SWTOR - GSI: Hoth's Daily Quests

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We finish this overview of the daily quests of GSI by making this time a passage on Hoth. First, activate the GSI Mission Terminal, which will give you five quests.


  • Crash tests
  • Putting the pieces together
  • Under the arrows
  • Carved in fire
  • H2 - the nucleus of fission


Crash tests

Take the taxi to the Republique des Cols depot.

It will be necessary to scan ships and crashed rescue capsules on the ground, which you can find in four places.

Remember that the macroscope has a fairly large range, you don't have to get very close to the spot.





Once the four wrecks have been scanned, transmit the data and take the reward.



Putting the pieces together

We continue with the crashed ships, where we will have to look for data stolen from GSI in wrecks. Five locations are possible, you will have to scan them one by one until you find the right one.

Once the right ship has been found, all you have to do is take the reward offered.



Under the arrows

Go to the indicated area to unearth ship components.

Once three pieces of debris are unearthed, all you have to do is drop them in GSI's drop box at the spaceport to receive the reward.



Carved in fire

This quest will require digging up steel ores. Three possible excavation zones to find these minerals.

To find these minerals, we will have to look for my ptizamis. You will have to launch your research droid on the volcanoes of the indicated areas, without indications on the locations.

Once the minerals are found, send them through the drop box.



H2 - the nucleus of fission

Direction the marker to enter the wreckage of the Fury of Ambria

The objective is to recover samples of irradiated hard steel. The concern is that the room where these samples are located is filled with poison gas. The first step will therefore be to find a way to breathe in there. Search the cashier at the entrance and get the helmet.

Do not forget to equip it, you will have a funny surprise if not? Destroy the barrels to open the door, and it's party time. You already come across a group of four Strong enemies, which may give you a bit of a hard time. You will then find two Elites, then a group of four Forts and an Elite.
The penultimate room will leave you in the hands of a gentle Wampa Champion. Zigouille it then use the computer to open the door.

Then you just have to recover the dursteel on the ground with the research droid to finish the mission and receive the reward.

A big thank you to Marmadoc et Feral-Wolverine for having accompanied me in this quest.

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