SWTOR - KOTFE in master mode # 11

Attention this series of articles contains spoilers on the history of KOTFE and KOTET.

If you want to keep all the surprise on this content, stop at these lines.

After the chaos left on Zakuul and the recruitment of the Trublionne, aka Kaliyo Djannis, we are faced with the harsh realities of the war against Zakuul and Arcann's fleet. Tora, vice captain of Koth, joins us on the decks overlooking the cenotaph and reassures us of his loyalty. His crew will stay here to help fight Vaylin and his brother.

We join Theron Shan who wants to talk to us. He spotted the Chaos Squad on Zakuul and asks us to intervene to recruit them, the position of its members falling under treason against the Republic. For this, the SIS, secret service of the Republic sent an agent that we find in the swamps of Zakuul. We meet there Aric Jorgan, leader of the chaos squad who agrees to listen to us.

Unfortunately, this meeting is quickly interrupted by skytroopers who have spotted our landing. A first contingent intervenes and obtains two walkers the Zakel backup. These elites do a lot of damage and we lose our partner after the cutscene is released. The Chaos Squad will help us a lot because their elements have a healer, not very effective but present. In addition, they will gain the advantage by attacking the first: therefore give them some time so as not to take back the aggro of the walker too quickly. Once all your defensive capabilities are available, kill one and repeat the operation on the second. Do not hesitate to wait and take care of yourself if necessary in between. The Chaos Squad seems immortal.

Once this first difficulty is over, the major takes command and distributes his troops to evacuate the scene. He will therefore accompany us on the journey, part of which will be out of phase. A few creatures will stand in our way, as well as a few skytroopers. Let's get rid of them as usual before we find an elevation point where Aric can cover the rear of his comrades. In doing so he inquires about what we think of Arcann and informs us that Saresh still holds the reins of the Republic through a chancellor whom she manipulates. According to him, the values ​​of the Republic are lost in war.

It was then that he observed civilians pursued by skytroopers. We must therefore intervene. Our mission then turns into an elimination expedition to the refugee camp. Once achieved this objective, the camp is ravaged by the skytroopers and their droids who set it on fire, we help those still present. Once out of the woods, we then discover opponents who have dared to ask questions about the emperor's immortality, the reasons for his war and many of his choices. Our presence may have triggered the attack, we offer our help and escort them to the Chaos Squad camp.

Once safe, we learn that the squad's mission is to place a snitch on a communications facility. Theron approves the plan and we engage Odessen's forces to create a diversion during our infiltration mission. Lana and Theron launch hostilities and off we go to "inflict" a Zakelian base. Many guards, turrets of defenses and knights will always be present. Suffice to say that we will not go unnoticed.

As the building is protected by a force field, it must be deactivated by cutting the 4 energy couplers around it. The interior is then protected by a droid defender business from which it is better to stop the rain of missiles. Good news, the installed cookie works very well, but unfortunately it indicates that our enemies are aware of our presence.

Back on the base's landing bridge, a battle droid Atherna stands in the way. It is not very complicated because it has low health points. Its only difficulty is that it will spawn at 10% of its health points two Knights of Zakuul which you will have to beware of, as well as a very large number of security turrets. However, these are low level and can be eliminated in one capacity.

Our retreat is then interrupted by other waves of skytroopers and it is the refugees who come to our aid to get us out of this mess. Aric Jorgan wishes to integrate them into the Chaos Squad but we refuse to assign such an elite troop for training. However, we promise to support them by providing them with material to a certain extent. Thus, even if this decision does not suit him, Aric Jorgan joins us on Odessen and discovers the mixed origins of the members of the Alliance.

Scorpio then requires our presence. She has decoded the transmissions of the Eternal Fleet and it turns out that under the code name "GEMINI Frequency" hides the secret that could lead to take control of her ships.

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