SWTOR - Get a Magenta Crystal

Today I suggest you re-discover how to create your magenta crystal. Another article had already been done, but I wanted to start from the beginning by adding screenshots and various notes while keeping some little info.

To make it clear, I'll quickly write down the recipe to give you an idea of ​​the work to be done:

  • Have the Artifice profession
  • To have recovered or to buy one (s) magenta plan (s)
  • Take a ride on Tatooine (very fast)
  • Take a ride on Hoth (very fast)
  • Take a tour of Aldérande (longer or shorter depending on your luck)
  • Take a ride on Tython / Korriban (more than fast)
  • Create crystals (between 43 min 05 sec and 23 min if your partner has maximum affection, but not specialized in artifice, if not even faster)


Little early info

So to start the adventure, let's start. As specified above, to be able to create your crystals at the end, you need the Artifice profession and especially the plans of the magenta crystals. If you miss one or the other, it is grated and we wish you good luck to buy some at the cheap galactic market, because generally, it is rather expensive if I believe the ones I have. seen and buy. FYI, I took 3 magenta shots from the galactic market for the modest sum of 200k, 300k and 332k.


Location of plans

Otherwise, I'll give you the info from the old article regarding the places to retrieve the plans. The base plan (+41 critical) is obtained from the World Boss in Belsavis. It seems that the other blueprints can be obtained from enemies in the Black Hole as well as from any World Boss (1 in 10 chance) but this has not been verified. However, the former author tells us that he had the +41 stamina plan while doing the Black Hole H4. So don't hesitate to tell us where you found your plans.

In short, if like the pros you already have the plans you want and the craftwork, it's good, let's go!


Location of crystals

  • Magenta adéga crystal
  • Blank magenta crystal

1st trip: Tatooine

Ah Tatooine ... Hot sand, Jawas, Siths in Thorazan ... Anyway, everything you need to have a good day? Unfortunately, we are only doing a very small tour on this magnificent planet because we come there only to give them water (or dihydrogen monoxide: see the hoax on this term here). I don't know what message they wanted to convey with it, but stealing water in a desert is pretty lousy anyway. Especially when you think of all the pure water that there is in Alderaan ... Anyway, we come there to take water from them ... For that, it's very simple.

If you are side Republic, you stay in Anachore and look for a structure that has a small blue sign at its base, there are not many and especially near the taxi. A screenshot? No, several?


Only structures that have a base above the ground have water. So the bases driven into the ground like in the picture below, will never have one.

Once you find one, you pick it up.

Once the 15 seconds have passed, here you are with an improvement (or buff).

As you can see, your improvement stays with you for 30 minutes. But now, in 30 minutes, a lot can happen. So I tested several small actions for you.

Question: If I right click on the buff, does it stay?
Answer: No, you lose it so don't miss out if you right click on one of your buffs!

Question: If I click on another panel, do I have a second buff?
Answer: No, it just resets your buff to the max duration (30 minutes).

Question: If I use fast travel or other teleportation, is that a problem?
Answer: Not at all, do not hesitate during the adventure to use your travel spells, it is sometimes very pleasant ^^

Question: I am dead. Is my buff still there?
Answer: No, so until you get to Hoth Mountain which we will see in the 2nd trip, don't die! Avoid enemies, zones of exhaustion, and the Sith (and, of course, them / stuck in combat to kill you).

Now if you're side Empire, it's the same except that by taking a quick tour of your Mos Ila base, I hardly saw any structures that could have panels. So if there really isn't any, rest assured, no need to come in force to take Anachore, there are these types of structures all over the outposts and a bit in the Jundland. As for the rest (water intake, buffs etc), I'll let you read the instructions provided above for the Republic side.


2nd trip: Hoth

Hoth. Nothing comes to me. An empty planet, which destroys my eyes. Nothing else ? No. Nothing. Oh yes, the tauntauns. Adorable and majestic animals that you can have in a mount (find the 2 "free" mounts that you can have on Hoth here). In short, apart from an empty planet, populated by these little critters, you will find a mountain there. The one that will move you forward in your crystal adventure of course.

If you are on the Republic side, take a taxi to Senth outpost and then descend south. Not very precise? Ok, I'll give you my card:

Once at the top of the mountain, you get the "Extreme Altitude" debuff.

Once this debuff is on you, of course you can guess that your Tatooine buff disappears. Yes and so? What happened ? It's very simple, your sweet Tatooine water has turned to ice. Yes, I swear, look in your inventory!

