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If there is one important thing in Galactic Starfighter, it is the ships. The game system will allow you to customize them to your liking, to adapt it to your style of play. A somewhat complex system, so we give you some keys to understand it well.

The following information was taken from Dulfy's guide. This is currently a provisional translation and the game is still in beta, so some names or descriptions may be wrong. We will have to wait for the actual release of the extension to have the final information (this guide will of course be updated at that time).

  • Canons lasers
  • Missiles, electromagnetic cannons
  • Shields
  • Moteurs
  • armor
  • Chargers
  • Capacitor
  • Reactors
  • Thrusters
  • Sensors
  • Recognition systems



Canons lasers

5000 RV to unlock each component.

  • Light barrel
  • Laser cannon
  • Quadricanon laser
  • Rapid fire
  • Heavy laser cannon
  • Burst laser cannon
  • Ionic cannon



Missiles, railguns

Missiles can only be launched when locked to the target. Rockets can be launched without locking, but the target must be aimed manually. Missiles / Rockets are only available for Strike Fighters and Scouts, as well as Bomber drone carriers.



5000RV to unlock each component.

  • Rocket Mods
  • Stun missiles
  • A fragmentation
  • Proton torpedoes
  • Ion missiles
  • Thermite torpedo
  • Sabotage probe


Electromagnetic guns

5000RV to unlock each component. Railguns can only be used by Gunships.

  • Ionic
  • With perforating bullets
  • Plasma





1500RV to unlock each component.

  • Loaded shield
  • Quick charge
  • Directional
  • Distortion Champ
  • Retroactive
  • Fortress
  • Motor power converter





4000RV to unlock each component.

  • Convert. Energy Weapons
  • Convert. Energy Bouclier
  • Barrel Roll
  • Koiogran Turn
  • Retro Thrusters
  • Power Dive
  • Snap Turn
  • Rotational Thrusters
  • Interdiction Drive





3000RV to unlock each component.

  • Light Armor
  • Deflector Armor
  • Reinforced Armor





3000RV to unlock each component.

  • Energy extension
  • Ammunition expansion
  • Regeneration extension





3000RV to unlock each component.

  • Range capacitor
  • Frequency capacitor
  • Damage capacitor





3000RV to unlock each component.

  • Turbo reactor
  • Regeneration reactor
  • Large reactor





3000RV to unlock each component.

  • Regeneration
  • Of management
  • Of speed
  • Power





3000RV to unlock each component.

  • Damping
  • Scope
  • Communication



Recognition systems


5000RV to unlock each component.

  • Targeting telemetry
  • Sensor beacon
  • Fast charge
  • Surcharge des blasters

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