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The logical skill will serve you to have more chances to succeed in your hacks or your chess matches! In addition, you can complete a collection with your microscope! If you need to always have a logical reason for every event, this skill is for you!

Characteristics and career

  • Required for aspiration: Knowledge - Exceptional Brain, Knowledge - Multi-talented Sim
  • Matching stroke : Confident
  • Mandatory for the following professions: Astronaut - Criminal - Business


Learning ability

This ability can be increased with a chess game, a microscope, or the observatory.

Thanks to the microscope, you can also collectmicroscope images.

The competence Logic can also be increased with the help of books.

  • Logic Vol. 1: Introduction to reason (skill level 1 to 3)
  • Logic Vol. 2: The reason for the reason (skill level 4 to 6)
  • Logic Vol. 3: The problem of paradoxes (skill level 7 and above)

When your Sim is concentrated, your capacity will increase faster.


Logic capacity steps


Influence on emotions

Thanks to the observatory, your Sim will gain the emotion Concentrate. But when he wins a game of chess or cards, it's the emotion Confiant which will be assigned to you.

With the microscope, you will have the emotion inspired.

Feel free to use these actions to quickly change your Sim's emotion!



 Here is the list of rewards that will allow you to learn your skill faster:

  • Fast reader: 1.000 points
  • Night owl: 1.000 points
  • Scholar: 4.000 points
  • Morning Sims: 1.000 points



You have some challenges to achieve if you want to add more challenge, here they are:

  • Elementary: Have a Sim reach the highest level of the Logic skill
  • At the start of his career: Have a Sims reach the highest level of the Astronaut career
  • Exceptional criminal: Have a Sim reach the highest level in the Criminal career


Everyone to your microscopes!

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