SWTOR - Level up 400 in Armor Crafting

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Here is one of the methods to reach level 400 in Armor Crafting, this one is not the only one of course but this guide should give you a line to follow.


The components you will need

All metals listed are salvageable through the Salvage Crew Skill, Crafting Components are sold by Crew Skill Merchants or salvageable through Salvage Missions. The list may get shorter if you reverse engineer all of your crafted crafts, but it is best to start with the stock listed below.

  • Rank Metals In 1:
    • Desh x60
    • Silica x20
    • Laminate x60
    • Aluminum x80
  • Rank 2 metals :
    • Plastoïde x40
    • Bronzium x60
    • Plastacier x60
    • Chanlon x120
  • Rank 3 metals :
    • hydrophobic x80
    • Laqueux x40
  • Rank 4 metals :
    • Fiber mesh x80
    • Bondite x120
    • Resinite x100
    • Dial X160
  • Rank 5 metals :
    • Electrum x60
    • Polyplast x40
    • Neutronium x60
    • Carbonite Amorphe x40
  • Manufacturing components :
    • Conductor flow x100 (10 credits per unit)
    • Insulating flux x80 (50 credits per unit)
    • Soldering flux x80 (200 credits per unit)
    • Thermoplast Flux x80 (400 credits per unit)


The way





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