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Yesterday, we told you about the EA conference which will take place on Monday at E3 and which will therefore focus on the famous #FallenEmpire corresponding to the title of the next expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire. Last night you may have received an email from, but maybe you haven't noticed? It does not matter, we are here to relay its content to you and analyze it!

An email therefore, titled "A Threat Rises in Star Wars ™: The Old Republic ™" with a single line of text: A New Threat Appears, June 15th, Prepare to Face Your Fate. A new hashtag is linked to this #FaceYourDestiny and also a very realistic image that can be displayed in larger size on the official site.


Let's analyze this image a bit and what we can see in it.

  • Already, the title of the file on the official site: SWTOR_Sacrifice.jpg and the "Sacrifice" folder in which it is located according to the http address. A new intriguing title therefore in addition to #FallenEmpire and #FaceYourDestiny.
  • The main characters, three in number. We see two characters with their saber lit, a yellow / white saber in both cases and with identical armor except for the color, white for one and black for the other. By the way, I must say that I love their armor. The idea of ​​the white blade, whose yellow can only be linked to the planet's atmosphere, is reminiscent of the Imperial Knights of the Legacy period (comics). We will skip the Starkiller look of The Force Unleashed, especially given the pose, the hairstyle and the ship behind. We will also overlook the fact that the two have the same head, which is hard to explain unless they are clones or twins (but we will have to wait to find out!)
  • The third character for him is a jedi, his gauntlet confirming this. He is kneeling in front of the one in black armor, and when zooming in, we notice that he drops his sword. Doesn't that remind you of a certain Ven Zallow?
  • There are many dead Republican soldiers and the corpses of many other Jedi as well.
  • The crashed ship behind is visibly Republican in design with this red / orange in paint, but it does not match any currently known model apparently.
  • The ground between sand and gravel is not unlike that of Jaaku (the new planet of episode VII) in some images of the next opus.
  • We will note the realistic side of the image and not in images taken from the game, it is very nice. We keep our fingers crossed to get a trailer in the style of Hope, Return and Betrayal (I put them at the end of the article for fun).
  • If it turns out that this planet is Jaaku, that it's in the expansion and that it is scheduled for the end of the year, in your opinion what are the chances that this expansion will be released on December 18 (release date of episode VII)?

An image that raises many questions and makes you want to be Monday watching the EA conference live from E3.

Note that a slightly different version of the image was posted on SWTOR's official social networks:

The framing going up a little, the jedi having fallen and the ship being exploding, this increases the probabilities that these images are taken from a video! Hopefully this is indeed the case.

We can better see the ship on this second shot the details of the ship which has a lot of similarities in the fuselage with a Thranta class shuttle (like the Esseles). The only concern residing in what appears to be the front canopy, here in the wrong direction (vertical instead of horizontal).

Here is an image listing the comparable points in order for you to better visualize the identical points.

The trailers :


Update of 14 / 06 / 2015 : SWTOR's social networks continue their count (the first image came with a "In three days") with a "In two days" accompanied by a new image!

We find once again our two twins, at the head of an army in full armor, shields and weapons resembling force pikes? Their weapons look very strange as well as their helmets. In addition, their shields feature a logo whose style is reminiscent of rakata designs, including the logo of the Infinite Empire (which is a fallen empire) or the Star Forge. Are we going to release a new Forge? The answer Monday! And you surely go in the night of Sunday to Monday for a last image "In a day"?

Infinite Empire Logo


Update of 15 / 06 / 2015 : The last image has arrived ... and it took me a while to update this article as it left me skeptical at the start ... These two flags and these four sabers that I let you discover me. took a little while to analyze in more detail.


Some on the game's Twitter have expressed concern that the black saber on the Imperial Flag is Darth Marr's ... Rest assured, it's not his. As shown in this capture from a cutscene of Shadow of Revan. We notice the much shorter fins on the hilt of Darth Marr's saber.

Nevertheless, I suddenly investigated a little on the swords that we know, to compare them to those of this mysterious image. It would therefore seem after research, that the sabers present are the following from left to right. Kao Cen Darach, vindican (but a version of the saber cut in half), Ven Zallow et Malgus ! Here is for each, in order, a capture from the "Return" and "Deceived" trailers, I advise you to watch them for more detailed views and from several angles.

It will be noted however that the sabers of the two jedi are very close and that neither of the two is supposed to be really white (but the paint exists). In addition, there are also very small differences in the grips (the black rubberized parts) of the first and last saber.

It could therefore be that these sabers are not those of the characters mentioned below. In the event that it is indeed them, the common point of all four lightsabers is Malgus, who killed each of the other three owners (these are in order: The master of Satele Shan, his own Sith master , and the Jedi of the Coruscant Temple sack). I find it hard to see how anyone could have got their hands on these four sabers ... unless that someone was Malgus! Could it be Malgus' sabers and trophies that Malgus would have given to the twins? Does all this have to do with the Rakatas? Is the answer 42? We will know that tomorrow!


(Finally, I hope).

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