SWTOR - Kill Them All: Quesh

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Our tour of the planets continues with Quesh. This little planet will take you a few moments to complete, because the 5 success sections it includes take a long time to complete. This is in particular due to the large number of monsters of strong or superior types to be eliminated and their weak numerical presence on the map.



Here are the 5 sections covered on this planet:

  • Aliens and mercenaries
    • Confrontation with the Cartel: Kill 150 fighters affiliated with the Cartel (Republic Character required).
    • Bumping into Families: Kill 150 fighters affiliated with families ((Imperial character required).
  • Beasts
    • Exterminate Quesh: Kill 1000 Havraps, Lobels or Musards Trinithans.
  • Droids
    • Droid Demolitionist: Kill 500 Droids.
  • Empire
    • Seize Quesh for the Republic: Kill 750 Imperial soldiers of strong levels or above.
    • Quesh Liberator: Kill two unique enemies:
      • Colossus DS-224
      • Lord Rhexa
  • Republic
    • Seize Quesh for the Empire: Kill 750 Republic soldiers of strong levels or above.
    • Tyrant of Quesh: Kill three unique enemies:
      • Foreman Telleon
      • Master Saryta
      • Yanu Selke

Unique enemies can be found on our achievement tool.


Loyalty card

On this map, there are many spots for killing members of the Imperialists or Republicans. On the left side you will find the Republican forts and on the right side the Imperials. Each obviously requires a character from the opposing faction to be able to achieve success. The map therefore shows the current spots of the quests and one spot of each where you will find more strong types in the area. Although they are usually further away from the bases, you will have to wait less in these areas before the repop, if at all.

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