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We can say that the information on KotFE follows each other, some are similar, others not. But in any case, we have some, and it's already pretty good! I invite you to learn a little bit more, thanks to Ladyinsanity, Yououtuber and blogger, who was able to go to the private presentation of KotFE during E3, as well as to the conference and the Cantina Tour of the Comic-con de San Diego, and who transcribed everything, in writing, and in two videos, the summary of which you will find in spanish below.

Please note that everything that follows may contain spoilers for the story and content of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Don't read if you don't want to hear from you.



The story begins with you, the Stranger, fresh out of carbonite with the help of Lana Beniko. Your ship had been attacked, your crew detained, and you imprisoned. The Eternal Empire saw you as a threat and preferred to keep you under control.

You then flee with Lana, fighting different soldiers and troops. Including Tanek and his companion, two soldiers from the Eternal Empire who want to stop you. Three choices of dialogues are offered, two standards (attempting to avoid combat or initiate it), the third offers the possibility of persuading the guards by Force. But they are just Force sensitive, and persuasion fails, and the two guards attack you. At the end of the fight, one of the two runs away, ordering the other to flee, but Lana recovers with Force pressure. You can then decide whether or not to let it live. It can be noted that Lana doesn't just show her displeasure or not, but she stops altogether looking at you, as if asking your permission. The developers at this point decided to kill the guard. The consequence, in the rest of the story, being that the survivor will be determined to hunt you down. By letting Tanek live, his companion will remember him in another encounter.

Small jump in the story, and we find ourselves with Koth Vortera, who pilots a ship under enemy fire. This is where you learn that the solar reactor is about to explode. Two possible choices:

  • Luminous: you decide to prevent the reactor from exploding and a quest lasting about XNUMX minutes is activated.
  • Dark: You decide not to deal with it, which Lana appreciates, and not Koth.

The consequence of this choice will notably impact your return to Zakuul. It seems that depending on the choice, some areas will be accessible or not. We do not know exactly what impact this will have on populations.

In the final breakaway, you'll be up against Vaylin, whom Lana obviously knows who he is. She is about to sacrifice herself so that you can escape. At this point, a dialogue appears, leaving you the choice to let her sacrifice herself or not. Koth then appears and shoots Vaylin, giving you time to escape, droid HK-55 hauling you aboard.


New Levels 60

As we already know, subscribers will have the right to a brand new character directly level 60.

  • Default equipment, powerful enough to start the adventure.
  • This new character will not have credits directly given, to avoid scammers of all kinds.
  • No options to choose the "past" of his character, it is his class that will determine a "canon" past.


Partners and romances

The developers have put a lot of emphasis on it, the partners will have a very important place. The players had notably noticed the lack of reactions from a partner with whom we were in a relationship when we flirt with Lana or Theron. This is apparently in danger of changing, and your sweetheart may well know if you go messing around somewhere else.

There may not necessarily be the time it takes with new partners to build up an intimate relationship, however, the ultimate goal with romance is to come to a choice, by committing in some way or way. another. Knowing that it would be possible to kill a partner, we will have to choose wisely.


Episodic content

9 chapters at the start, then one chapter every month, that's what has been said. We can expect story content of AT LEAST one hour per chapter. It remains to define what this "story content" is. Only the dialogues + cutscenes, as some agree to say, or does that also include the phases of the games? In any case, some will be shorter than others, it all also depends on how you play.

Episode 1 will function as a tutorial, where skills will be a bit limited, to allow new players to familiarize themselves with the cycles.


Other content

It has been announced, when the expansion is released, there will be no new ZLs, no operations. No new content for PvP either. But ... it looks like the main story content won't be the only asset of this expansion. There may well be other types of content. But no more info on that yet, unfortunately.


Thanks to my dear Lylou for giving me this link!

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