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Attention, this article contains the elements of the history quest of the Jedi consular class. It therefore contains revelations. Please go out if you don't want to know them.

On Tython, the Jedi experience several disturbances with their neighbors the Dchessmen. Master Yuon Parr, famous for his work in archeology, sends his apprentice to retrieve the holocrons (well, their equivalents) from the four founding masters of the Jedi Order. Except that Rajivari's is missing. Its teachings not being as bright as modern Jedi orthodoxy, it needs to be rediscovered before it is misused. The culprit is a Twi'lek from a nearby village, whose relationship with the Jedi Temple is quite difficult. He wanted to use these lessons to form an army that would turn things around on the planet. Choices that worry even the ghost of Rajivari. Apprentice and trandoshan hunter Qyzen Fess, a friend of his master, finally succeed in stopping him. Yuon Parr celebrates the victory by promoting his student to the rank of Jedi, but collapses in the middle of the ceremony.

Tython not having the material to cure his illness, Yuon Parr and his entourage leave for Coruscant. But conventional medicine can do nothing for her. On the contrary, the Jedi master sinks. She no longer recognizes hers, and in her delirium speaks regularly of a certain Parkanas and a dark man. His former apprentice and Qyzen Fess then go in search of noetikons, artifacts containing some Jedi knowledge lost after the sacking of Coruscant ten years earlier. The spirits of the masters recorded in it identify the disease as the Dark Plague invented by Sith Terrak Morrhage. They teach the Jedi Consular a shield technique that can protect the sick, but this is only a temporary method. To stop it all, you have to find and defeat the responsible Sith. This still allows to give Master Parr more time.

Other masters showing signs of the Dark Plague, the Jedi Council asks the consular to take care of them. On Taris, Kaleesh Master Cin Tykan fell into paranoia in the midst of an archaeological expedition. He has turned against his comrades and even seeks to destroy holocrons. His actions threaten the survival of the Republican colony, to the point that justice would like to deal with his case. Actions that would horrify him if he weren't under the influence of the one he calls Lord Vivicar.

On Nar Shaddaa, we must find the master Duras Fain. Jedi Council member Syo Barkan advises talking to his friend ex-technologist Tharan Cedrax. This one, with his holographic assistant Holiday, informs the new arrivals of the existence of a new criminal group which seems related to their target. Fain is known to hate the beloved criminal activities of the Hut Cartel, and they are the ones he wants to go after. And getting him out of the justice of such a government is much more difficult than for a republican world like Taris. It takes a lot more skill. Learning to deal with Yuon Parr's apprentice, their target tells them about a joint expedition to the dark world of Malachor III, where one of their own, Parkanas, had disappeared. Duras Fain's daughter is also revealed to be infected when she takes control of the cruiser Carida. Investigation reveals that she had been contaminated by Sith Lord Vivicar.

Next on the list is Master Eriz Vossan, who studies the peoples of the Tatooine Desert. Or rather studied them, now he pushes the Tusken raiders to declare a new war on their neighbors. The conflict has not yet started, it has so far only been declared missing. But deep in the desert, he has the elements to create a particularly powerful army. It must be stopped before it is too late.

On Alderande, master Sidonie Garen opened a great summit for peace on behalf of House Organa, but his actions tend to lean more towards generalized conflict. Only representatives of other houses are allowed to approach him. She doesn't want to see other Jedi. Fortunately, the Organa have among their allies the small House Teral which needs to regain importance. With their sesame, the consular can intervene in time to prevent the representatives from being massacred.

The problem of these masters settled, it is time to find the responsible for this Dark Plague, this Sith Lord Vivicar. During a meditation, Yuon Parr puts himself in danger to spot him. Only her defeat can save her now. But she managed to locate him and transmit his position. His apprentice can travel to the coordinates, where he confronts Parkanas, this Jedi who had disappeared on Malachor V and who is now possessed by the spirit of Terrak Morrhage. Should we treat him and banish the spirit that manipulates him or kill him to punish all his crimes. The second solution is linked to the Dark side but the first requires sacrificing a lot of resources ... In any case, for his actions and his victories, the Jedi Council appoints the consular Barsen'thor, that is to say "guardian of the 'Order', a very prestigious honor which is only granted for the third time in Jedi history.