And since, like me, you like to play with your objects, I tested several things for you:

Question: Can I have more than one "frozen pure water" item in my inventory?
Answer: No. So if you went back to Tatooine to fetch water (like me to test) and have plenty of frozen water on you for the next step of the adventure, you just paid 450 credits for nothing. And if you're stubborn and once your Tatooine buff is on you and you go up Hoth Mountain with your frozen pure water in your inventory, you will of course lose your buff, but won't gain anything. It will just automatically replace your frozen pure water with another one. Pure waste of time then.

Question: Can I sell, barter or mail my frozen pure water?
Answer: So for sale, know that the NPCs do not want it. Or rather that they get rid of it for 0 credit. It's the same for the Galactic Market, you can't sell it. On the other hand, for bartering or sending by post, you can! So don't hesitate to create an official network for the sale of frozen pure water, it can be funny ^^ (thanks to Kishant from the Arc guild, for doing the barter test with me).

Question: If I click on my frozen pure water object, what happens?
Answer: Well you drink it. You do not believe me ? Try ^^ Yum, frozen water! Note that if you drink it, the Tatooine buff rolls over to you. So you just have to go down the mountain and go up it to find your debuff and your frozen water in your inventory.

Question: What exactly is this extreme altitude debuff doing?
Answer: Apart from transforming your water, it has several actions. First, as soon as you have it, you fall off your mount. Then it suppresses the regeneration of your health and makes you run slower. Imagine yourself with your shoes laced together and you'll know your character's speed even though it's still faster than walk mode. Finally, be aware that extreme altitude is not a zone of exhaustion. Despite the extreme cold, snow and wind, you will not lose your life. Besides, it's better for us. And while you're up there, take a few seconds to admire the scenery between 2 snowstorms.


3rd trip: Ilum

So for Ilum, apart from the Gree event, it's an uncrowded planet I find, I can't see anything. On the other hand, she has an evil champion who will allow you to obtain your adega magenta crystals by killing him. So there, I see you come up with the question: why do Tatooine and Hoth if this guy gives us our crystals directly? And the cruel answer is: because only people in your party or even you who have frozen water in their inventory will be able to pick them up. Hard, eh, to do all that to exchange frozen water for a dead man! In short, the point is, you have to go see this wicked little wolf.

For that, you know it now, I give you a nice card:

Once there, you normally see this:

Of course you saw the chest before the crystal despite my red arrow. If so, you are a funny Jedi. And if you are a Sith, it is just your nature, be proud, at least you have the eye. And since you have the chest under your nose, I'll tell you what I got on it to give you an idea of ​​the gain: 1 green rotten item and 4 credits. Yes, it is not with this chest that you will finally get rich. But the pleasure of seeing a safe and opening it is still incomparable.

The moment of hope of wealth having passed, let's see this crystal next to it. To reveal the boss, nothing could be simpler, you click on it. This done, you will have the honor of seeing a magnificent champion named "Phantom of the Force", visibly angry, appear in the luminous je ne sais quoi just behind the crystal.

So, let's study our opponent: Champion, level 50, with 221 hp. Our friend also has immunity against disabling and movement-affecting effects like any self-respecting boss, so forget about bumps and other dizziness right away. But on top of that, he has a form: Shien. Let's move on to the possible joke to be made with that shape name right away, and see what it does: it grants the boss increased damage dealt. And finally, our villain accumulates points on the Annihilator buff, which gives him a reduced cooldown of his next disintegration.

Personally, I attacked our friend with my Jedi Sentinel lvl 56, 31k pv and not really equipped. With me, my poorly equipped DPS companion, Kira Karsen. And to finish, I was equipped with my heroic moment as well as my 2 heroic spells (Jedi Knight and Consular). To sum up the fight in one word: Humiliation. Our friend blew me up despite my heroic moment. I don't remember how many% of life I took from him, but no more than 25% I think. In short, I returned to the charge afterwards, but with my companion healer: Doc and again my heroic moment. It was better but I was miserably dead when he had 25% left.

And for my last attempt, I thought a bit more. This time, I was going to play her not very loyal. And finally, I found out that was just the right thing to do. Let me explain: behind you, when you are facing the crystal, there are small ruins. And in these little ruins we have 3 republic individuals (so for our Sith friends I don't know any trick, try the same but with an enemy pack from your faction).

