SWTOR - Imperial Agent: the companions

Deception and infiltration can quickly lead to madness when you are alone. Fortunately on SW: TOR you will never be alone without wanting to! Each class has 5 unique companions as well as a droid, I will now introduce you to the proud partners who will follow you as Imperial Agent.



  • Race: Rattataki (F)
  • Combat Role: Ranged Tank
  • Where you can get it: Hutta during your last class quest (approximately level 9)
  • Equipment: Blaster + Shield Generator as well as heavy Aiming equipment.
  • Status: Mysterious young lady working for Nem'ro the Hutt, will join you after you
  • Crew Skill Bonus: +10 Weapon Crafting Efficiency / +2 Critical Criticality in Illegal Trade
  • Affection multiplier: * 1
  • Romance possible? Yes



  • Race: Human affiliated with the Killik nest (M)
  • Combat role: Dps CaC
  • Place of obtaining: Alderande during your class quest (level 30 approximately)
  • Equipment: Electric staff as well as Willpower light armor
  • Status: Diplomatic Service agent infiltrated in a Killik's Nest, will follow you following his betrayal of the swarm
  • Crew skill bonus: +5 Efficiency in Bioanalysis / +5 Criticality in Diplomacy
  • Affection multiplier: * 2.16
  • Romance possible? Yes


Doctor Lokin

  • Race: Human / Rakghoul (M)
  • Combat Role: Healer in Human Form / Cac Dps in Rakghoul Form
  • Place of obtaining: Taris during your last class quest (level 36 approximately)
  • Equipment: Blaster + Knives as well as intermediate Tip equipment.
  • Status: Former convenience store conducting personal research on rakghouls, possessing the ability to transform into rakghouls whenever they want
  • Crew Skill Bonus: +15 Biochemistry Efficiency / +10 Investigation Efficiency
  • Affection multiplier: * 2.73
  • Romance possible? Not


Ensign Temple

  • Race: Human (F)
  • Role in combat: Dps "Sniper"
  • Drop point: Hoth during your last class quest (around level 41)
  • Equipment: Double Blaster as well as intermediate equipment Tip
  • Status: Human possessing mysterious powers of force, having joined the Chiss ancestry to flee the Empire, will join you following your success on Hoth
  • Crew Skill Bonus: +10 Recovery Efficiency / +2 Criticality in Armor Crafting
  • Affection multiplier: * 3.73
  • Romance possible? Yes



  • Race: Droïde (F)
  • Combat role: Tank CaC
  • Location: Belsavis during your last class quest (Approx Level 44)
  • Equipment: Tech Staff + Shield Generator as well as droid parts
  • Status: SCORPIO was guarding several prisons in Belsavis until you used his order codes in Hyper-Security Ward 23 to subdue it.
  • Crew skill bonus: +10 Cybernetic Efficiency / +2 Critical Hacking
  • Affection multiplier: * 6.83
  • Romance possible? Not

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