a sophistication giving you: Endurance +52 Power +30 and Surge +94 will not be optimized if you are a healer or a DPS (as part of a talent tree and more or less standard equipment) . For this sophistication to be optimized, we would need to have Surge +94 Power +52 and Stamina +32, so Stamina is the lowest stat (this is just an example).

Optimized sophistication


Deepen things

Where to equip at level 55?

Nothing very complicated. Once level 55, to start having a good starting equipment, nothing better than to do Litigation Zones in difficult mode of your level, daily ones like the Czerka and Oricon moon, or even 55 operations in normal mode. And if you don't mind doing them in 16 players because it gives more distinctions. Aim for Elite and Ultimate accolades.

On the fleet, you can exchange your tokens and / or your Classic, Basic, Elite and Ultimate distinctions with specialized merchants. To do this, go to the Fleet in the Reserves section then face the two small rooms located towards the inside of the map:

We have two rooms, both with the same NPCs… except what they sell / trade is your base class.

Here are the logos according to your class. And if you are Republic or Empire:

  • Republic
  • Empire



Jedi knight

Jedi Consular

Bounty hunter

Imperial Agent

Sith warrior

Sith Inquisitor

Then the room looks like this: 4 NPCs behind a counter on the right and left and 2 golden NPCs at the back of the room. Take a good look at the logos at the entrance to the two rooms to know which room suits you and especially which side is yours.

When you hover the mouse over an NPC, you will see their name and the type of the merchant in relation to the different distinctions. The two golden NPCs at the back exchange equipment for tokens.

However, for the 186 equipment obtained in the Nightmare mode of Fortress and Dread Palace, you must contact the vendors who are stationed on Oricon, in your faction's outpost.

As a reminder, the Basic distinctions offer 162 index equipment, ideal for starting operations in level 55 hard mode: Asation (Nightmare from elsewhere) and Darvannis (Lair of infamous thugs).

Elite distinctions offer index 168, which is the index of Asation and Darvanis on Hard difficulty. This is ideal for starting the Difficult mode of the two operations on Oricon.

The Ultimate distinctions offer 180, the index recovered from Oricon's two operations (Fortress and Dread Palace) in hard mode.

Your golden merchant will exchange your token for a piece of armor that matches, but be careful, you will have a choice to choose from among 4 sets of armor and corresponding to the index of the token (see below).


Choose your set bonus

As seen above, the set bonus is obtained thanks to tokens which are to be exchanged with a merchant. This will offer you for your token (let's take the example of a boot token therefore with set bonus), 4 pairs of boots with different or similar statistics. But the name of the boots and its set bonus are different from other boots.

You must therefore, during your first set bonus token, choose the piece of equipment and pay close attention to the name that will become your set ... For that, carefully read the tooltip when passing your cursor over each boot and the effect of the bonus when you have 2 coins then 4 coins. Do not rush because the bonuses are oriented Tank, Healer or DPS. Depending on your specialization, you need the right one for it to be useful.

Let's say you are a Sith Assassin specializing in Deception. You will therefore choose the Ranger boots. Therefore, future tokens that you exchange for other bonus body parts (i.e. head, torso, legs and gloves) will need to have the word Ranger in their name.


In-depth optimization

As seen above, the ideal optimization is to have the right statistics and in the right order of importance on your equipment. To know often that for the DPS and for the Healers, the Endurance must be the least important statistic, because you are not Tank. You must therefore privilege all the others (according to your role: Precision, Power, Critique, Surge, Alacrity). On the other hand, if you are a Tank, Stamina will be important to you because it will increase your health points, but other special statistics for tanks are important, such as Absorption, Defense and Shield Index. I think it's best to ask for information in-game, directly with high-level players who are willing to help Sith and Padawan apprentices on the forum.


The shield problem

And yes, as you have seen your body armor sets (head, torso, gloves, belt, legs, boots and armbands) as well as your primary and secondary hands are changeable, i.e. 'inside you can put any armor, mod, sophistication, grip / barrel of your choice with stats of your choice in order to equip yourself (you, your partner or a reroll).

But you have to take into account that everything that is Grip, Cannon and Armor, if they come from the loot of a boss, or from a purchase / exchange from an NPC, they will automatically be linked to the game. body from which they originate. So a secondary hand blaster cannon will not be able to fit into a main hand blaster. However, if you buy these item modifications from a player who crafted them themselves, then you won't have this problem!


Additional notions


Loots are items gained from a non-player enemy. Each guild or player creating a party for an instance or operation sets up a different loot system. Note that the game offers three basic loot collection systems:

  • Every man for himself
  • Take turns, where everyone can choose to roll a dice to make a Need roll, to get the object absolutely. Or a Greed roll (for example to resell the item). It is finally possible to pass on the object by clicking on the cross if you ever wish to leave it to someone else.
  • Master of the booty, where only the head of the operation can designate for whom the booty is intended. In general, in operation, it is this system that is preferred, to avoid "ninjas". The head of the operation usually lists the items in the discussion. And players can make a / rand (virtual dice roll between 0 and 100), with the highest number winning the loot. It is also possible to grant the loot randomly.



It is possible to craft armor, modifications, sophistication, grips and cannons gained in operations or purchased from an NPC or issued from tokens. To learn the plan, all you have to do is reverse engineer the object. To do so, the item must be in the inventory and you must click on the reverse engineering icon at the top right of the inventory window. Then the item is destroyed and then you will receive crafting materials. You have a 10-20% chance of learning the plan. If you are lucky enough to learn the blueprint, then you will now need to assemble the components needed for crafting to craft one or more. CAUTION: It is not possible to learn the set bonus by reverse engineering a token armor.



You can equip two relics. There are several things to note:

  • There are relics just with stats and nothing more. Others that give you a bonus if you activate the relic by clicking on it. Finally, other relics that activate themselves without you having to click on them. It's up to you to choose which ones you need and how to use them.
  • It is possible to reverse engineer some relics and therefore craft them (Fireworks crew skill).

You can create Relics from Matrix Fragments found on different planets (see Datacron guides).



Come on, a little wonder of the game: heirloom gear. These are sets of armor that are linked to the inheritance, that is to say that you can send to all your characters regardless of their factions thanks to the in-game mailbox. Even better, when you equip your heirloom gear with armor that is already tied to your character, the gear will still be tied to your heirloom. So here's how to equip your other characters by going through only one character.

You'll find Legacy-related armor sets on Oricon, Czerka, Makeb, and Ilum in the Gree event area (western ice sheet if I remember correctly) among others. For my part, I always go to the Gree event, as it's the prettiest one for me and I'm sure I will find all the secondary weapons and hands (but you need Gree Propellers for the secondary weapons and hands). On the other hand, the atria, implants and relics do not exist as an inheritance!


Index from level 53



  • A token is a token that can be exchanged by an NPC for a corresponding piece of equipment.
  • Head, Chest, Gloves, Legs and Boots tokens contain a set bonus, contained in the armor.
  • Be sure to check out the guides for other players on the site, especially anything related to your class and role.
  • Pay attention to bonuses and optimization long and rich in journeys (yes, you have to do operations).
  • Remember in your optimization, you will have to collect the set bonuses (at least 4) and then have armor, modifications, sophistication and improvements optimized and appropriate to your role and class. So you will often have to pick up the same token once for the armor (and therefore the bonus) and another time to have, via another token merchant of another class, an optimized sophistication.


Thank you again to all for your reading, your encouragement, your constructive criticism and your respect. Good game everyone and don't hesitate to contact me here (Hans-schuman) or in-game (Hans'nya) for any questions, I am always ready to help.


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