SWTOR – Knights of the Fallen Empire : Infos leakées

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For the past few days, the community has been in turmoil around this famous #FallenEmpire, about which we have some information in sparse.

Well, let's call it an unfortunate blunder (at least not for us, who suddenly can find out more), the content of this next extension as well as its details have been inadvertently revealed, obviously on the official site, to this page which now leads to a broken image.

But since we are little tricksters, and we nosy around everywhere (and thank you Aracelia ^^), here is the content that has been unveiled on the official site, obviously a little too early! And just below the summary in spanish of important information.

  • Release Date: October 27
  • A FREE extension for subscribers
  • Early Access October 20
  • A full trailer visible on between 23 p.m. and midnight (no date, not practical ^^)
  • A new story, where the character would become the Outlander, veteran of the Great Galactic War, through the first 9 chapters of a story of a new type.
  • A story where the choices the player makes have an impact
  • A third faction would threaten the galaxy
  • The Outlander starts at level 60
  • An alliance to be created (Dragon Age syndrome?)
  • 8 playable classes (certainly the same or some semblance of existing ones)
  • More chapters to come, this is just the beginning
  • New companion: Nico Okarr, already seen in the "Return" cinematic
  • Items unlocked until the exit:
    • Companion: July 31
    • Nico Blasters Set: August 31st
    • Nico's raincoat: September 30
    • Swoop Bike mount: October 19
  • Subscribers between this period will be entitled to early access.
  • Cast of characters:
    • Arcann
    • Valkorion
    • Lana Beniko
    • Vaylin
    • Koth Vortena
    • Senya
    • HK-55
    • ARCANN
    • The Dark Prince


Here is the main information to remember about this leak. So it would seem that indeed, Bioware is really focusing on what they really do best, which is storytelling (literally ^^), and it looks like this next expansion marks the start of a new step in this way of doing things.

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