SWTOR - GSH: Tatooine Fortress

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Let's explore the fortresses, in this series of guided tours, each with the unlocking prices, number of occupants, rooms, etc. Direction the deserts of Tatooine.

Price to unlock : 2 500 000/2 500 pcs.
Extensions maximum : 7


Level two

We arrive on the balcony of the fortress.

Two pieces are unlockable on each side:

Cliffside Room North and South : each 800 credits / 000 PC, +900 occupants, +5 decorations.

In the middle, a small corridor leads to a room where there is an elevator in the middle, allowing you to go down to level one.


Level one

The elevator leads to a large courtyard.

On the far right, a door leads to the Dock Bay : 1 credits / 800 CP, +000 occupants, +2000 decorations, with the possibility of placing a large ship in there!

The staircase from the large courtyard leads to the second level.

Going up, you reach a sort of garden, with two locations under parasols, perfect for barbecues and a giant hook location.


Back on the second level, the left door gives access to the first Homestead Room : 900 credits / 000 PC, +950 occupants, +5 decorations. A small, unpretentious room.


The next door leads to a tunnel ...

... which itself leads to a small enclave where three rooms Homestead Room can be unlocked, for each: 900 credits / 000 CP, +950 occupants, +5 decorations.




See you soon for the discovery of the fortress of Dromund Kaas. 

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