SWTOR – Hoth

Hoth, one of the most distant and least inhabited planets in the known galaxy, was of little interest to the Republic until it became the scene of a terrible defeat. At the height of the Great War, Empire and Republic clashed in the Hoth System in a decisive battle that saw the destruction of some of the most powerful and sophisticated ships in the galaxy.

Following the battle, the icy planet became a gigantic space cemetery for hundreds of ships from both enemy camps, some prototypes deployed by the Republic in hopes of taking advantage. But the war continued, and neither the Empire nor the Republic had the time and means to organize recovery operations on Hoth.

The presence of such technological treasures on Hoth aroused the lust of an ambitious pirate confederation, which undertook its own salvage operation. Aided by an army of droids and mercenaries, the pirates began to loot the useful remains of the wreckage in an effort to assemble their own warships and thus create a pirate armada.

But since the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, Hoth has been the scene of serious tensions. The Republic and the Empire have reinvested the planet with the firm intention of recovering the remains of their war machines. Despite the peace and remoteness of the planet, skirmishes frequently break out between the two superpowers determined to fight to the end for the reconquest of Hoth.

The battle has only just begun to reclaim Hoth and his abandoned technological treasures.

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Outer border

Without government


Ice desert

The planet is covered with the remains of a major battle of the great war that took place in its orbit

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