So here's what I did and what I recommend if you are going to see this villain alone and, like me, you are struggling a bit. You activate the crystal and, while the mob spawns, you'll stick to your little pack of 3 Republicans. Keep the aggro as much as possible during the fight because your NPC friends are not very strong and will die quickly under the blows of the boss, but their help is not refused. I also think that without my healer Doc, I would have struggled so take a healer, you never know. And there, if like me you have a little eye for your buffs, you will notice that from the first shots of the NPC pack, you will receive a new buff lasting 10 minutes. I let you discover it in the 2 images below.

Once our ghost is dead, crystals appear right next to the one you activated

Click on it to collect your magenta Adega crystal.

Let's move on to the questions and answers:

Question: Who can pick up the crystal by clicking on the crystals on the ground?
Answer: Anyone with pure frozen water on them. So whether you are in the party of the person who killed him or not, you can pick him up. So, I guess if a Sith passes before the crystals disappear from the ground, he too will be able to pick them up if he has the frozen water on him. But be careful, the crystals do not stay very long I find so if you want them, do not hang around too much.

Question: Can I sell, barter or mail my adega magenta crystal?
Answer: Yes, can you do anything? (an NPC buys it back 245 credits too ...)

Question: Can I wear multiple adega magenta crystals on me or is it like frozen water?
Answer: Rest assured, here you can stack them as you see fit?
That's it for the adega magenta crystal. With some plans (find them at the end of the article), you can already create magenta crystals. And, for others, you will need virgin magenta crystals. How to get them? It's rather simple, or rather, less scattered than for the one you just made!

1st trip: Alderaan

Alderaan, its soft music, its snow-capped mountains, its valleys with fresh grass, its bridges, its rivers and .... its very slow taxis ... Welcome to Alderaan! So let's start at the beginning: Alderaan is fine, but what are we looking for here? Answer: you are looking for stones. Okay, rocks are classier. Although the exact term is "Strange Crystal Formation". There you go, now you know. And where to look for them? Well there are various spawn points. Personally, some are simpler than others and rather easy to find once you know where to go. And of course, I have plenty of screenshots for you. Here is a 1st:

Picking it up, you'll find that in fact, you'll be in Minecraft for a moment (or Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, whichever you want). Go, your pickaxes and mine!

Once you have finished playing with your pickaxe, you will find that you have received a crystal in your inventory.

I will give you the questions and answers on him after having given all the spawn points. Here is a second. Normally it is in the area around where I am but I never found anything there.

Here is a third. Here too, I couldn't find anything (see on the second screenshot the place by which you can go up to where I am). The exact point is supposed to be in 1087, 1029. This is where I went up that we are closest to it and the exact point is right next to it, to my right in the last frame. And this place is precisely a phase for the Jedi consular so I guess the spawn area is the big snow covered part that I circled in the last screen as well as the lower part that goes down, still in the snow between them. rocks.

Here is a fourth. For this one, you have to climb a bit. As you can see, I try to put the widest possible view on my screenshots so that you have landmarks like a bridge, a ship, a stream or whatever. It always helps when you are down and looking for where to try to climb or even find the exact point of the rock to be mined.

Here is a fifth. This one is undoubtedly the simplest. The 2 spawn points almost touch each other. I put you with my friend Paint beautiful red arrows to show you where to climb. I even believe that by putting your most distant view of your character, you can see from below if either one is there. And as you can see, I was able to have both! Not the same day, eh, but the next day, I found it. So really, really easy!

Here is the sixth and last. For this one, you just have to be a little careful. Already, to get there, you pass (or arrive if you are Sith) right next to Camp Bolym. Continuing up north on the map, you will take the first large area of ​​snow on your left. After a while, you reach the rocks and see a stream below. For the rest, I hope I was precise enough in my screenshots with my arrows and my most distant shots of my character so that you can see as much landscape as possible to get your bearings in the game.

But let's move on to the two tips that will save you time, especially if you're a Republic:

  1. Before jumping from where I am in the second screenshot, visualize the rock to be mined. Normally you should see it. If not, either it's not there or you're in the wrong place.
  2. If you see it, jump but as soon as you can get your life back, do it. I died like this once wanting to go too fast and, believe me, from the Alde house it's long just for a stone.

So in order of simplicity on those that I could find, we have: the 5th, the 4th, the 6th and the 1st (unless you already know it, there it is simple but the first time, we look a little bit to go up).

