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Please note, this article contains the elements of the Jedi Knight class history quest. It therefore contains spoilers. Be sure to go out if you don't want to know them.


Tython's Jedi Academy is threatened. Shredders, one of the living species on the planet, are launching raids on the training grounds of apprentices and insiders. Coming to investigate this phenomenon, Council member Orgus Din discovers that fallen Jedi guide and lead them. He also discovers that a simple apprentice almost alone managed to block one of their offensives. He even defeated one of those enemy leaders armed with a lightsaber when he only had a vibrolam. Informed of this case, Grand Master Satele Shan interrogates this witness, but Master Din quickly formalizes that he takes him as an apprentice. An event because he hadn't had one since the last one disappeared during Coruscant's sack ten years earlier and was considered dead. But he wasn't. He was in charge of the shredders. Thanks to this knowledge and the surprise effect, he manages to defeat Master Din but the reinforcement of this new apprentice and the astromechanical droid T7-O1 was too much for him. And so ends this threat against the Jedi Academy. And the new hero was quickly appointed to the rank of Jedi Knight.

Some time later, the newly appointed knight joined Coruscant, where his former master Orgus Din awaited him as well as Bela Kiwiiks, another member of the Council, and his apprentice Kira Carsen. General Var Suthra, a squid man responsible for the development of new weapons and a supporter of the Jedi Order, whose service had just been the victim of a data theft. Not being famous enough to attract the attention of senior politicians who sought the advice of the masters, it was the knight who fell the bulk of the investigation. Kira Carsen joined him when a senior scientist was kidnapped. But the latter turned out to be an undercover Sith and responsible for this data theft. He activated one of the superweapons projects, threatening Coruscant, and began relaying information to his superior. This Tarnis was killed in the ruins of the Jedi Temple, interrupting these plans. But his boss already had partial data. It was Darth Angral, one of the Empire's most powerful military leaders and already responsible for the sack of Coruscant. And worse yet, it was Tarnis' father. Drunk with revenge, he is ready to shatter the peace between the Republic and the Empire.

Masters Orgus Din and Bela Kiwiiks set out to organize the defense of two dangerous superweapons. The other three members of the team were employed as a mobile brigade. On Ord Mantell, destruction of an imperial secret service relay. Then direction Taris in search of Doctor Nasan Godera, eminent scientist who had directed the work on the super-weapons concerned, but who had left the service of General Var Suthra for differences of opinion. But he knows too much, and both sides covet his knowledge. Darth Angral has seconded the best Imperial Secret Service agent, Observer 1 (only Cerberus and the Secret Service Minister are above him in the hierarchy). An expert in confusion and manipulation. And since he was the first to arrive on the planet, chasing after him for a while is not the easiest. But he needs to stop to transfer his data. And there he can be caught up.

On Nar Shaddaa, Darth Angral sent one of his apprentices, Lord Sadic, to take over a soldier improvement project. Faced with him, even the SIS does not know where to turn. And impossible to appeal to the authorities of the moon, the Hutts must ignore everything. With an aggressive strategy, Sadic manages to keep his opponents at bay while he applies these improvements himself. Once done, he abandons all caution and moves on to direct confrontation. Bad idea. And Kira Carsen receives a message from an officer in Dark Angral who wants a date. It is actually a trap. A Sith attacks them so that Kira can join a group called the Children of the Emperor. Consulted on the matter, the Jedi Council does not consider the apprentice too great a threat for the current mission.

Next planet, Tatooine. Kira wants to talk about all this with Bela Kiwiiks. But then again, Dark Angral sent another of his apprentices. Lord Praven succeeded in seizing the weapon and the Jedi master. He organizes a real game of tracks in the desert and the territories of the men of the sands. And to be able to find which cave the weapon and the prisoner are in, the final test was a lightsaber duel. Praven might have only known the path of the Imperial Sith, he would not have been disoriented if he had found himself among the Jedi. Moreover, the only corpses he left behind on the planet were deaths necessary as part of his mission. No gratuitous violence. This different behavior did not prevent him from being defeated. Being trapped next to the activated weapon has come at a great cost to Master Kiwiiks, who immediately returns to Tython to rest and recuperate.

The last planet on the list is Alderande. The weapon developed here is an ultra-sophisticated target marker. Lord Nefarid, Dark Angral's last apprentice, and his agents have fun taunting the knight with the stolen equipment. Even the Organa house, allied with the Republic, no longer knows how to position itself in this affair. But the Jedi has an ally there. His former master Orgus Din is also there, and by coordinating they can cover more territory. The Sith is cornered by the knight, while the member of the Jedi Council manages to infiltrate aboard the Imperial General's cruiser in orbit. Victory on the ground, but Dark Angral opens the Holonet to live stream Orgus Din's execution. Galactic peace is more than ever on the verge of shattering, especially as the stolen weapons have been combined into one more powerful one on this flagship. After being tested on Uphrades, the first real target is Tython and his Jedi. The Knight is the only one who can stop him in time. He and Kira Carsen board the ship and confront Darth Angral. It is then that they discover the true meaning of an Emperor's Child: the spirit of the leader of the Empire takes hold of the body of the Jedi Apprentice. But she succeeds in resisting him and rejecting him. For thus rejecting the Dark side she was facing, the Jedi Council will elevate her to the rank of knight. As for his comrade, for his exploits, he is honored under the title of Hero of Tython.

