SWTOR - Gree Event: Into the Ship

Once a newcomer with the Gree, it is possible to access the Secant Gray ship by purchasing 1000 Credits for the Secant Gray Authorization from the Gree Reputation Merchant.

I do not yet have the reputation for this part, so I thank the loyal visitors (including Dabager) who posted information on the forum.


Second floor

Floor accessible from the purchase of the access pass, requires being a newcomer with the Gree.

We get 3 missions:

  • [DAILY] Advanced Test
  • Unit Rating
  • The old Gree relays


[DAILY] Advanced Test

This daily quest consists of going to click on three consoles, very well indicated on the map and to kill the mob that appears. The latter becomes at the end invulnerable, it is thus necessary to use the received object. Each use of the item places a charge, reducing damage dealt. At 5 charges, it breaks down for a few seconds.

Rewards: 10476 credits +1 basic distinction + 1 Gree data core granting 630 reputation points


Unit Rating

This quest requires killing the boss Xenoanalyst 2 who is in an instanced zone. Do not hesitate to consult the subject on the World Bosses of the event.

Reward : 16 credits + 147 gray propellers and an ancient Gree artifact that earns 2 reputation


The old Gree relays

It consists of finding droids on different planets (Voss, Tatooine, Coruscant / Dromund Kaas, Alderaan, Quesh and Hoth).

Reward : 16 credits + 147 gray propellers + L2-L Scout (a friendly reputation mini-fart required) and an ancient Gree artifact granting 1 reputation

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