SWTOR – Mission d’HK-51

It all takes place on Belsavis, in the new area, Sector X. Needless to say there will be plenty of revelations in this article, if you don't like them. spoilers, go your way! I would like to thank Kagerro and Bellamorte, two companions of the Ace guild, crossed at random from the Imperial Fleet and with whom I carried out these quests on the test server as well as Achilles who gave me additional information! This article, originally published on October 13, is continually updated with the information you provide to me.

  • Sector X
  • Investigate Fatalism
  • Find the plan
  • Collect the coins
  • End of quest and HK


Sector X

To access sector X, nothing could be simpler, just take your ship. Once on the Belsavis space station, you can go there directly:

As you get off the shuttle, the first quest giver is the one about HK's quest, the droid G0-A1! You see it, there, below:

It gives us Fatal errors:

We must visit General Avrun who is at the frozen lake, in the far west of Sector X.

The man has serious concerns and is waiting for reinforcements.

Years ago, when the Dread Masters were still imprisoned here, one of their apprentices stole the Fatalism, an Imperial cruiser. We never knew why. We thought Fatalism was lost ... until we found out the Dread Masters were digging its wreckage out of the ice right here. The High Command then instructed me to recover the ship (...) Fatalism was carrying a very important cargo (...) but we did not expect to find a horde of savages in the ship. The Dreadmaster's legions are led by a Houk. He keeps the heads of our dead like ice trophies (...) We will hold this position. Enter Fatalism, eliminate enemy forces and their leader Houk and find what's inside this ship. Good luck


Investigate Fatalism

It's time to get into the bowels of this strange vessel:

Nothing very complicated on this part, follow the mission orders and everything goes smoothly. After killing the Houk, leader of the Dread Legion and his shooters, you will make a hell of a discovery in a room behind him: hundreds of HK assassin droids stuck in the ice!

After having retrieved the cargo manifesto, you must report to General Avrun dehirs. The latter is as amazed as we are to see all these HKs, together we understand better why the apprentice had stolen this ship: with an army of HK droids, he could very well have freed the Dread Masters ... But there you have it, during the crash, the droids were damaged and spare parts are needed ... Against the promise of one of these droids, we are left with the mission to find the plans of the droids (originally designed by the Czerka) and parts to repair them. It was the Czerka Corporation who designed the HK droids, the complete plans must be in the archives of one of their laboratory: it left for Theoretika, a ship in the unknown regions.


Find the plan

This part is absolutely awesome and takes place in a ruined ship, with corpses all over the place in almost complete darkness. Fortunately, we are given a small light, illuminating around the character (you can see it above). The principle is simple: you have to find badges to progress through the rooms to deck 6 where the plans are located. By the way, there is a bonus quest asking to retrieve all the crew's registers.

  • 4 bridge
  • 3 bridge
  • 4 bridge
  • 5 bridge
  • Pont4
  • 5 bridge
  • 6 bridge

This is the first bridge, when you arrive. Obtain an Engineer Access Pass from a corpse on the ground to the north. This engineer pass gives access to the 2 armored doors to the south.

To the right and to the left, you will find the access to the starboard and port engines corresponding to deck 3.

In these motors you have 1 battery and 1 register on each side. It seems that only one battery is needed.

Once the battery is recovered, go up bridge 4 and go all the way north.

In the north, you can use the battery to activate a socket in the security substation, the console is powered, allowing access to deck 5 to be unlocked.

As soon as you arrive on deck 5, there is the first dialogue at the entrance. Take on the right and enter a room with kinds of lightning in the middle. Cross the water and click on a console. It reactivates electricity. but now, it's impossible to cross back to get out: electricity combined with water will kill you. You will have to jump on the pipes to get out, break a grid by exploding an object and reach the second door which opened when the electricity was activated. Here is the path from memory:

Right in front of the door, there is a security officer badge. Return to bridge 4 (exit at dialogue level 5).

