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The galaxy is vast and many secrets are to be discovered. In particular, elements of history, scattered all over the planets that you will visit. And to reward you for your research, it is an achievement which will be unlocked for you: "Galactic Historian", as well as the inheritance title "The Historian" once you have discovered all the history elements of each planet.

I therefore suggest that you set off on a great and long adventure, which will take us across the entire galaxy. However, certain prerequisites are necessary to achieve the objective:

  • Have a Sith Inquisitor / Sith warrior who completed their class quest on Korriban
  • Have a Soldier / Smuggler who has access to Ord Mantell
  • Have a Jedi Consular / Jedi knight who completed their class quest on Tython
  • Have a character from each faction who has completed the quests on Corellia
  • Have a 50-55 character from each faction that has access to Makeb


So we go to the smugglers' moon, Nar Shaddaa, place of all vices and pleasures.

There are story elements for each faction, but to get the ultimate achievement you only need the elements of one faction.

  • Republic
  • Empire



 The slave trade on Nar Shaddaa

Take the taxi to the City of Shadow and go to the indicated point.


Data hacking

Direction Nikto sector and follow the map.


The spice trade

Let's go for the red light district!



The slave trade on Nar Shadda

Take the taxi to the Duros sector and follow the map.


Data hacking

We're heading for the Corellian sector.


The spice trade

It is at the Crossroads of networks that it happens.

Still motivated? Take off towards Tatooïne then!

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