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This livestream only lasted 45 minutes, but was a real compendium of information! If we can only remember one thing, it is the launch of the public test server (PTS), which will allow us to learn a lot about the upcoming update! During these 45 minutes, the developers mentioned several points:

  • The upcoming update: what will it be made of, with first during the discussions: the planet Ziost. But also the creator of appearance.
  • Improved playing comfort.
  • In-game gift on May 4th.
  • The future of the Cantina Tour.
  • Reminder of the Choose Your Way promotion.

Let's see all of this in order!


Ziost and history

  • Patch 3.2 update title (reminder: April 28 release) will be Rise of the Emperor
  • This will take place on Ziost, of which we had the first images.

  • The first in-game references to the icy Ziost, the ancient capital of the Empire, were there as early as Tatooine.
  • Emperor Vitiate, who is alive and well, has taken control of the planet Ziost and its inhabitants. Most everyone obeys his will: Sith, Jedi, soldiers or even civilians are under his mind control.
  • Ziost is a large Kaas City type city, but in a huge cave.
  • This arc will introduce a new Jedi group called "The Sixth Line". This name refers to their Jedi code to which they added this line: "There is no contemplation, there is only duty". This is a very militaristic group. They are led by a woman:

  • The Emperor's spell can be broken, but we will have to face people who may be dear to us.
  • Lana and Theron will be back in this story arc.

You can now discover a presentation of Ziost and the introduction to quests in our article on this subject.


Improved playing comfort and outfits

  • Now all speeders will be unlocked directly upon arriving on a planet.
  • Fast travel points will not. However, it will now be enough to pass nearby to unlock it, no need to click on it.
  • Fast travel duration has been lowered to 6 minutes, with reduction time improvements reducing this delay to 0 minutes when maxed out (yes yes, no delay).
  • New tool, the appearance creator! For more information, see our article on this subject!

Gift May 4

  • On the occasion of May 4, official Star Wars day (May the fourth in English), an astromechanical familiar will be offered to all players. Its small name is M4-1S.


The future of cantina tours

  • It will no longer be a pet that will be returned as an exclusive cantina tour item. Instead, in addition to the USB stick, participants will receive a code to unlock an exclusive speeder.
  • The only way to unlock such a speeder is to have a code.
  • Once the code is entered on the site in your account, you get the exclusive speeder as well as a random item. There is intentionally no precision on the type of object accessible randomly, but quite nice things are possible.
  • In addition to getting the mount and this item, you receive 5 additional codes that you can give to your friends. They themselves will then be able to unlock the speeder, the random object and the 5 codes for friends.
  • If you cannot go to a Cantina Tour, you will therefore be able to obtain the speeder by successive transmission of code from friends.
  • The Star Wars Celebration Cantina Tour (in April) will be a pretty big thing. The 501st Legion was mentioned in particular, Lucasfilm's "favorite" costumed group. Star Wars objects, a green background for photos, direct internet ...
  • Here is the speeder that will be Anaheim's reward:


A nice concentrate of information therefore! Who finished superbly with the opening live of the PTS! As a bonus, here are all the images shown during the livestream! Starting of course with the unpublished ones!

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