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Galactic History

Exar Kun is not considered a Sith within the Empire because he had no connection with them and was completely foreign to many of their rules and customs. Yet he was indeed a Sith, recognized as such by the ghosts of ancient Black Lords. The war he waged against the Republic and the Jedi was not limited to disrupting their space. The Mandalorians were part of it, and the ensuing Mandalorian Wars are a direct consequence.

Even for the Empire, it was only after him that the Emperor finally began the shenanigans that would lead to the wars of TOR. Exar Kun has ushered in an era of wars between Jedi and Sith, of which those between the Republic and the Empire are the latest avatars.

Chronology and evolution of the scenario

And to start this dossier, the history of the Great Sith War, from its genesis to its content, including its influence on TOR.

  • Heirs of the Sith

Republic and Jedi

The Great Sith War shook the Jedi Order hard. Those who organized the resistance were considered among the greatest masters of their time.

  • The mirror of the Twins (Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma)
  • Hope from Another Time (Nomi Sunrider)
  • The hero of Arkania (Arca Jeth)
  • Sith Artifacts and Jedi Code (Odan Urr)

Sith outside Empire 

Exar Kun's forces were quite disparate, hailing from many origins including the Mandalorians. Here are some of those elements.

  • More than a Dark Jedi (Exar Kun)
  • The Onderon dynasty
  • Satal et Aleema Keto: Le Krath



The Great Sith War was quite short, and the number of major battles limited. But some worlds weighed more heavily than others in the conflict.

  • Korriban, the heart of the Sith
  • Grim temples in the jungle (Yavin 4)
  • Jedi Ruins (Ossus)

To learn all about this legendary war, good reading.

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