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Things went very quickly on Hoth. The planet had already been the site of particularly deadly battles and skirmishes, but this time neither the Republic nor the Empire wanted to sacrifice more lives. The Republic chooses to send a force capable of ending this battle. A force unafraid of War or Death, the Wookie Section.

Obviously, the Empire was not without resources and it was with incredible speed that the Wampas Section received orders from the Black Council itself, deciding to send it where it had cut its teeth: Hoth. With the Battle for Hoth just beginning, we can imagine that everything will be played out on the elite of the Galaxy. And the fates of thousands rest on the shoulders of Wookie soldiers and Wampa soldiers.

It is therefore in Blood and fury that the fate of this frozen desert will be played out. For the Republic as for the Empire, it is a decisive battle which is announced and the victory will not be done without sacrifice.

When I received this description from Ewan, one of the members of the Star Wars Universe organizing guild on Battle Meditation (which is more than a guild as you can see on the link if you are curious), I immediately wanted to tell you about it.

Because it is really a battle that this guild plans to organize, which should be spread over 5 to 6 sessions (depending on the performance of each of the two factions), at the rate of two events per week, one hour each. Two camps will compete: the Wookie section of the Republic and the Wampa session of the Empire.

The first event, Aurek Base Headquarters, will soon take place (date to be determined) on Battle meditation. Each camp will have its own objectives:

  • Section Wookie
  • Wampas Section

Before joining the other bases, the Wookie Section must face the Wampas Section which besieges the Republican Fortress of Aurek. Indeed, thanks to their knowledge of the ground, the imperial elite section managed to reach the Aurek Base thanks to secret paths. It is imperative to break the siege led by the Empire so that we can continue to resupply the more distant bases.

Goal : Dispersion of the enemy.
Secondary objective : protect the turrets.

The Empire is under no illusions, it * does not have the strength to take the Aurek Base, but it can at least do some sort of contain the Republicans for a long time in order to allow the other bases to be surrounded. This daring maneuver will allow an Imperial force to settle near the wrecks which are one of the objectives of the Imperial mission.

Goal : Hold the seat for as long as possible (more than half an hour)
Secondary objective : destroy the security turrets to facilitate a future assault.

In order to guarantee the right atmosphere, a few rules have already been established:


Both Wookies and Wampas must follow their commanders and not go all over the place to avoid too much confusion that would interfere with the vent.

The vent is actually a bit of PvP and a bit of RP. So, it is fashionable to speak on the channel / say to communicate orders. HRP conversations will therefore be avoided.

The event is open to anyone who is Wampas or Wookie but also to the rest of the server community. This in order to make the vent more open and more alive.

Skirmishes can take place between Wookies and Wampas outside of the vent frame and this is even encouraged.

Since all of this is intended to be both Roleplay but also PvP, it is fashionable not to take too light stuff but also to avoid being in S3-S2. It is preferable that everyone adopts an RP outfit containing 49-50 grand changes maximum (Corelian distinction).

If ever the "low" levels want to participate, it is good form to play the game and not kill them without other forms of trial but rather to let them face the lower level players.

Any skirmishes that take place during the event will be reported according to the following pattern:

Skirmish that took place in ... on
Opposing "names of the republicans" to "names of the imperialists".
Victory of the section ...

Also, it will be necessary to pass regularly on the SWU forum to inspect the orders given to the soldiers.

The scenario progression will be done at the rate of two events per week of one hour each. Each event mixes Wookie and Wampas to face each other in good humor in improbable and dangerous situations.

People from the server community can participate but of course the event remains under wookie / wampa control, orders and vents being organized / given only by the wookie / wampa officers.


Originally, I was told that this was to take place this Wednesday, July 4, but it would seem that it is less certain than initially announced. I invite all interested players on this server to inquire about the Star Wars Universe Guild Forum.

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