SWTOR - Karagga Palace at 4-5

I was telling you about Team Phantoms at the start of the month, which had made the chamber of eternity with 4 players. This feat has made many players want to try it out and Sparkk (Bartoch) is one of them.

I introduce myself Sparkk (Bartoch) from the Prometheus guild on the Mantle of the Force server, this Saturday, October 20, 3 people from my guild and myself were looking to see if a small raid was planned on the fleet. No raid in sight, nothing at all, so we decided to make a small Room of Eternity between us 4! Clean in a little 50 minutes.

It then occurred to me to propose a Karagga Palace in normal mode and therefore, for once, always at 4. The first boss passed without difficulty with a Jedi Guardian (Dûrzo full 61), a Healer ( Nørus full 61), and 2 Jedi Sentinel (Gintoto and me, both full 61) still the same group as for CDE.

And that's when a fifth of the guild, coming out of a lightly drunk evening, connects (Turoks a commando dps full 61) and asks us to join us. (Far from being tipsy, no no a good geek stays sober).

We had planned to do it at 4, but as the saying goes, the more we are crazy the more we laugh (well not too much anyway if not more of a challenge ^^). So we continued the raid and finished it at 5 in exactly 57 minutes between the death of the first and the last boss, so around 1–1:05.

Apart from a slight difficulty on the Constructor (fourth boss) for the consoles, it's still really fun! It was a very nice outing, really addictive, and it allowed us to be able to have fun on an old raid while still exploiting our characters a little more. A lot of fun all together.

Tell me in turn your most memorable outings!

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