SWTOR - Jedi Consular: the companions

The life of a Jedi is strewn with pitfalls, you would not survive on your own. On SW: TOR you will never be alone without wanting to! Each class has 5 unique companions as well as a droid, I will now introduce you to the proud partners who will follow you as Jedi Consular.


Qyzen Fess

  • Race : Trandoshan (M)
  • Combat Role: Melee Tank
  • Place of obtaining: Tython during your last class quest (level 9 approximately)
  • Equipment: Techno-Blade with Heavy Sight equipment.
  • Status: Faithful friend of Yuon Parr he will join you following the dishonor he has suffered, he considers you as the messenger of the Guardian of the points.
  • Crew skill bonus: +15 Archeology Efficiency / +5 Bioanalysis Efficiency
  • Affection multiplier: * 1
  • Romance possible? Not



  • Race: Droïde (M)
  • Combat Role: Healer
  • Place of obtaining: Coruscant when obtaining your ship, he will wait for you on board and join the team. (level 16 approximately)
  • Equipment: Quite particular, parts of droids which my faith are rather rarely found as well as a blaster, as he says himself when you obtain it he does not like to fight but will do it if you really want it, I advise you personally to leave him aboard the ship and make him a slave @ crew skill.
  • Status: Droid courtesy of the purchase of your ship
  • Crew Skill Bonus: None
  • Affection multiplier: * 1
  • Romance possible? Not


Tharan cedrax

  • Race: Human (M)
  • Combat Role: Healer
  • Location: Nar Shaadda during your last class quest (approx level 24)
  • Equipment: Blaster pistol + Submachine gun as well as medium armor.
  • Status: Model engineer hated by many people, he will decide to follow you to break the monotony that has settled in his life on the smuggler's moon
  • Crew Skill Bonus: +10 Cyber ​​Efficiency / +10 Hack Efficiency
  • Affection multiplier: * 1.46
  • Romance possible? Not



  • Race: Twi'lek (M)
  • Combat role: "Sniper" ranged DPS
  • Location: Balmorra during your last class quest (approx level 36)
  • Equipment: Sniper rifle + Submachine gun as well as medium armor.
  • Status: A seasoned rebel dedicated to the liberation of Balmorra, will be placed under your command by Tai Cordan after your success on the planet.
  • Crew Skill Bonus: +15 Efficiency in Treasure Hunting / +1 Critical in Illegal Trade
  • Affection multiplier: * 2.73
  • Romance possible? Not


Lieutenant Felix Iresso

  • Race: Human (M)
  • Combat role: Tank Distance
  • Location: Hoth during your last class quest (approx level 41)
  • Equipment: Blaster Rifle + Shield as well as heavy Aiming equipment
  • Status: Lieutenant of the Rift Coalition Crew, he will ask to join you following your success in capturing Valon.
  • Crew Skill Bonus: +2 Critical Weapon Crafting / +2 Critical Critical Recovery
  • Affection multiplier: * 3.73
  • Romance possible? Yes


Nadia Grell

  • Race: Sharkai (F)
  • Combat Role: Melee Dps
  • Place obtained: After Belsavis (level 44 approximately)
  • Equipment: Double-bladed laster saber + Catalyst as well as Willpower light armor
  • Status: Daughter of Senator Grell, will become your Padawan following the death of her father.
  • Crew Skill Bonus: +10 Synthweaving Efficiency / +2 Critical Criticism in Diplomacy
  • Affection multiplier: * 6.83
  • Romance possible? Yes

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