Some time later, master Syo Barkan contacted the new Barsen'thor. Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus is in a somewhat tense situation with the Rift Alliance, a group of senators and ambassadors who find his policies insufficiently forceful. He would like a Jedi master to represent him in their reports, and particularly named the one who recently received a certain very prestigious title. But when this envoy arrives on Deralia where he must find their cruiser, it has been approached by a group of Sith. With the help of Nadia Grell, daughter of Senator Tobas Grell of Sarkhai, he manages to save them. Now we have to earn their trust. Tai Cordan, former minister of Balmorra, is part of the Rift Alliance. As the Republic has decided to get involved in reclaiming the planet, the Rift Alliance asks the Barsen'thor to ensure that their ally remains in the new government. This requires a unification of the Resistance movements, and one of the main leaders to be convinced turns out to be a twi'lek nicknamed Zenith (with Marlon Wayans). Zenith and the Jedi team up to iron out several difficulties the Empire could cause the new government. In particular, they save the former president from the clutches of the Sith Governor, but he has been too tortured to resume his functions. Tai Cordan is Balmorra's new political master, and Zenith is appointed as the planet's representative to the Republic and the Rift Alliance.

On Quesh, the Rift Alliance had built a secret research center, dubbed Station Attis. But the Empire has learned it, and seeks to seize its discoveries. During the battle for reconquest, Nadia Grell reveals powers related to the Force. She is gifted, powerful, but has not received any training. Which could be a problem because Sarkhai is not used to sending these children to the Jedi. But the question will have to be raised later. For now, it is politics that takes precedence. And another, who is the traitor who revealed the existence of Attis Station?

On Hoth, the Rift Alliance is having trouble with a White Claw pirate, the Immortal Valon. He escapes death thanks to technological armor he has stolen. Armor that the Empire would also like to recover. It will take the help of Lieutenant Felix Iresso of the Army of the Republic to succeed in pushing him to his limits, where his technological advantage can no longer withstand the pressure. Such feats are such that the leaders of Sarkhai wish to meet the Barsen'thor. It is then that the traitor reveals himself. Senator Augin Blaesus of Erigorm is actually a Child of the Emperor, an infiltrated Sith answerable only to the Head of the Empire. The royal couple is saved and the alliance strengthened, but the confirmation of a traitor remains a serious matter? What if there are more? Syo Barkan confirms that the Jedi Council has heard of other Children of the Emperor. He also announces that Supreme Chancellor Janarus has asked the Jedi to resume their military command posts. As a result, the Barsen'thor is theoretically at the head of the armed forces of the Rift Alliance.

With Rift Alliance troops limited, the Barsen'thor is asking the noetikons for help. The spirits of the registered masters then speak to him of an army locked up by the rakatas for several thousand years. The trail takes him to Belsavis, where chaos reigns due to an Imperial attack. Some of these esh-khas have already freed themselves and are reacting with violence. You have to find the leaders of a faction ready to negotiate. Not obvious when another ally turns out to be a Child of the Emperor, a local officer this time around. Another manages to kidnap Tobias Grell. Facing the recovery team, he admits working for the First Son, the head of the Children. But it is too late to save the senator from Sarkhai, who dies from his injuries. He only has time to ask the Barsen'thor to watch over his daughter and make her his apprentice.

The Sullustean senator Diab Duin of Aeten II then proposes to go to Voss, a neutral planet whose inhabitants are reputed to be able to see the future. What an advantage it would be to convince one of these mystics to join them! And precisely, one of them needs an ally to reach his potential. And when another Emperor's Child stands in their way, it's an opportunity to learn more about the enemy. For example, that some of them have a split personality and know nothing about the Sith. And the First Son would be one of them. He himself would therefore ignore who he is and how he undermines the efforts of the Republic.

The Empire is now attacking Corellia. Originally from the planet, Syo Bakarn is one of the leaders of the defense of the planet. The Barsen'thor and the Rift Alliance are under his command. They are deployed to seize an enemy cruiser, but this turns out to be a trap. They barely manage, Nadia Grell even being separated from the group. His escape pod crashes on the planet. But it has several computer memories containing the plans of the enemy. And even the identity of the famous First Son. The revelation crushes the Jedi Council. The leader of the Emperor's Children is one of them, it's Syo Bakarn. And if his defense plan collapses, if the fortresses he built are taken, then Corellia cannot be freed. You have to take them one by one before you can confront the traitor. Captured or eliminated, the other personality of the First Son may not be allowed to sit down at his Council seat. The vacant place must find a new holder. And who better than the Barsen'thor would be worthy of this post?

Members of the Jedi Council regularly shine on the front lines in battles against Republic opponents. If the Barsen'thor is renowned in the Senate for his diplomatic talents, praised even by Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, he is also a seasoned fighter who distinguished himself on the front line during the battles of Illum and Makeb. Apprentices who one day study his holocron can be sure of having a master who has carried the safeguard of the galaxy on his shoulders.

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