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Warning, this article contains spoilers for the Smuggler class!

Bandit Nok Drayen rose to prominence by threatening smugglers on Mandellia. He demanded that they give him all their possessions, and at their refusal sent them a warhead armed with a deadly Imperial neurotoxicant. And so grabbed everything in one fell swoop. An action which assured him a certain fame, as well as a sufficient wealth to lay the stones of a future criminal empire. His successes and rumors of a family link with the royal family of Dubrillion, planet of the Meridian Sector, earned him the nickname King of the Galactic Underworld. And he did everything to make it happen.

As the Republic and Empire clashed, the Underworld itself experienced a series of devastating campaigns. The Syndicate War was to leave only one leader to smugglers, pirates and other criminals of all stripes. Nok Drayen crushed Rath's Cartel and Vandelhelm's Combine, and established himself as number 1. While until now it was the Hutts who dictated their law, he was even powerful enough to change the rules. Obviously, the Cartel didn't like it and hired killers. In one night, only one, half of their leaders were murdered. The message was clear, and the survivors crashed, relinquishing control of their sector. Nothing could stop the King of the Galactic Underworld, although a few small groups and independents remained beyond his reach. But they were at such a low rung it was as if they didn't exist.

And yet, these small independents were going to turn things upside down in the galaxy. Mirialan smuggler Hylo Visz convinced them to come together and intervene in the war between Empire and Republic. They attacked the Mandalorian blockade that isolated Coruscant from its primary resources, and played a role in its destruction. An act which will inspire the foundation of the Corsairs allied to the forces of the Core. It didn't go unnoticed and Sith strategist Dark Angral turned to the Underworld. Once the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, he sought to establish contact with organized crime. And alliances. Nok Drayen showed interest. The Empire then had the upper hand, and there were credits to be made. But one of his lieutenants betrays him, poisoning him. A fatal, incurable disease. He quickly vanished, along with the Sith's plan, as his potential successors tore his empire apart. Risha, his daughter, quickly flees anonymously. Diago Hixan, the last of his rivals to survive, found himself cornered on Tatooïne. Finally, it is the Chagrian Rogun the Butcher who succeeds in pulling out of the game. But he is still far from having achieved the influence of his predecessor. As for the fortune amassed by this criminal, the legendary amount, it remains hidden and hunted by many treasure hunters. There is even a special entry from the Guild in charge.

The sequel, under spoiler tag, was not revealed to some Republic officials until after Act 1 ended.


Nok Drayen was locked in a carbonite box in order to survive in suspended animation. He left clues for his daughter to prepare her to claim his inheritance. He was truly the last heir to the Dubrillion royal family in exile. Risha teamed up with a smuggler who went to look for irrefutable evidence for her. She could now maneuver to claim the throne. His father was thawed to give him the last clues, but his condition was too advanced and he died a few days later, and so lived the greatest criminal of his time.

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