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As now every month, yesterday took place the Livestream of the Producer, presented by Eric, in the company of Ben (Producer) and Charles (Writer).

The next live will take place next month after the release of Chapter XVI!

To watch the livestream, go directly to this page.

Special thanks Fool for his help on the summary.



  • Community Topics
  • Chapter XV: The GEMINI Machine
  • Focus on community content
  • Subscriber rewards
  • Star Wars Celebration
  • The Dark Vs Light event
  • Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen


Community Topics, what the community has been talking about:

  • Cartel Market Update: Introducing Bronze Items.
  • Guss Tuno's recruiting mission: the goal is to be able to propose it in chapter 16, but they are still working on the concern that prevents it from being proposed.
  • Heroic Missions. After change, people no longer find it worth the investment required. Ben indicates that there will therefore be a step back.
  • Companions of the story: there will be a terminal maybe from chapter 16 (not sure yet) to be able to recover the partners lost during decisive choices of the story. Similar to Odessen style for classmates.
  • Group Content: Last time Ben said "no group content planned in the short term but we'll let you know as soon as that changes." They are now working on group content, without specifying its nature. In the coming months, they will provide more details.
  • Dark vs Light event. Later during the live (see dedicated section).


Chapter XV - The GEMINI machine

  • Now available to all subscribers.
  • We are leading an assault on one of Arcann's warships in an attempt to capture the entire Eternal Fleet.
  • Secrets about SCORPIO and the GEMINI droids will be revealed.
  • Came with the Gemini Cartel Pack. With for example the three objects of the contest of the month. The price has increased compared to the pre-KoTFE ones as they have increased the number of items in this pack.


Focus on community content

  • Revenge of the Muscos: charity evening. Launched by Unholy Alliance for the second year, it's an event where people have to create a character based on Eric.
  • Other points were discussed but this necessarily concerns more the English-speaking community.


Subscriber rewards

  • For subscribers on July 1:
    • Fortress decoration The victory of HK-55
    • Early Access to Chapter XVI


Star Wars Celebration (July 15 to 17)

  • EA Star Wars booth (be sure I'll drop by!)
  • Presence at the EA panel. Will be live on the Internet.
  • SWTOR Cantina Tour on the 16th from 20 p.m. to 23 p.m. at Fox Excel. It will open maybe an hour before to rebroadcast the panel, to be confirmed.


L'event Dark vs Light

  • Now online!
  • First chiss companion.
  • Partners: the partner on the light side is the Master Ranos of the Jedi Order. She doesn't always follow orders, she likes to travel the world and meet people. It follows the will of the Force. A nomad / traveler spell. Dark Hexid  is the partner of the dark side. One of the "most Sith" sith, she wishes to eliminate Zakuul.
  • We will have the companion of the Côte de la Force who will have won the match! Requires reaching level 4.
  • There will only be one of the two.
  • What is the purpose of the event? What are you going to do for all the veteran players? They have made a conscientious effort to provide more awards to their loyal fans over the past year. Monthly subscription rewards, legendary status icon and create a bonus chapter. The Dark vs Light event is not about this. It was designed to celebrate the 5th anniversary of SWTOR. They thought, what if players go back and replay all the content released so far. They thought it was great to see 7 instances on Tython on Tuesday afternoon.
  • At this time, there are no plans to change the rewards or how to obtain them.
  • Maximum number of characters: for those who already have the maximum number of characters, it was problematic. They will increase the limit to 10, they try next Tuesday.
  • Participation in the event: a lot of people have created new characters and are participating. Guilds have been formed, people are looking for the fastest ways to level up (it looks like war zones).
  • Bound Dark vs Light packs. The fact that packs are "Bind on Pickup" is an issue. They would like to fix this, but it's not as easy as changing them to "Legacy Bound" as they don't unlock in the collection or work with the armor pieces you might have. previous packs. They are working on a way to resolve this. They know it is not working as intended.
  • One of the rewards is an armor set. If you wear it, you gain 50% more experience. There is an issue with another set but it's resolved and it should be rolled out next week.
  • All future rewards will be for the whole account, in messages.
  • The outcome of the event will be on the whole game and not per server.
  • We can reach the upper level only if the previous one is reached. However, the goals for the higher tier may already be achieved before completing the previous tier.
  • The event will occur for several months, no specific day communicated at the moment.
  • Once a goal is reached, there is no need to keep the characters created for it, they can be deleted.


Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen

  • Coming for July 26th. The final chapter, which will be the beginning of something else?
  • The Eternal Fleet can be seen on the promotion image.
  • Arcann will be faced in a deadly battle as he launches a total assault on the base of the Odessen Alliance!
  • There is a teaser for Chapter XVI!



  • No return of the Nar Shadaa casino event in the near future, they know it is a popular event and are still thinking about bringing it back someday.
  • The Dark vs Light event may affect more than the partner you unlock. They are still working on it so no promises.


So much for this livestream. What points have marked you?

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