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The Old Republic game belongs to the Star Wars Extended Universe, which Disney renamed UE Legend. A very vast history network, born in the wake of the first films and which was organized from the beginning of the 90s into a very coherent whole and spanning several eras. TOR's is one of them. But this is not the first. And the game is part of the continuity of previous eras, draws from it, as its Chronology demonstrates. Here are various articles to better immerse yourself in different aspects of the Universe of The Old Republic:

In Depth 

  • Shadow of Revan
  • The Great Sith War


Chronology and evolution of the scenario

  • HoloNews: Archives
  • Chronology, proofreading
  • Preparations, return, war, hope and betrayal
  • The Battle of Balmorra
  • A story of TOR
  • Jedi Knight: Hero of Tython
  • Jedi Consular: Rise of Barsen'thor
  • Soldier: The Charge of the Republic
  • Smuggler: The Void Hunter
  • Sith Warrior: Path of Fury
  • Sith Inquisitor: The March to Power
  • Bounty Hunter: Mandalorian Herald
  • Imperial Agent: Walk in the Shadows
  • The Battle of Corellia
  • Makeb's political repercussions
  • State of the galaxy
  • Forged Alliances, the story (part 1)
  • The Manifesto of Shuuru (the Selkaths)
  • Forged Alliances, the story (part 2 and 3)
  • Shadow of Revan
  • Old and new enemies
  • Five years in carbonite (KotFE)


Republic and Jedi

  • The Republic: a galactic democracy
  • Ten years in the Senate
  • The Empress vs. the Sith (Empress Teta)
  • The Jedi Formation - The Initiates
  • The Jedi Formation - The Reassignment
  • The Jedi Formation - the Padawans
  • The Jedi Formation - The Jedi Trials
  • The Jedi Formation - Knights
  • The Jedi Formation - Jedi pluses and minuses
  • Lightsaber Battles
  • Mistress of the Jedi (Satele Shan)
  • A pure product of the Republic (Theron Shan)
  • Hope from Another Time (Nomi Sunrider)
  • Jedi? Yes but (the green Jedi of Corellia)
  • Jedi Dissidents (the Jedi Pact)
  • An Exiled Legend (Meetra Surik)
  • The hero of Arkania (Arca Jeth)
  • The mirror of the Twins (Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma)
  • Noetikon: beyond holocrons
  • Sith Artifacts and Jedi Code (Odan Urr)
  • The Grand Army of the Republic
  • The Chaos of the Battlefields (The Chaos Squad)
  • Master of Jedi Weapons and Combatants
  • Wrong place at the right time (Zayne Carrick)
  • The Master of Chronology (Master Gnost-Dural)
  • A thousand lives for a Jedi (Atton Rand)
  • From Glory to Fall (Bouris Ulgo)


Empire and Sith

  • The Empire: A New Vision of the Sith
  • The Empire: The Gotha Almanac
  • All about the Sith
  • Darker than the Empire (the Dread Masters)
  • The Black Temple
  • The empire behind the Empire (the chiss)
  • Imperial Deity (Emperor Vitiate)
  • The top of the Empire (the Black Council)
  • Reflections of a Politician (Dark Marr)
  • The Other Emperor (Dark Malgus)
  • The Master of Intriques (Dark Baras)
  • The model of the imperial army (Odile Vaiken)
  • A sect within the Empire (Revanites)
  • Fear in one hand and secrets in the other (Dark Jadus)
  • To the Secret Service of the Sith Lords (SSI)
  • Imperial Favorites
  • Lane to Lane (Dark Thanaton)


Zakuul Empire

  • KotFE: A Sith for Zakuul
  • Zakel and the Force
  • Imperial family


Sith outside Empire

  • The Golden Age of the Sith
  • The first bearer of the Dark title (Dark Andeddu)
  • The Conqueror of Yn and Chabosh (Tulak Hord)
  • The claimed legacy (Marka Ragnos)
  • The Great Hyperspace War
  • The Last Dark Lord of the Empire (Naga Sadow)
  • The Lord of Failure (Ludo Kressh)
  • Heirs of the Sith
  • The Onderon dynasty
  • More than a Dark Jedi (Exar Kun)
  • Satal et Aleema Keto: Le Krath
  • The Jedi Civil War
  • Balancing the Force (Darth Revan)
  • Revan's Apprentice (Darth Malak)
  • The Sith Civil War
  • The Triumvirate of Malachor V
  • Sith of yesterday and tomorrow


Underworld and Mandalorians

  • Thugs, snipers, smugglers
  • Corsairs and pirates
  • Legend of the Underworld (Nok Drayen)
  • The Smugglers Queen (Hylo Visz)
  • The swamp is a gem (the Hutts)
  • The Fall of the Bounty Hunter Guild
  • The Bounty Hunter Code
  • Mando'ade: la culture de la guerre
  • Beskar skin (the armor of the Mandalorians)
  • The Mandalorians, an army or a horde?
  • The Mandalorian Wars
  • The tailor of flesh (Demagol)
  • The Mandalore of the Republic (Mandalore the Savior)
  • The return of the bucket heads
  • Torche Mandalorienne (Shae Vizla)



  • Galaxy geography
  • Deep Core: The Great Black Hole
  • Alpheridia and its exiles
  • Iridonia: Starting point for zabraks
  • Mirial, Choice and Consequences
  • Rattatak: between gladiators and warlords
  • Ryloth, Dancers, Merchants and Warrior
  • Tython, planet of the Jed'aii
  • Korriban, the heart of the Sith
  • Coruscant, personification of the Republic
  • The Dromund System
  • The Coruscant of the Outer Rim (Taris)
  • In the Tatooine Desert
  • Oroboro, the anthill of Alderande
  • Voss, the world of mystics
  • A separate sector (Corellia)
  • The brand of the Tionists
  • In the shade of the Hutts (Makeb)
  • Kuat, the planet of shipyards
  • L'ordre de Sasha (Manaan)
  • The Infinity Heart (Lehon / Rakata Prime)
  • Birds and thugs (Rishi)
  • Grim temples in the jungle (Yavin 4)
  • Ziost, the other world of the Sith
  • Arkania laboratories
  • Jedi ruins
  • A hijacked industry (Sullust)



  • Threat of Peace: Where are they now?
  • Born to Kill (the HK droid series)
  • A people of survivors (the cathars)
  • The origins of server names
  • Rakghouls: the children of Karness Muur
  • Origin of Fleet ships
  • Counter a lightsaber
  • Czerka Corporation: immoral economy
  • Blaster technology
  • Creatures of Infinity (Rakatas)
  • Swords of Light (Lightsabers)
  • The slang of the pilots
  • Great technological civilizations (Columi, Verpine, Obroan)
  • Gray, Black and Sith Jedi
  • Groups of hunters and warriors (Togrutas)
  • The illuminati of space

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