It is now possible to enter the closed room, to the northeast. Be careful, in this room, the door will close and you have 4 minutes to find a way out. Look for a box on the ground, containing a fuse (southwest corner) to restart a control panel (northeast corner). Don't panic, be methodical and everything will be fine (I put small circles on the map).

Once the door opens, you find dialogue 6 and a body giving a medical badge. Go back to deck 5.

With the badge you can access the last inaccessible door of deck 5 to the southwest, just to the left of the entrance, with the last dialogue. Also remember to recover stims, it helps for the future:

Here, the bonus mission is finished, it remains only to go to the bridge 6, the access is done all north.

At bridge 6, it remains to finish reactivating the current. This done, a stasis chamber opens and a critter, named the Gamma 19 specimen comes out and attacks. He is a level 50 champion with 102 health points. Use the stims, found earlier in the medical lab deck 160, to weaken it, this makes it easy to 5!

Use the main research station to download the maps of HK! Well done, you have the plans ... we'll have to find the parts now.


Collect the coins

You've finished the funniest part, because now you're going to have to go to 7 locations to collect the scattered pieces of HK.



Start with Tatooine because it is the easiest. A new Jawa vendor to the southeast, Collector Kezzit, in the Outlaw's Den, is selling a wrapped HK transistor for 125 credits (be sure to open it to get the part!) Also check that you have well in your possession the Burba seismic scanner / extractor, you are going to need it!



Using the scanner

You must now use the scanner in 4 areas to find parts: Hoth, Taris, Dromund Kaas (Empire), Coruscant (Republic). You must therefore have a character of around level 15 (less if you find an escort) in the opposing faction: the piece is linked to the inheritance, allowing it to be sent to the character of your choice (on the server).

There is a priori no location for the element, it can be found in a large area on each planet. On the other hand, it is a big collaborative work: once a piece is found, anyone can pick it up for 1 minute (even from the opposing faction although the column of light indicating the find does not appear).

The scanner can detect parts that are up to 25m. Be patient, invite a few friends and with a little thoroughness, everything will be fine ... Note that for the part of the other faction, you can send yourself the scanner (easier than going to buy it even if you have a window of 2 hours to get it reimbursed).

  • Hoth
  • Taris
  • Dromund Cheese
  • Coruscant

The track is located around the wreckage of the Fury of Ambria, northeast of the Glacial Rift.


The piece is located in the wrecked city, near the wreckage of the Spire of Endar (in the middle of the area, delimited below by the roads)

The track is located towards the access to the Black Temple. All the pieces were found in the area surrounded, around the two paths. This coin does not increment the quest, you have to open the package in inventory, and can be mailed to another character on the server.

The piece is located in the Jedi Temple. This coin does not increment the quest, you have to open the package in inventory, and can be mailed to another character on the server.

Then you have to go to two contentious areas that I have not yet had the opportunity to do. Here is the information I gathered while waiting for me to find the time to finish (or for my agents deployed in the field, like Bellamorte, to help me!):

  • False Emperor in normal until HK47 which gives a coin (this step tends to bug elsewhere)
  • A difficult instance, depending on your faction:
    • Maelstrom Prison: after the discussion with Darth Revan in front of the exit shuttle
    • the Foundry: After defeating Revan, the coin is right next to the loot chest, or on Revan's body

End of the quest and HK-51

Once in possession of the 7 pieces, you have to return to the ship, to Belsavis, with rather sturdy packs (it is recommended to be 2) and a mini boss. If you are alone, you can also run to the boss and die at his feet and then attempt to kill him. Once the boss is dead, a cutscene ... and HK is there! The droid we get has an index 118 team, it has around 16k health points. Its main weapon has a +38 crystal, you can extract it if you want to upgrade your equipment at your own expense. We did a different article on the HK-51 companion.

Do not hesitate to complete this guide if you have the opportunity to do this mission!

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