As the Empire apologizes for the unapproved acts of one of its generals, the new Hero of Tython is free to go about his business. It is then that the ghost of Orgus Din appears to him and asks him to go to Tatooine. By obeying, he thus saves the zabrak Jomar Chul, who returns from a spy mission in the imperial territory. He was working in preparation for a mission for the kel dor member of the Tol Braga Council. The Hero and his relatives therefore find themselves entangled in it. Its mission is to bring together the members of a team. The first is Warren Sedoru, who helps the resistance on Balmora. To help him find a camouflage system, the Knight joins forces with Archiban Frodrick Kimble, nicknamed Doc, an adventurer sympathetic to the cause who recently arrived on the planet. And who leaves with the Jedi once the mission is over.

On Quesh, the man to be found is called Sajar. He was once a Sith, and even a member of the Dark Council. But Tol Braga managed to bring him back to the Light side. Which made him alienate some of his old friends. Having discovered his whereabouts, the Emperor sent him his Fury, his personal executor. But once he meets the Hero, he seems satisfied and leaves without having completed his mission. Either way, Sajar is too disturbed by the threat to his life to be of any further use for the mission at hand.

Now head to Hoth, where nautolan Leeha Narezz and her droids search the wreckage for plans for the Emperor's Fortress. But this time, in addition to the Imperial soldiers who seek to make them disappear, we have to reckon with the White Claw pirates installed in the area. Any redeemable information is to their liking, if they can get their hands on it first. Fortunately, the Jedi and their comrades can count on the help of Sergeant Fideltin Rusk. It was necessary to eliminate one of the leaders of the White Claw and members of the Imperial Guard (the elite of the Emperor's bodyguards) to gain access to this information. The Hero of Tython and his companions, Tol Braga, Warren Sedoru and Leeha Narezz are ready to carry out their mission: to capture the Emperor himself. Critical failure! His personal power has been underestimated, he is able to defeat and capture the task force on his own.

The Hero of Tython returns to him several weeks later. The intervention of the ghost of Orgus Din allowed him to escape the brainwashing of the Emperor's minions. And the only person to notice it, and help him escape is a rather surprising choice: Lord Scourge, the Emperor's Fury. He claims to have seen him defeat his master in a vision. Back on Tython, even the Jedi Council are skeptical but choose to trust him. War is finally declared, and Imperial forces have attacked the prison planet of Belsavis. Scourge reveals that under the guise of freeing the Dread Masters, the Emperor is planning a massacre that will amplify his powers. He and his Executor Krannus must be stopped. A special division ready to sacrifice itself to succeed in its mission. It will be necessary to go to the depths of the prison to finally confront him before his bombs explode. Then head to the Flamme de Korriban station where Jomar Chul no longer answers. And for good reason, he was captured by Leeha Narezz, who tries to return him. The other members of the expedition supposed to capture the Emperor were all transformed by his tortures ...

Leeha Narezz has revealed that a Sith named Fulminiss has been sent to Voss for a similar ritual. A news that disturbs Master Shan as much as Lord Scourge. The voss are neutral, and have already succeeded in repelling the Imperials once. In reality, the Emperor's Agent seeks to free the most powerful evil entity on the planet, Sel-Makor. A being who has corrupted part of the planet to the point that the local inhabitants fear to venture into his territory. And no time to breathe after such a victory, Warren Sedoru has seized the Vaillant vessel and is holding Admiral Dabrin hostage. Confronted with the Hero of Tython, the Fallen Jedi announces the position of the last member of their task force: Tol Braga is now one of the tacticians in charge of the Imperial military forces on Corellia.

For ten years, the battles between Republic and Empire had been reduced to skirmishes, clashes linked to people and to the secret services. Not orders given by governments. Even Belsavis had been a raid, not an invasion. But the Imperial attack on Corellia is. Faced with the deployment of enemy troops and equipment, it will take a real army to find Tol Braga deep in the enemy headquarters. Fortunately, General Var Suthra is there, ready to lend a hand. Satele Shan has assembled a group of Jedi from the Outer Rim but also forces from Tython which she places under the Hero's command. A battle group sufficient to counter the offensives of the fallen former master of the Council. And corner him aboard his ship the Eclipse. It must be stopped before it detonates, creating severe destruction. Defeated, the kel dor informs that the Emperor has been weakened recently and will be vulnerable for a short time. The Hero of Tython then travels to Dromund Kaas and manages to lead a small group to the Black Temple. There, along with T7-O1, he confronts the leader of the Sith and manages to defeat him. The threat is finally dead, the galaxy can breathe.

Back on the Valiant, the Jedi Knight team are acclaimed and honored with numerous awards and medals. The Hero of Tython himself receives the title of Jedi Master. It has not been officially deployed since, but it has been spotted participating in the Battles of Illum and Makeb, as well as the Dread Masters campaign. No doubt he will be found on the front line against the emerging threat of the Revanites ...

note: The fact that the Jedi Knight only faced on Dromund Kaas a Voice of the Emperor (one of his avatars) and not the Emperor himself is not known to the Hero of Tython and by extension of the Republic. The latter will also formalize this death after Makeb. Only to know the existence of the Voices, Lord Scourge did not attend the fight and must therefore be satisfied with what others have told him.

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