Let's move on to the questions and answers:

Question: Do you need the Archeology profession to mine the rock?
Answer: Fortunately, no.

Question: Can I sell, barter or mail my rough crystal?
Answer: Ahah, we can't do it again, eh? So sell to an NPC yes: 90 credits. Sell ​​to the Galactic Market yes, barter as well and finally, you can also send it by mail. So many possibilities!

Question: Can I wear multiple crystals on me?
Answer: Yes, but you cannot stack them.


2nd trip: Tython / Korriban

Welcome to the most complex part of your entire journey: you are about to go to the first planet you have possibly walked on. You will then go all the way to the bottom of the map (for Republicans) or right in the middle (for Sith) and you will click a button. End. It's hard isn't it ?! Let's go !

So for the side Republic, you have understood it, you are going to the "Forge" area of ​​the cart, almost at the very bottom. Go, a little card:

And since the access is not always well known, I will make you other screenshots to illustrate the passage. Follow the guide !

Once in place, you discover the famous button.

Of course, you click on it:

No no, you did not dream this thing made you take the juice. Fun isn't it? In short, once you have recovered from your surprise boost, you can open your inventory and discover a crystal of adega virgin.

And for the side Sith, you go to Korriban. You go to the left area by taxi. And you follow the guide with a map and 2 other captures so you can be sure you don't mess up;

For the rest, I let you consult the guide for the Republic.

Okay so, you've been aiming for quite a few planets: melted on Tatooine and frozen on Hoth, finished crystallizing on Illum, climbed the Alderaan mountains to warm up, and took the juice on Tython or Korriban to wake you up. Now you have your 2 types of crystals, that's great, but then what? Well, all that's left is to use them with your Artifice craft. To do this, some simple and logical advice:

  1. To create your crystals, the best is to take only your partner who has a bonus on this profession. With my Jedi Sentinel, it's Lord Scourge (+10 artifice).
  2. Have the maximum affection with him. I'm not sure what it decreases or improves, but he loves you and that's the main thing!

If you are as lucky as I am, out of 5 crafts you will duplicate 2 of them. And I don't spit on 2 Tatooine-Hoth trips ... less.



The most interesting now is to show you plans, what it takes to create the whole and especially the result! Let us not forget that at the base, it is especially to have a beautiful color on your weapons. Or to sell them face to face in the Galactic Market, do as you like (but sometimes make the sales, think of us poor players with limited credits).

  • Indestructible
  • Resistance
  • Resonance
  • Vehemence
  • Eventreur
  • Wild

Advanced Magenta Indestructible Crystal

Creation time : 38 minutes and 1 second with your partner +10 artifice and affection at most / 43 minutes and 5 seconds with others but affection at most as well.

Advanced magenta resistance crystal

Creation time : 20 minutes and 18 seconds with your partner +10 artifice and affection at most / 23 minutes and 0 seconds with others but affection at most as well.

Advanced Resonance Magenta Crystal

Creation time : 33 minutes and 58 seconds with your partner +10 artifice and affection at most / 38 minutes and 30 seconds with others but affection at most as well.

Advanced vehemence crystal magenta

Creation time : 20 minutes and 18 seconds with your partner +10 artifice and affection at most / 23 minutes and 0 seconds with others but affection at most as well.

Advanced Magenta Ripper Crystal

Creation time : 38 minutes and 1 second with your partner +10 artifice and affection at most / 43 minutes and 5 seconds with others but affection at most as well.

Magenta Advanced Savage Crystal

Creation time : 20 minutes and 18 seconds with your partner +10 artifice and affection at most / 23 minutes and 0 seconds with others but affection at most as well.

Well I have shown you all the blueprints I have and thank in passing Mutuka0o from my guild The Knights Of Maliel for giving me a lot of old crystals for crafting.

However, there is still a gray area. Of course, if you are creating these crystals for yourself or if you are going to buy them, it is obviously to get a nice color, otherwise any color would suit you. So, the last question that arises is inevitably: in game, what does it give like pretty color? And, of course, I am answering you in picture, knowing that no matter what name of your advanced magenta crystal among those shown above, the color given will be exactly the same.

There you go ! You have now completed this guide to have all kinds of crystals needed to make or have your magenta crystals made! I just have to thank you for reading this block which I hope is very clear and entertaining. Do not hesitate to complete the information via the comments and / or give me your opinion!

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