SWTOR - KotFE: Leveling Up

Based on the success of the epic story mode XP boost, the developers have chosen to make some leveling adjustments when Knights of the Fallen Empire is released. This will now be more story driven, although class quests will no longer suffice, to avoid the repetitiveness of side quests that can annoy the player.

Caring for critical path was therefore set up, to lower the number of quests to go from 1 to 60, and which allows you to do quests focusing only on the story of the Great Galactic War.

Cette Critical path will bring together the class missions, of course, but also the narrative arcs of each planets. These missions will be easily spotted on your map, they will be marked with a purple triangle on your map.


About the Heroic Missions, until those of Makeb, they have also undergone some changes to be more accessible:

  • Heroic and repeatable missions iconography changes, now it will be a golden triangle with arrows.
  •  The difficulty of Heroics has been reduced, they will now be doable to two or more.
  • No need to go see an NPC to complete these quests, a dialog box will appear directly, with some exceptions.
  • A heroic mission transport item will be made available to you, which will teleport you to a safe place near the mission, no need to go there on Tauntaun's back.
  • Setting up a mission terminal on each planet up to Makeb, which will allow you to have easy access to all Heroic missions on the planet. Still possible to take these missions via an NPC.
  • Heroic missions are now weekly and will give new rewards.


Regarding missions that are not part of the Critical path to Heroic Missions, a new category of missions has been created: exploration missions.

  • They are disabled by default, but it is possible to enable them by checking a box on the map screen.
  • On your map, they will be represented by a triangle with a star.
  • They will give the same rewards (credits, experience and items) as they do now.
  • By leveling up your character on each planet, you will have the opportunity to complete them even after the planet is finished.


There is something to be lost in all these modifications to the iconography of the missions, so I offer you a small summary:

  • Purple triangle : Everything related to the story arc, that is to say the class missions, the main missions of each planet, some introductions of Contentious Zone, and also those of Knights of the Fallen Empire.
  • Golden triangle : Additional missions of the Critical path, like missions to unlock Flashpoints.
  • Arrow triangle : Heroic and repeatable missions.
  • Star triangle : Exploration missions.


And if you want a full rundown of the changes when KotFE releases, here's our our recap article.


What do you think of these changes? Personally, having already a lot of characters, I am very satisfied with these modifications, which allow a much faster and less repetitive leveling up.

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